CVS working now, but why?

Gerson Kurz gerson.kurz at
Mon Nov 12 13:27:56 CST 2001

I managed to update my CVS tree, but not by the method described on, that is

export CVSROOT=:pserver:cvs at
cvs login
cvs update -PAd

but rather by doing this

cvs -d CVSROOT=:pserver:cvs at login
cvs -d CVSROOT=:pserver:cvs at update -PAd

which, if the documentation has anything to say, is the same. And yes,


reports the correct server ( Same thing also works seamlessly 
for Can somebody please explain? (or point me to a 
group that discusses CVS matters as I'm new to this. And silly me thought 
VSS was difficult to maintain...) 

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