[Wine] Re: Unable to run Pass 11

sabby wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Feb 24 07:29:16 CST 2012

lahmbi5678 wrote:
> Hi,
> please upgrade to the latest wine release, if you haven't already, there is a new release to come today. Did you install mono with winetricks? Which .NET version is required by Pass11? You could try to install the required .NET version with winetricks in a new wine prefix. The simplest way to achieve this is move or backup and delete .wine folder (an empty version of it will automatically be recreated when running wine again), and reinstall required winetricks and Pass11. In general, it is not recommended to mix .NET and Mono in a wine prefix.

First, thank you soooo much for helping!

Second, I apologize for the noob questions, but I am a linux noob.

When I got wine the first time it was using the synaptic package manager.  Do I do that for the upgrade? 

Do I need to uninstall the version I have before I upgrade?

I don't know about mono or .NET.  How do I check?

I'm sorry for being so helpless?


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