Lotus Notes R5, bad class name error

Richard Knight rick at rlknight.com
Tue Nov 13 12:54:23 CST 2001

Tim Lavoie wrote:

>I've just installed Lotus Notes 5.0.8 client on my system with wine,
>on a Debian Linux (unstable dist) system.
>The wine package installed is the 20011112 version, from the CVS build
>deb package.
>I'm running c:/Lotus/Notes/nlnotes.exe, and my Wine desktop comes up
>with the Notes Workspace and a client configuration dialog with active
>"Next" and "Cancel" buttons. However, the buttons don't appear to do
>anything, other than look pushed in.
>In terms of console output, I get a bunch of these: 
>  FIXME:pthread_rwlock_rdlock
>and one of these:
>  err:win:CreateWindowExA bad class name "WC_IRIS_GROUPSHADE"
>Any ideas? Suggestions are more than welcome.
>    Thanks,
>    Tim
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I had this problem with one of my systems and only with Notes (other 
apps were fine). I went back to the patched 20011004 and that solved the 
problem. I'm now using the Transgaming cvs and it too is working (Unreal 

Rick Knight

(rick at rlknight.com)

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