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Product Description
CrossOver Linux or Mac CrossOver is a polished version of Wine provided by CodeWeavers. CrossOver makes it easier to use Wine and CodeWeavers provides excellent technical support to its users. All purchases of CrossOver are used to directly fund the developers working on Wine. So CrossOver is both a great way to get support in using Wine and to support the Wine Project. CodeWeavers provides fully functional trial versions of CrossOver.

This endorsement is the primary recognition that CodeWeavers has requested in exchange for hosting the Wine web site.

Wine Binary Downloads

Binary packages are built and maintained by the distros, and may contain patches that are not supported here. The links below are provided solely as a convenience to users and do not represent an endorsement.

Latest stable release:Wine 1.6.2 See the installation and configuration how-to for post-installation instructions.
Latest development release:Wine 1.8-rc1
System Notes Maintainer
Ubuntu linux Download Ubuntu packages - binary and source .debs for Ubuntu Scott Ritchie
Debian Linux Download Debian packages - binary and source .debs for Debian Debian Wine Party
Red Hat Linux Download Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora packages - binary and source .rpms for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, 6; CentOS 5, 6; Fedora Linux 16, 17 and compatible distributions. The wine meta package is available via yum through the EPEL / Fedora Extras / Fedora repository by running $ yum install wine Andreas Bierfert
SUSE Linux Download SUSE packages - release binary and source .rpms and daily snapshot RPMs for all openSUSE versions (11.4 up to 13.2) and SUSE Linux Enterprise 11.
Marcus Meissner
Slackware linux Download Slackware packages - binary txz (Slackware 14.1), and tgz (for older versions) Simone Giustetti
FreeBSD Download FreeBSD packages - source for FreeBSD 5.3 or later Gerald Pfeifer

3rd Party Tools

Sometimes a customization of Wine can cause an application to work, but this change cannot be incorporated into Wine for some reason. To help overcome current deficiencies in Wine, various third party applications for end users have been made over the years. These applications are entirely unsupported by the Wine developers, however you may find them useful. For more information, see our wiki page on third party applications.

Wine Source Downloads

Location Description Our official source release site. For the latest development version. Alternative download site for the official source and documentation tarballs.
Note: See the recommended packages for help on configuring and building Wine.