Wine Announcement

The Wine development release 1.1.36 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
  - Completion of the 16-bit separation.
  - Improved Shader Model 4 support.
  - A ton of memory leak fixes.
  - Improved debugging support for MinGW.
  - A number of MSHTML fixes.
  - Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 1.1.36:

   2332  16-bit application (WinLED) fails due to regression in NE-module handling
   5278  Edit control redraws its background incorrectly in 16-bit app
   5688  d3d9, wow and ATI 9550, FPS is 10 times slower than opengl
   6963  Lineage II fails to load
   7669  Splash dialog hides error dialog, Eudora v4.2 & 5.1
   7708  xwall doesn't install
   7853  GetSystemDirectory returns wrong directory to 16-bit apps
   9422  Visio 2003 failing with the message "iopl not enabled"
   9810  wined3d calls GDI and USER functions inside ENTER_GL/LEAVE_GL
   9864  RipIt4Me: no longer able to load IFOs
  10038  Goldvarb X: Unable to select text, insert and delete lines
  10039  F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate demo fails to launch
  10408  Shanghai Alice games:  text background doesn't alpha
  10642  Gothic crashes on startup: err:msvcrt:symbol_demangle Unknown operator: _R
  11415  Word 2000 VBA editor and macros errors
  11788  Icewind Dale crashes when starting
  12876  uTorrent 1.7.7 exited (or minimized) to tray err's
  12929  Games crash/wined3d doesn't work with ATI's fglrx driver
  12939  Selection using control key and mouse button does not work
  13305  OpenGL DirectDrawRenderer renders black screen only
  13352  Microsoft Office 2003: option to 'Install entire feature' is not available when custom install is used
  13692  failed to crosscompile icmp.dll (dogfood)
  13908  Office 2003 fails to set icons
  13983  Acclaim Entertainment Re-Volt PC Game: Audio Drivers and some Direct3d issues
  13986  Hitman: Codename 47 b192 crashes when starting a level
  14168  visual studio 2005 installer too slow, msi O(n^2) behavior?
  14702  can't click buttons with mouse in Army Builder 3.1c
  14765  Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (from Steam) does not start
  14806  Devil May Cry 4 Does not Load/Initilize
  14918  Cspy: Comboboxex flicker
  15000  Fallout Tactics reports fatal error
  15005  Touhou 11 doesn't fill the window in >640x480 modes
  15120  EVE Online: Only shows a black screen
  15526  PhotoImpact hangs when editing text
  15753  Outcall doesn't run in Wine
  16016  Command and Conquer 3: crashes at startup
  16283  Graphmatica crashes
  16441  EVE-Online does not display lighting textures properly
  16630  Paint.NET 3.36 installer does not show any content in window with Mono 2.0
  16774  Voyage Century crashes on startup in mshtml
  16963  Winzip 11: crashes at startup
  17114  Cannot save Excel 2003 Spreadsheet
  17131  NtQueryObject needs to handle ObjectNameInformation information class (iMesh 8.0)
