How to use in KDE

Duane Clark dclark at
Thu Sep 5 19:31:10 CDT 2002

Georg Meyer wrote:
> Duane Clark wrote:
>>Georg Meyer wrote:
>>>Duane Clark wrote:
>>>>In your ~/.wine/config file, add a section like:
>>>>"oleaut32"     = "native, builtin"
>>>>"ole32"        = "native, builtin"
>>>Thanks, but didn't work. To I have to enter a path in this section? 
>>>If yes, how? Again, if i do
>>>"wine --managed -dll comctl32,shlwapi,shdocvw=n application.exe" 
>>>within the folder the application is installed, it works.
>>Hmm... what version of wine are you using?
> 20020411-6 it was downloaded yesterday, so should be pretty decent.

Okay, well I think the conversion to the config file might have been 
after that (it was somewhere around that time). If you downloaded Wine 
yesterday, why that version? In "Wine years", that is quite old ;)

My recommendation is to use CVS. It is really pretty easy. First 
uninstall the one you currently have. Then create a file  ~/.cvspass 
that contains:
:pserver:cvs at Ah<Z

and a file ~/.cvsrc that contains:
cvs -z 3
update -PAd
diff -u

Then just type "cvs checkout wine", and in a few minutes (assuming a 
reasonable download link) you should have a complete wine tree ready to 
compile. Then updates are also really easy, just "cvs update".

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