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Sat Sep 19 01:40:59 CDT 2015

Dear folks,

I'd like to proposal a short talk on the topic "Full Stack on Wine".

"Full Stack" means "full software stack", for example, the attached
image is a software stack for Chromium. Chromium depends on several
libraries like gtk, sqlite3, libwebp, these libraries depend on some
common libraries like cairo, pango, then those common libraries depend
on lower level libraries like libpng, glib, finally they depend on a
few basic libraries like gcc-libs and zlib.

In the plan of Full Stack on Wine, we are thinking about improving the
compatibility of thousands of open source win32 libraries on top of
wine, from bottom to top, layer by layer. At the same time, we are
planing to collaborate with thousands of open source win32 projects,
make Wine a useful build & testing  & deployment platform for them,
establish a win-win for both sides. The idea is inspired by , but not exact the same, I'll
explain the details in the talk.

Thanks for contribution from many people, currently we've successfully
build 300+ win32 open source projects on top of Wine (using win32
version of toolchain, instead of cross-compile), with the help of
MSYS2 [1]. At the same time, we also made Cygwin almost work out of
box on Wine.

In the final, I'd like to not only make a call of help, but also
proposal some adjustment on the Wine project, to coordinate with some
of our partner win32 open source projects, that would bring us to an
open discussion.

The talk is relative short, about 15 mins. I'd really like to talk 15
hours, but thanks to god my spoken English is so poor so I couldn't

Thank you!


Qian Hong

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