Some questions about WineConf.

Gert Otten gert.otten.1998 at
Thu Jun 28 00:13:53 CDT 2018


I'm a Wine user since somewhere around 1.5 (2012, I believe?), and ever
since then I got really interested in it. (Of course Wine is not my only
interest within the computer space.) Since I don't have deep pockets at the
moment, I was really happy to find out that WineConf is hosted in The
Netherlands this year, though I have to travel all the way to the other
side of the country since I live in Overijssel. Thus it got me wondering
whether it would be possible to attend for just one day.

I'd also like to know about the ARM Emulation update. Is this about the
x86-on-ARM Android syscall emulation or? Because it doesn't say x86-on-ARM

As for my last question: It's hosted at a hotel, right? So I basically
register online, and just show my ID at the hotel reception? Just making
sure I get the right place and all.

Thanks in advance & best regards,

Gerhardus Otten
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