  17144  Rise of Nations Unhandled Exception
  17286  Shaiya crashes when talking to an NPC
  17617  MZ-WinTranslator: exits with an error message
  17672  Wine denies access to Oracle Client install folder
  17756  python 3.0.1's ctypes test fails
  18093  Race Driver GRID: Game renders badly with resolution higher than 800x600
  18145  FillRect: Undocumented feature
  18333  Chessbase 10 - no board & pieces drawn - gdiplus bugs
  18336  HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH not set
  18769  Meta Editor (metatrader) won't compile
  18936  Windows Live Messanger 8.5 crashes when receiving new message
  19218  lastchaos crashes after changing the resolution
  19430  winedump: null pointer dereference in spec mode
  19781  Visual C++ 2005 Express: -Zi option doesn't work; breaks Firefox build's configure script
  19846  WinCVS update/commit fails with error [80090301]
  19990  World of Warcraft installer crashes
  20050  Program installing correctly, but not running
  20144  Powerpoint 2007 - hyperlinks don't work
  20479  Using HW-acceleration for NHL 99 corrupts the screen and crashes the game
  20643  World of Warcraft launcher tries to change folder permissions (Not a Wine bug)
  20654  Memory leak in RtlGetFullPathName_U (found by chromium unit_tests)
  20683  Winetest fails when creating Window Group or Startup
  20731  Crash for Winterm
  20840  Read buffer overflow in RtlValidAcl?
  20856  There's no avatar when using fbo in Civilization IV Demo
  20858  Left 4 Dead 2 will not start
  20862  Write buffer overrun in VARIANT_UserUnmarshal?
  20863  Write buffer overrun and heap corruption in Widget_DoSomething in oleaut32/tests/tmarshal.c
  20901  Wine Command Prompt doesn't recognize 2 SET commands
  20933  Emperor Rise Of the Middele Kingdom fails to start
  20953  Does not work windows nt domain authentication in Radmin Viewer
  21025  Some games do not receive keybord input or mouse input or hangs
  21033  8BallClub requires GdipIsVisibleClipEmpty implementation
  21063  16 bit apps won't start
  21064  supreme commander crashes on skirmish or multiplayer
  21065  Up-Down Controls appearance is broken
  21069  16 bit apps crashes on exit
  21071  Word 2000 & 2003 cannot open or save any files
  21086  Bug in SearchPath when filename supplied but null
  21087  Civilization 2 crashes during installation
  21089  MIDAS application (SamoTourAgent) fails to connect to server
  21092  Call of duty4 modern warfare doesnt receive correct mouse input
  21104  16-bit app crashes in X11DRV_XRender_CopyBrush when using vncserver
  21122  Closing 16 bit application crashes
  21134  Delphi 5 quickreport preview doesn't work
  21141  Notepad++ crashes on startup
  21191  Installation of Hälge crashes
  21196  Sound in Max Payne not working
  21229  msiexec don't work with /package argument
  21260  Memory leak in comctl32/listview


