Apps that installs VBA

Jürgen Schmied juergenschmied at
Sun Jul 7 06:36:55 CDT 2002

Likely the installer does not find a file with FindNextFile
(Error 18 = ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES). The relay-trace with -debugmsg 
+dosfs,+relay shouls say more.


> Installing AutoCAD 14, I get everytimes an error telling that VBA (visual 
> basic for applications) cannot be installed (the messagebox tells a very very 
> meaningful 'error 18' (sigh) and aborts VBA setup).
> As I've seen that someone is working on visual basic apps (maybe Ann and Jason 
> Edmeades ?), does someone have an idea of the solution ?
> Regards
> Max

juergen.schmied at

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