[Wine] Re: But I don't WANT the dev version!

console wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 14 14:03:06 CST 2010

As a response to all of the above telling me to use the dev version, there is a very inhibiting bug with steam that I simply cannot work with, that's why I wanted 1.0.1 (can't accurately describe what it looks like, weird thing with window render boundaries)

ALSO, I found a 'fix'.  Apparently the "Wine depends on Wine1.2" thing only happens if you add the wine ppa (think I'm using that right), which apparently you only need to get the dev (thanks for telling me on the wine install page -_-''').  Wine (stable) is in the universe, which seems dutifully obvious to me now, and it runs without a hitch.

Thanks for the help though, glad to see 'do not want' still gets this much attention on forums!

And to reiterate, no, I DON'T want the dev version, I like being able to see the window to which I'm working.  And as a preemptive strike to those who undoubtedly have a fix for said bug, I'm not interested in messing with config files, or compiling it myself.  Thanks though.

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