Next wineconf

Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Jan 7 15:05:33 CST 2019

Hi all,

>     Since it's been a while since we've had a "Governance" discussion, I
>     would be curious to learn the opinions of the other people on this
>     list if I were to suggest that perhaps it would be healthy for Wine if
>     the committee did play a more active role in decisions like these.
> While I don't have strong opinions on where we host it this year (or 
> most years), I'd be in favor of the committee being involved more 
> involved than deciding stipends. Especially since the location chosen 
> has a large effect on how the stipends will look.

Alexandre has suggested that we could do this by asking for proposals, 
and then the committee could choose between proposals.

Michael and Marcus, would you be willing to help decide?  If no one else 
objects, a call for proposals seems like a reasonable next step to me.



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