More logistics

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Sep 16 13:10:51 CDT 2015

At Aric's urging, I've put up a schedule for the weekend on the Wiki
page.  Let me know if I got anything horrifically wrong.

I've also created a Google sheet with the listed arrival times so far:

I think it has worked well in recent years to send updates and info to
this email list.  So if a group heads to dinner and a bar and wants to
leave a 'note' for those behind, an email here should suffice.

For anyone who is new to Wineconf, one bit of advice:  come find us on
Friday.  This is very much intended as a social event, and we look
forward to meeting everyone and socializing.  (Yes, I'm still scarred by
the one year we had our guest of honor not introduce himself until
Saturday :-/).

To help you identify folks, here is a great album that Marcus took in
(We all still look like that, right?).  This one in particular has a
picture of both myself and Stefan:



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