Changes since 1.1.35:

Aaron Brazener (2):
      wined3d: Added ATI Radeon HD 5xxx detection.
      wined3d: Added further Nvidia Geforce 8xxx detection.

Alexander Kochetkov (1):
      ole32/storage32: Fix return value for invalid access mode in OpenStream.

Alexandre Julliard (128):
      setupx: Pass 0 as instance to InstallHinfSectionA.
      shell32: Use the module instance instead of that of the owner window for the about dialog.
      comctl32: Use the module instance instead of that of the owner window for the toolbar configuration dialog.
      user32: Send all CreateWindow calls through the WoW wrapper to allow mapping 16-bit instances.
      user32: Support calling a 32-bit procedure even without a corresponding thunk in CallWindowProc16.
      user32: Fix the string style check for comboboxes.
      user32: Use CreateIconIndirect to implement CreateCursor.
      user32: Reimplement CopyIcon16/CopyCursor16 using CreateCursorIconIndirect16.
      user32: Get rid of the CURSORICON_Copy internal function.
      user32: Move a number of 16-bit cursor/icon functions to user16.c.
      user32: Always return the actual pointer instead of a winproc handle in WINPROC_GetProc16.
      user32: Reimplement loading of 16-bit cursors and icons using 16-bit resource functions.
      user32: Move freeing of a 16-bit module's icons to user16.c.
      user32: Move freeing of a 16-bit module's classes to wnd16.c.
      kernel32: Load the DestroyIcon32 function from 16-bit user.exe.
      user32: Move DestroyIcon32 implementation to user16.c.
      user32: Reimplement MapWindowPoints16 and move it to wnd16.c.
      user32: Avoid including winuser16.h in 32-bit files.
      user32: Delay creation of the 16-bit dialog info structure until the window is created.
      user32: Get rid of the 16-bit dialog heap.
      user32: Reimplement MENU_FindSubMenu on the 16-bit side using only exported functions.
      user32: Add wrapper functions for manipulation of cursor/icon handles.
      user32: Call the cursor/icon handle allocation functions through the WoW handlers table.
      user32: Don't assume global handles in CopyIcon.
      user32: Allocate user handles for cursors/icons when we don't have 16-bit support.
      user32: Don't cache 16-bit instance resources on the 32-bit side.
      user32: Get rid of support for extracting icons from builtin dlls.
      user32: Avoid accessing the window structure directly in DispatchMessage16.
      user32: Avoid accessing the window structure directly in Get/SetWindowLong16.
      kernel32/tests: Get rid of API function typedefs.
      kernel32/tests: Fix the SetThreadIdealProcessor for WoW64.
      user32/tests: Fix some last error checks for WoW64.
      shlwapi/tests: Remove empty traces.
      shell32/tests: Fix the system directory test for old WoW64 platforms.
      user32: Reimplement 16-bit clipboard functions on top of the 32-bit ones.
      user32: Get rid of 16-bit handles in the driver clipboard interface.
      user32: Make HOOK_IsHooked function static.
      user32: Don't store the 16-bit hook info in the 32-bit thread queue structure.
      user32: Duplicate DIALOG_Enable/DisableOwner implementation on the 16-bit side.
      user32: Export DIALOG_get_info and DIALOG_DoDialogBox through the WoW handlers.
      user32: Export the WIN_GetFullHandle function through the WoW handlers.
      user32: Remove some redundant 16-bit message traces.
      user32: Replace spy functions by a simple trace in 16-bit code.
      user32: Remove remaining calls to internal 32-bit functions from msg16.c.
      user32: Move a few 16-bit stubs to user16.c.
      user32: Remove the no longer used WIN_ISWIN32 flag.
      user32: Remove the no longer needed WIN_ISDIALOG flag.
      user32: Add a WoW wrapper for message waiting to allow releasing the Win16 lock in the 16-bit code.
      user32: Use the wait message handler for the yield in PeekMessageW too.
      user32: Make user.exe into a stand-alone 16-bit module.
      winhttp: Fix pointer cast warnings on 64-bit.
      wininet: Fix pointer cast warnings on 64-bit.
      winmm: Avoid using ReleaseThunkLock from 32-bit code.
      winex11: Only check for fs register corruption on i386.
      gdi32: Use a standard critical section instead of a syslevel for the GDI lock.
      user32: Use a standard critical section instead of a syslevel for the USER lock.
      include: Move undocumented Win9x function definitions to winbase16.h.
      user32: Move handling of listbox sizes for Win 3.1 apps to the 16-bit code.
      user32: Don't pass the 16-bit instance through to 32-bit MessageBoxIndirectA.
      configure: Re-generate with autoconf 2.65.
      comdlg32: Store the open file name A structure directly instead of using a private pointer.
      comdlg32: Get rid of the 16-bit callback support.
      comdlg32: Don't use the instance of the owner window for dialog boxes.
      shell32: Don't use the instance of the owner window for the autocomplete listbox.
