[Bug 10281] No$gba not rendering 3D models (not visible) as it does in Windows

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Sun Nov 4 11:43:09 CST 2007


--- Comment #4 from Yolande Haneder <yolande at haneder.biz>  2007-11-04 11:43:09 ---
Do you think this has only to do with the software.
It seems interesting to me because I have a problem of 3D rendering in Wine for
weeks now (since Wince 0.9.46 at least).
I noticed that if I deactivate the 3D on my desktop (compiz functions?), Wine
is working properly.
However, if I activate the advanced graphical mode (cube etc), the title bar of
any wine application (including winecfg) is missing. This is simply missing,
not black (no hole in the background picture).
This had been the case as I have an ATI driver and even now that I changed to a
nvidia driver.

I get absolutely no error message in this case.

I am working under an X84_64 SLED10.

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