[Wine] Wine is used WORDsearch mac but doesn't work in Linux?

vallesrobertson wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Oct 6 21:39:52 CDT 2009

WORDsearch 8 Bible is a program for Windows and the publishers have made it available for mac users - on the website it says this is made possible through Wine. So the mac users are opening the same program as the Windows users, but Wine is what makes it available. Hoewever, I have Ububtu 8.04 (Linux) and I am brand new (switched from Windows) to Linux. I would like to have WORDsearch but Wine won't run it on Linux. Why is that? Is this going to be available on the new version of Wine when it comes out to download (and what time frame would that be)? I can't understand the source download and git trees How would I use the source download to get the latest Wine? Or am I the problem in running the current Wine? Am I doing something wrong? Should this be running fine but I'm messing up somewhere? I wanted to put this on the Bugzilla but I am so new to this I don't know how to do that right. Basically, The program opens to its main screen to choose "enter library", "daily reading", "search for books" or something like that - anyway I can click all day long on those options and never go anywhere, and if I click on the bottom of that screen to look for online updates it kicks me off. I would appreciate any possible help. Thank You

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