      kernel32: Make GMEM_DDESHARE blocks owned by the calling module.
      wordpad: Use the main module instance instead of getting it from the window.
      ole2: Reimplement OleMetafilePictFromIconAndLabel16 on top of the 32-bit version.
      kernel32: Handle the case where the 16-bit module is already loaded also for separated dlls.
      winevdm: Move the loading of the system drivers into their specific 16-bit module.
      user32: Load the 32-bit user.exe module wrapper from the 32-bit side.
      gdi32: Load the 32-bit gdi.exe module wrapper from the 32-bit side.
      user32: Move loading of static icons for 16-bit windows to the 16-bit wrapper.
      user.exe: Reimplement LoadImage16 for bitmaps instead of calling LoadImageA directly.
      user.exe: Reimplement CopyImage16 for cursors and icons.
      version: Get rid of the 16-bit library loading code for builtins.
      kernel32: Don't store the current codepage in the thread data.
      kernel32: Link directly to the thunk functions instead of looking up their entry point.
      kernel32: Move the kernel thread data definitions to kernel16_private.h.
      kernel32: Don't include kernel_private.h in 16-bit files.
      kernel32: Get rid of the support for 16-bit resources in 32-bit resource functions.
      winebuild: Don't check variables for undefined exports.
      winebuild: Allow optional keywords to be in any order in a .def file.
      winebuild: Support for adding 32-bit exports in 16-bit spec files.
      winebuild: Always initialize the dll name at startup.
      winebuild: Add support for generating import libs for 16-bit dlls.
      winebuild: Simplify the code for finding the various build tools.
      winebuild: Recognize mingw32 as a Windows platform.
      winebuild: Add support for building Windows import libraries.
      winebuild: Don't output private symbols at all when building an import library.
      makefiles: Use winebuild to create the Windows import libraries.
      user.exe: Prepend a valid bitmap header when copying a bitmap resource to a file.
      kernel32: Do not include 16-bit headers in 32-bit files.
      shell32: Move the RunDLL_CallEntry16 implementation to shell.dll.
      kernel32: Make krnl386.exe into a stand-alone 16-bit module.
      winedos: Move 16-bit VxD support back into kernel.
      makefiles: Get rid of all the rules for building old style 16-bit files.
      kernel: Add an import lib for krnl386, and stop importing 16-bit functions from kernel32.
      kernel: Get rid of support for loading old style 16-bit files.
      winebuild: Get rid of the support for building old style 16-bit modules.
      ntdll: Move the LDT locking functions to the i386-specific code.
      libwine: Do not export any of the LDT support on non-i386 platforms.
      ntoskrnl: Duplicate the necessary part of instruction emulation to avoid importing kernel.
      msi: Fix some pointer cast warnings on 64-bit.
      dsound: Fix an invalid pointer cast.
      ole32: Fix some pointer cast warnings on 64-bit.
      wrc: Merge the dialog and dialogex structures.
      wrc: Merge the menuitem and menuitemex structures.
      wrc: Merge the menu and menuex structures.
      wpp: Reset the line position when parsing a new file.
      winedos: Internal functions don't need to be WINAPI.
      winedos: Merge the XMS handler into int31.c.
      winedos: Merge the UMB management into dosvm.c.
      winedos: Merge the parallel port device I/O handling into ioports.c.
      winedos: Remove some obsolete comments.
      winedos: Merge the few definitions from dosvm.h into dosexe.h.
      Update copyright info for 2010.
      winex11: Don't process ConfigureNotify events that have been superseded by a later configure request.
      winedos: Link to DirectDrawCreate through delayed imports instead of doing it by hand.
      winedos: Link to DirectSoundCreate through delayed imports instead of doing it by hand.
      shell: Convert the about icon to 32-bit explicitly instead of casting the handle.
      ole2: Convert the icon for OleMetafilePictFromIconAndLabel to 32-bit explicitly instead of casting the handle.
      winedos: Merge all of winedos back into krnl386.
      kernel: Stop exporting some 16-bit functions that are no longer used outside of kernel.
      user32: Remove a useless comment.
      server: Don't dump more than 1024 bytes in a trace.
      server: Add support for returning the object name in NtQueryObject.
      ntdll: Return a correct name also for file objects in NtQueryObject.
      ntdll: Don't require read access to the root directory for normal opens, similarly to the open by id case.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (5):
      mshtml: Add stub interface IHTMLFiltersCollection.
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLDocument2 get/put onmouseup.
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLDocument2 get/put onmousedown.
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLDocument2 get/put onmouseout.
      gdiplus: Implement GdipIsVisibleClipEmpty.

