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Wed Jun 27 01:01:18 CDT 2018

Since it is a flight to the EU the EU passenger rights tingy should apply even though it is American Airlines and you are now owed €600

Am 26. Juni 2018 23:33:49 MESZ schrieb Alex Henrie <alexhenrie24 at>:
>Hello everyone,
>My flight with American Airlines was canceled today due to mechanical
>problems. I have been rescheduled for the same flight plan tomorrow
>morning. This means that I will arrive in Amsterdam Thursday at 8:15am
>instead of Wednesday at 8:15am, and I will arrive in The Hague about
>an hour after that.
>Fortunately, remembering how much trouble I've had with international
>flights in the past, I had planned an extra day of tourism before the
>conference just in case. So even with a full day of delay, I should
>still be there for all of WineConf and some tourism besides.
>Looking forward to seeing you!
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