Invitations to WineConf

Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Aug 7 09:50:45 CDT 2017

Hey folks,

Last year we said that we were going to try to broaden our invitations
to the Wine conference to try to draw in more voices.  This means
potentially asking users, and making personal appeals to people that we
would like to have at the conference.

I plan to write a few personal notes extending invitations to folks that
I've thought of (or have had suggested to me).  James in our office is
also going to reach out.

But I'd like to ask everyone to help with that process.

Roseanne, I'm particularly hoping you can reach out to the wine users in
some way.  A post on the forums? Could we / should we do a big news item
so it's on the main page?

I've asked PlayOnLinux folks as well as the Wineskin folks to come.
Anyone else?



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