[Wine] Wineasio in Mono = No Stereo

Peter L Jones gmane at drealm.info
Sun Mar 29 03:42:39 CDT 2009


I've never heard of wineasio version 1.7.4; the latest is 0.7.4.  Where did you
get your source?  (I try to keep track of the various branches on SourceForge
project wineasio.)

I can assure you it does work -- many people are happily running apps such as
Reaper under WINE with wineasio.

Are you sure the WINE app is set up correctly?

Do you get stereo sound from Linux apps using JACK?


-- Peter

amadeus wrote:
> Hello all, I can't get stereo with wineasio, even the new verison of 
> wineasio which I have compiled > 1.7.4.

> when I open an app with wine, I do see the connections in Qjack connections,
>  but It is not in stereo

> Ardour can verify this, and both left and right connection are connected 
> from wine to jack

> I have googled for this answer to no aval and I have asked numerious times 
> on IRC in #winehq #archlinux and #alsa all don't know what to say

> I'm very puzzled here that wineasio doesn't have stereo output. Any app I 
> use with sound in wine connected to jack doesn't have stereo

> and I have checked that the alsa driver in winecfg does have stereo, it does
> but if i connected jack to wine using the Jack driver I don't have stereo,
> the quality is great just not two seperate channels.

> I think its the right channel on both left and right channels, I hope to 
> have this fixed someday lol would really like to get those two channels 
> working with Buzzmachines, also I am using the Archlinux disto and I have 
> the same issue in 64 studio. My soundcard is a Creative Audigy SE.
> Thanks all

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