FOSDEM talk on tangential topic in wine devroom

Adrien Nader adrien+wineconf at
Tue Jan 7 16:50:44 CST 2014


On Mon, Jan 06, 2014, Jeremy White wrote:
> Hi Adrien,
> We are low on topics, so having your talk would be great.

That's very nice to hear, thanks. :) 

> However, I was hoping to ask a favor.  Could you change your topic
> title to start with the two project names.  That is, something like
> this:
> mingw-w64 and win-builds: Modern compilers, APIs and a package
> manager for Windows
> (and if that's too long, trim something on the end :-/).  I found
> the title more informative if I understood it was a discussion of
> two open source projects.

I'm sorry it wasn't clear and I'm going to work on it. I've had quite a
bit of trouble trying to find a clear and concise title. Your suggestion
looks balanced and as you said, the thing to check is the length. I'll
let you know how this changes.

> Also, do you have a strong preference for time of day on Sunday?

No strong preference here, I'd prefer at some point around the beginning
of the afternoon but that's only a light preference.

Thanks again.

PS: sorry for the lag, I first sent the mail from an email address which
isn't subscribed to the list and wondered what was going on.

Adrien Nader

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