Next wineconf

Jeremy White jwhite at
Thu Dec 13 16:04:09 CST 2018

Hey folks,

We punted on the question of where to have the next Wineconf.  Two 
candidates we considered were Japan and Toronto.

I've asked folks at Valve if they would be willing to present at the 
next conference, and the answer was positive for Toronto, and less 
enthusiastic for Japan.  Ulrich has been patiently offering to host for 
many years, and I think it would be good to rotate back to North America 
on it's scheduled year.

So I propose we have WineConf 2019 in Toronto, with a tentative plan to 
try for Japan in 2020.

One question we also never addressed was what of time of year.  It 
seemed as though summer worked really well last year.  Historically, the 
'plan' was early fall; procrastination has forced us to late fall in 
recent years.  But I volunteered to conduct a quick survey, which is here:

If we get a statistically compelling set of answers, we'll follow those 
results.  Otherwise, how about we let Ulrich pick.

That all make sense?

Pitchforks and torches go here.



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