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Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Wed Jan 29 21:21:03 CST 2014

I'm hoping to ask others to help me remember all these details,
and help keep the room in good order.



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Subject: [devroom-managers] Devroom information and instructions
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 20:35:50 +0100
From: Gerry Demaret <gerry at fosdem.org>
To: FOSDEM Devroom Managers <devroom-managers at lists.fosdem.org>

Hi devroom-managers,

With FOSDEM just a few days away, we would like to supply you with some
information and instructions.

  Your room

Your room should already be equipped with a projector. If this is not
the case, or it is malfunctioning, please contact us as soon as

  House rules

First aid: In case of an emergency, stay calm. Make sure the attendees
are safe and contact the nearest infodesk as soon as possible. We have
Red Cross volunteers on-site.

Room capacity: Your room has a capacity limit. Please make sure the
number of people present in your room never exceeds this limit. We will
provide you with a sign that indicates the room is full. Please hang
this sign on the entrance door and make sure it is being respected.

Do not take this lightly. The event can be cancelled if the guards
notice a dangerously overcrowded room.

Safety: Do not block the exits. Do not allow the pathways in your room
to be obstructed. Some rooms have had problems with high temperatures.
Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about that. Should this occur,
please try to leave the door open while keeping new visitors out.

Trash and bottles: We will provide you with garbage bags. Make sure you
and your attendees use them. Please keep your devroom clean and tidy.
Glass bottles are collected at drop-off points in the hallways. Do not
throw these in the garbage bags. Ask visitors to bring them back to the
nearest drop-off point, the cafetaria, or an infodesk.

  Closing and cleanup

Saturday: The devroom schedules end at 19:00. By 19:30 everyone should
be out of the building. We will all be very hungry, please respect this

Sunday: The devroom schedules end at 17:00. The closing talk ends at
18:00. Please clear your room by 18:30 at the latest.

Cleanup: Please leave your room in the state that you received it. We
kindly ask that you collect all the trash and put it in garbage bags
outside your room. Keep glass bottles may not be put in garbage bags,
please put them at a drop-off point in the hallway. There will be a
broom in the hallway, should a quick sweep of the floor or tables be

If you are in the K building, please put all folding chairs in the
racks outside and redistribute the tables.

If every devroom takes a little time to clean up the room, you will
save the FOSDEM staff hours of work!

Have a great FOSDEM 2014!
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