Andrew Eikum (9):
      hlink: Add tests and fix error handling in IHlink::{Get, Set}StringReference.
      hlink: Add partial implementation of IHlinkBrowseContext::GetHlink.
      hlink: Add tests for IHlinkBrowseContext::SetInitialHlink.
      hlink/tests: Repair test to work as intended.
      hlink: String target reference is actually moniker target's display name.
      hlink: Fix copy-paste typo.
      hlink/tests: Fix some memory leaks (valgrind).
      msi: Implement recursive INSTALLSTATE updates for msi treeview selector.
      ole32: Downgrade StgIsStorageFile debug info from WARN to TRACE.

Andrew Nguyen (14):
      setupapi: Implement SetupDiOpenDeviceInfoA/W as stubs.
      dxdiagn: Make the IDxDiag* interfaces conform to the IUnknown::QueryInterface contract.
      dxdiagn: Fail class instantiation if aggregation is requested.
      dxdiagn: Add tests for IDxDiagProvider.
      dxdiagn: Fix a return value and avoid validating the input parameter for IDxDiagProviderImpl::GetContainer.
      dxdiagn: Validate the dwDxDiagHeaderVersion member in IDxDiagProvider::Initialize.
      cfgmgr32: Forward more functions to setupapi.
      ntdll: Use the HKCU\Volatile Environment key when generating the initial process environment.
      kernel32: Ignore empty environment values from registry.
      wineboot: Generate the HKCU\Volatile Environment registry key.
      gdi32: Fix a typo in ScaleViewportExtEx.
      wine.inf: Add PATHEXT system environment variable.
      cmd: Set the PROMPT environment variable on startup.
      wine.inf: Add CommonProgramFiles system environment variable.

André Hentschel (10):
      dbghelp: Implement literal dwarf opcodes.
      include: Do not separate control names.
      winetest: Fix a cast.
      kernel32/nls: Fix German translation.
      winedump: Fix sym mode.
      dbghelp: Fix a typo.
      comctl32: Improve German translation.
      winedbg: Update link.
      dbghelp: Fix typo in url.
      msi/tests: Remove dead url.

Austin English (1):
      cmd: Use DOS newlines, not UNIX.

Christian Costa (9):
      ddraw: Improve error message.
      drmclien: Add stub for DllRegisterServer.
      mciqtz: Add stub for MCI_SETAUDIO.
      mciqtz: Improve MCIQTZ_mciSet traces.
      d3dxof: Get rid of cur_subobject.
      d3dxof: Enable referencing objects defined in current top-level object.
      d3drm: Add stub for Direct3DRMCreate.
      d3drm: Add some definitions.
      d3drm: Implement stubbed IDirect3DRM interface.

Dan Kegel (2):
      cmd: Echoed prompts are preceded by a blank line.
      cmd: Fix echoing of multiline commands.

David Adam (2):
      d3dx9/tests: 1 must be a float.
      dmloader: Fix a possible null dereference.

Detlef Riekenberg (5):
      mstask/tests: Skip some tests when the service is not running.
      user32: Move a comment about HLOCAL16 to user.exe.
      krnl386: The 16bit system directory is <windir>\SYSTEM.
      comdlg32: Remove unused code for the Button psh1.
      mlang: Print a FIXME only for unused parameter.

Dmitry Timoshkov (1):
      user32: Handle virtual key codes only in the WM_KEYDOWN case.

Eric Pouech (13):
      winedbg: Push the correct machine type to StackWalk.
      winedbg: Ensure the stack pointer is also passed to StackWalk.
      winedbg: Fix for stack symbols on 64bit platform.
      dbghelp: Rewrote stack_walk with 64 bit structures.
      dbghelp: Generalize helper to get a string from an ADDRESS64.
      dbghelp: Create a cpu backend to store CPU dependent code, and use it for the i386 stack implementation.
      dbghelp: Hacked a StackWalk implementation for x86_64.
      dbghelp: Add a couple of helpers to struct cpu to help adding the stack to minidump.
      winedump: Add support for long section names (at least used by MinGW).
      dbghelp: Add support for loading dwarf debug information out of PE images.
      winedump: Manage the string table size in PE file format.
      dbghelp: Silence a couple of FIXMEs for C++ code.
      winedbg: In "info threads" commands, also show the name of the processes even if not debugged.

Frédéric Delanoy (1):
      mapi32: Add French translation.

