[Wine] Re: GenoPro and GenoProbeta

wanderingcleric at gmail.com wanderingcleric at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 00:51:28 CDT 2007

In a state of complete frustration I tried the whole thing again.  This
time GenoPro identified a needed file and offered to download it.  This
had not happened before.  Everything is good now.
Thanks for trying to help and motivating me to try again.


Duane Clark wrote:
> wanderingcleric at gmail.com wrote:
> > I have been attempting to run GenoPro and GenoProbeta on Kubuntu linux.
> >  Both worked a few upgrades ago, now with upgrades to Kubuntu and Wine
> > neither work.  I'm a novice can someone offer advice and guidance on
> > this?
> I downloaded and installed GenoPro, and it at least runs, though I don't
> know how to use the program. Maybe you need to give a bit more info.
> What does/doesn't work? What Wine version?

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