Delayed by exactly 24 hours

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Wed Jun 27 02:00:28 CDT 2018

> Am 27.06.2018 um 08:14 schrieb Codeweavers <aric at>:
> I think that only applies to EU citizens. I know last time I was delayed in a European airport only EU citizens got the compensation.  But maybe worth double checking. 

Huh, I can't find any explicit information confirming or invalidating your statement. However, I got my direction / non-EU airline info backwards. If you are flying on a non-EU airline into the EU you are out of luck. However, what matters is who is actually operating the flight. If AA sold you a ticket for British Airways or Finnair you're still flying on an EU airline. <>

There are also plenty of websites that will deal with your claim with no risk for you, but will grab 25% of the compensation + VAT in exchange.

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