Wineconf topic proposal: desktop and system integration

Damjan Jovanovic damjan.jov at
Wed Jun 3 12:54:57 CDT 2015


I'd like to present a diverse and ambitious topic: Wine's desktop and
system integration.

For desktop integration, current status and future of copy and paste,
drag and drop, menus, file associations, desktop settings like
screensaver, etc. How in these areas Wine compares to alternatives
such as VirtualBox, and other X11 toolkits, what we can learn from
them, the things we can and still could do that Windows itself can't.
An inspiring vision for one unified *nix desktop of the future and a
roadmap there. Since I wrote most of winemenubuilder, and have some
even more controversial proposals ;-), I expect a heated discussion.

The system integration half of the topic is exactly the opposite: how
instead of Wine using the system, Wine can provide system services
like device drivers to be used by other *nix software. By then I hope
at least part of my USB work will be finished and committed, so it
won't all be hot air :-). Scanning using Windows drivers, issues with
TWAIN to SANE protocol conversion. The driver installation saga.
Whatever other driver categories (eg. printers, webcams) I manage to
look at by then.

Anyone interested?


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