Saturday at Wineconf for the "bonus crew"

Mandi Gagne mandi at
Fri Jun 29 20:06:02 CDT 2018

Head's up.. pass it on to your bonus peeps:

Open invite for the folks not obliged to hang out all day in meetings!

I'm attending the Keynote and the CodeWeavers update, and the BBQ dinner 
later Saturday evening, but I have a chunk of time in the middle there 
that I'm free to explore.  A few of us plan to convene in the lobby 
around 10:30am Saturday to throw out some ideas and venture off together 
-either as a large group or a few smaller groups, depending on what 
folks are interested in doing/seeing/experiencing.

Please join us if you'd like!

Ideas thrown into the mix were renting bikes, visiting museums, heading 
to the pier/beach, etc.  Nothing set in stone; open to suggestion and 

At 3am, after what feels like 20miles of walking today, I'm partial to 
the biking option this minute, but who knows how 10:30am will move me 
(...big shout out to my Cuban dancing crew, you have some serious 
moves!! <3<3<3)


..........Oh man, who am I kidding?  I might need something closer to 
11am.. but that's a problem for Future Mandi.  Is it okay to show up to 
the keynote in your pajamas?

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