Status of HTML Help

James Hawkins truiken at
Sat Jul 16 13:48:59 CDT 2005


In light of a recent wine-users' query about wine's help system, I've
decided to shed some light on the status of wine's HTML Help
implementation.  I decided not to send patches till I had the base
interfaces fleshed out, and this process is almost complete.  As of
now you can pass a .chm file to hh.exe which will bring up the help
viewer.  The toolbar with the Back, Stop, Refresh etc buttons is
complete (minus correct icons..I can't draw), and the user can browse
through the contents of the help file (the most important part).  I
still have to implement the navigator pane, but that's really
secondary to the browser.  I have a working .exe and visual studio
project if anyone wants to take a look at it before I start submitting
patches; just reply and I'll send it to you.  For more information on
what's left TODO with the project, check out my wiki page:

James Hawkins

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