dinput.dll: mouse didn't work

Michael Schlüter michael at johalla.de
Thu Jul 22 12:38:26 CDT 2004


I've a small problem with wine (cvs from today) when trying to play a
game that uses dinput.dll. The game starts fine, keyboard inputs works
but the mouse cursor didn't move. I had a look at the source code of
dinput/mouse.c and the trace messages of dinput. But there is one thing
I don't understand. The callback function for the mouse
(dinput_mouse_hook) is never called. The initialising look good:

trace:dinput:SysMouseAImpl_Acquire (this=0x40269480)
trace:hook:set_windows_hook WH_MOUSE_LL 0x40dd64e0 0 -> 0x20028
trace:dinput:SysMouseAImpl_Acquire Warping mouse to 512 - 384
trace:dinput:SysKeyboardAImpl_Unacquire (this=0x40269db8)
trace:dinput:SysKeyboardAImpl_Acquire (this=0x40269db8)
trace:dinput:SysKeyboardAImpl_Acquire (this=0x40269db8)
trace:dinput:SysMouseAImpl_Acquire (this=0x40269480)

And later when pressing a mouse button:

trace:hook:HOOK_CallHooks calling hook in thread 0013 WH_MOUSE_LL code 0
wp 200 lp 4071d074

But then there is no other dinput message. Shouldn't there be a call of
the mouse callback function?

Bye, Michael

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