Socializing tomorrow - and a favor for new attendees

Jeremy White jwhite at
Thu Oct 26 13:19:11 CDT 2017

Hi all,

The plan remains to gather in or near the bar  on floor 0 which is near
the check in desk.  There will likely be people gathered there starting
at 4:00 for sure, and perhaps earlier.

There is another bar on the 1st floor, so if you don't see us there, you
might check up one floor.

For those that are new, please make an effort to find us.  We would very
much like to include all of the new folks tomorrow, but we rely on you
to hunt us down and introduce yourself.

We briefly discussed the traditions for dinner on Friday night.  We have
the first tradition of getting ready to go, only to have one more person
arrive, and then we wait for them to drop their bags and change, and
while waiting, one more person arrives...

We have the other tradition of trying to eat with a huge group and havve
that dissolve into chaos.  I think we're going to try radical social
experiments to mitigate that problem tomorrow night.  Since I didn't
want to write the keynote, that falls to me.  Hopefully future, non
jetlagged, Jeremy will come up with something clever.

But we will try to make a point of sending an email to this list when
any plan is declared.  The hope is that everyone can be included in the
general merriment tomorrow.



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