[Wine] Newb Help!

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 14 17:42:18 CST 2010

FALL3N wrote:
> You have all been very helpful and fast at answering my posts, for that I am very thankful... However, you are all still assuming a knowledge of Bash on my part...  While flattering, it is, unfortunately not the case.  I have recently (yesterday) started to try to teach it to myself, by reading/doing online tutorials, but it is slow-going :\  Anyway, can you explain it to me again, in very simple terms?  I am reasonably good with computers, I can program in Java, Basic and Applescript.. and I know some very elementary Objective-C... Sorry to keep asking the same question!
> And Yes, sorry I kept ignoring your common question! Yes, I have an Intel-Based Mac.. 2.4 Intel Core Duo Macbook Pro
Teaching you bash is really outside the scope of this project.  As a Mac
user, this should not be a requirement to use Wine.
However, if you go to the Fink or MacPorts web sites they provide
how-tos on installing their respective products.  I use a program called
Fink Commander, which is a Aqua based front end for running Fink. 
MacPorts should have a similar product.  This takes most of the
knowledge of running the port installers out of the way.

However, and I normally do not do this here, you can get a prebuilt Mac
installation package called WineBottler.  It is a BETA product and has
problems, but it uses the 'drag and drop' interface by which many of the
Mac programs are installed.  Also, there are Mac specific builds for
Wine, doh123 provides one.  This takes away the requirement to build
Wine from 'scratch'.  Hopefully doh123 will provide more information on
his product and how to get it or you can research the forums for more on

Please use the resources I and others have pointed out to you so that
you can build and use Wine.

James McKenzie

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