Recommended partition type...NTFS or VFAT?

npappas at npappas at
Tue Apr 20 13:24:19 CDT 2004

> I've used wine previously under "no windows" type install on my Linux
> box.  I've had some success, and have seen some recommendations for
> running wine with access to the the Windows partition to make install
> and whatnot easier.

	All the recommendations I've seen point to a fake windows install.  
The install docs for Wine seem to indicate that sharing the Windows 
partition can cause instability between Windows and Wine.

> Is there a preference for NTFS or VFAT on the Windows partition with
> respect to ease of use under wine?  Are both equally easy and/or work as
> well?

	FAT32.  I have a NTFS partition with Windows on it and wish I had 
done FAT32 there.  Linux does not have stable write support for NTFS, so 
if you want to be able to have read/write capabilities to the Windows 
partition from Linux/Wine you will have to use FAT32.

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