A couple of favors

Marcus Meissner marcus at jet.franken.de
Sat Oct 22 05:43:36 CDT 2016

I at least booked the hotel by calling and asking for the wine rate.

ciao marcus 

Am 21. Oktober 2016 20:07:30 MESZ, schrieb Jeremy White <jwhite at codeweavers.com>:
>Hey all,
>As we get closer, we could use a few favors.  First, we're planning the
>catering now, and it would probably be useful for us to have a rough
>head count.
>So if you could RSVP here:
>  https://www.winehq.org/wineconf/rsvp
>that would be appreciated.
>Second, if you've got rooms at the Hotel, but did it on your own,
>without calling them to tell them you were with Wine, could you let me
>know?  It's helpful for us to associate our room block, and you should
>be taking advantage of the reserved price.
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>wineconf at winehq.org

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