[Wine] I just installed unbuntu

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Feb 27 10:10:20 CST 2008

On Wednesday February 27 2008 13:04:19 Nissa_M wrote:
> When I double click it on the desk top to open it this is what comes up "No
> application suitable for automatic installation is available for handling
> this kind of file".  I have no idea what this means.  "cd
> ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/your_program" didnt' work it said there was
> no such directory.  I really am at a loss.  :( 

	Obviously, you need to replace "your_program" with actual name of a folder 
where you installed your application. If you didn't yet installed your 
application then you need to do this now (don't try to use its program files 
from Windows, this is unsupported). You will be asked for installation path 
during installation of your application by its installer.
	To install any program in WINE, you need to cd to the directory with its 
installer and run something like this:

wine setup.exe

	Don't forget to replace "setup.exe" with actual name of the installer.

> "Where "program.exe" should be replaced with the name of main executable 
> file of your application".  Please explain this. 

	In order to run any Windows program on Windows you need to know full path to 
the program you want to launch (typically you can find this path in shortcuts 
or start menu items; at least this is true for most Windows programs). In 
Linux with WINE this is what you can use too (if application in question has 
created such items during its installation).
	Some examples: for Notepad, main executable is "notepad.exe". For the game 
Heroes 3, the main executable is "HEROES3.EXE". And so on... It should be 
quite easy to find out the name of main executable by running "ls" after 
cd'ing to the installation directory of your program. 

	If you still have problems, don't forget to post your wine version. Just run:

wine --version

	If you get an error that WINE isn't installed, you of course need to install 
it first (David Shaw already explained how).

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