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Michael Stefaniuc <mstefani at> writes:

> On 1/9/19 11:07 AM, Henri Verbeet wrote:
>> On Tue, 8 Jan 2019 at 00:35, Jeremy White <jwhite at> wrote:
>>>>     Since it's been a while since we've had a "Governance" discussion, I
>>>>     would be curious to learn the opinions of the other people on this
>>>>     list if I were to suggest that perhaps it would be healthy for Wine if
>>>>     the committee did play a more active role in decisions like these.
>>>> While I don't have strong opinions on where we host it this year (or
>>>> most years), I'd be in favor of the committee being involved more
>>>> involved than deciding stipends. Especially since the location chosen
>>>> has a large effect on how the stipends will look.
>>> Alexandre has suggested that we could do this by asking for proposals,
>>> and then the committee could choose between proposals.
>>> Michael and Marcus, would you be willing to help decide?  If no one else
>>> objects, a call for proposals seems like a reasonable next step to me.
>> It has been brought to my attention that the suggestion here was
>> intended for this year's WineConf. I don't think that would
>> necessarily be a bad thing, but it would mean that after going through
>> that process there would be relatively little time to organise the
>> actual conference. It may be more practical to start asking for
>> proposals for WineConf 2020 at this point.
> I had assumed too that this exercise was for the 2020 WineConf.

It seems to me that we still have enough time, so I don't see a reason
not to try it this year. I wouldn't expect it to be a 6-month process.

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