Palm Hotsync and usbserial: New Findings

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Thu Jul 7 15:28:00 CDT 2005

>>>>> "James" == James Liggett <jrliggett at> writes:

    James> I'm not using a "real" adapter. I'm using the visor driver that
    James> is used to sync a USB palm with things like pilot-link. This

Does the hotplug mechanisme create some /dev/ttyUSBx when you plug in the
device? Or is the USB VID/PID at least know to the linix kernel drivers?

    James> driver emulates a serial port in much the same way that a real
    James> one does, or so I think. I was just pointing out that people have
    James> similar behavior with real adapters, so I thought it might be
    James> relevant. The visor driver calls itself a "serial converter", and
    James> it does add USB entries in my /dev/tts folder like a real adapter
    James> would. But, my palm cradle is plugged into an acutal USB port. I
    James> do have access to a real USB to serial adapter though; I'll play
    James> around with it. And another thing--I'm also looking into that
    James> WinMM crash that keeps Palm Desktop from running. The problem is
    James> that the function DRIVER_FindFromHDrvr is failing, returning a
    James> NULL value, which wine tries to derefrence in MMDRV_Install, and
    James> boom--wine crashes.

Scan the mailing lists. I had another similar problem, Eric pointed me to
some problems in my setup.

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