Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon Jan 7 14:40:47 CST 2019

> Am 07.01.2019 um 21:38 schrieb Henri Verbeet <hverbeet at>:
> As most of you are probably aware, this year's FOSDEM [1] will take
> place on February 2 & 3. For me Brussels is close enough that I could
> decide on the day itself whether to go or not, but I was wondering
> whether anyone else is planning to attend, would like to attend, or
> could be convinced to attend. It's probably too late to have a Wine
> stand or anything of the sort, but if there's sufficient interest it's
> probably a nice opportunity to meet-up over some drinks, and perhaps
> talk to some people from other Free Software projects.
I'd be interested!

I was contemplating talking about my qemu work and the ongoing efforts for continued 32 bit support on MacOS in the Virtualization dev room, but the deadline for registering talks has long passed.


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