Parking in The Hague

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Wed Jun 20 14:05:34 CDT 2018

I checked out where to park my car for WineConf and here is what I 

Parking in the city centre is pretty expensive, seems to be about 40€ per 
day. The cheaper alternative is to use the Park and Ride parkings on the 

* P+R Hoornwijck + tram 15

  This is probably the simplest solution. It's a multi-storey parking, 
  there's one tram every 10 minutes and the trip takes about 13 minutes.

  The cost is 5€ for the first day, including the tram ticket, then 7.5€ 
  per additional day and the return tram ticket on the last day.

* P+R Station Ypenburg + NS Sprinter

  The parking is free but not covered and there is video surveillance. You 
  can get downtown in 8 minutes, there is a train every 15 minutes and the 
  ticket costs 2.30€

* P+R De Uithof + tram 4

  The parking is free and in a pretty lush forest-ish environment. You can 
  get downtown in 26 minutes, there is a tram every 10 minutes and the 
  ticket costs 2.21€.

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