Gerald Pfeifer (8):
      winedbg: Use #elif defined(...) instead of plain #elif when detecting architectures in dbg_start_interactive().
      ntdll: Use #ifdef instead of #if to check for _DARWIN_FEATURE_64_BIT_INODE.
      winedbg: Use #elif defined(...) instead of plain #elif in main().
      comctl32: Remove obsolete comment on RB_SETPALETTE from REBAR_WindowProc().
      ntdll: Avoid one warning around assert(0).
      wined3d: Introduce WINED3DFMT_INST and use it in CheckTextureCapability().
      include: Move WINED3DTS_WORLD et al directly into _WINED3DTRANSFORMSTATETYPE.
      configure: Sort WINE_TRY_CFLAGS entries alphabetically.

Hans Leidekker (6):
      secur32/tests: Fix a couple of memory leaks.
      wininet: Always set last error in HttpSendRequest{,Ex}.
      wininet: Free per-thread error info upon exit from an async procedure.
      gdiplus: Implement GdipGet/SetStringFormatMeasurableCharacterRanges.
      wininet: Avoid test failures on win9x.
      wininet: Fix a memory leak.

Henri Verbeet (60):
      wined3d: NULL vertex declarations are captured, but not applied.
      d3d8: Add a separate function for swapchain initialization.
      d3d9: Add a separate function for swapchain initialization.
      wined3d: Cleanup IWineD3DDeviceImpl_GetRasterStatus().
      wined3d: IWineD3DClipperImpl implements IWineD3DBase.
      wined3d: IWineD3DPaletteImpl implements IWineD3DBase.
      d3d9/tests: A volume really isn't a resource, despite having all the methods.
      wined3d: Volumes are resources in wined3d.
      wined3d: Cleanup IWineD3DBaseSwapChainImpl_QueryInterface().
      wined3d: Get rid of some redundant local variables.
      wined3d: Filter messages for the device's focus window instead of the swapchain's device window.
      wined3d: Focus the focus window.
      d3d9/tests: Add some tests for focus behaviour.
      d3d8/tests: Add some tests for focus behaviour.
      wined3d: Use proper enum elements for FOURCC formats.
      wined3d: Properly check for glBlitFramebuffer().
      wined3d: Recognize "VMware, Inc." as VENDOR_MESA.
      wined3d: Introduce "context_apply_state()" to setup a context for a specific usage.
      wined3d: Let "FindContext()" figure out the thread id on its own.
      wined3d: Let "SetupForBlit()" figure out the target's width and height on its own.
      wined3d: Don't touch the window's focus or wndproc for windowed devices.
      d3d8/tests: Add message tests for windowed devices.
      d3d9/tests: Add message tests for windowed devices.
      wined3d: Clear the device's focus_window field when the window is destroyed.
      dxgi: Add a separate function for swapchain initialization.
      wined3d: The FVF parameter to IWineD3DDeviceImpl_CreateVertexBuffer() is unused now.
      wined3d: Remove some redundant returns.
      ddraw: Remove a redundant return.
      wined3d: Use the element size to create "isStateDirty" bitmap indices.
      dxgi: Add a separate function for factory initialization.
      wined3d: Merge pixelshader.c and vertexshader.c.
      wined3d: Always handle WINED3DSPR_INPUT registers as input registers in shader_get_registers_used().
      wined3d: Move shader input/output signatures to IWineD3DBaseShaderClass.
      wined3d: Merge vertexshader_set_function() and pixelshader_set_function().
      wined3d: Fix WINED3DRS_DEPTHBIAS handling.
      wined3d: Move "wrap_lookup" to struct wined3d_gl_info.
      wined3d: Add a geometry shader object.
      d3d10core: Add a wined3d geoemtry shader to struct d3d10_geometry_shader.
      wined3d: Add support for source and destination rectangles to swapchain_blit().
      wined3d: Handle source and destination rectangles in IWineD3DSwapChainImpl_Present().
      wined3d: Remove a few redundant context dereferences.
      wined3d: Handle stateblock capture for default lights created while recording.
      avifil32: Properly check the required buffer size in AVIFILE_ReadBlock().
      avifil32: Just assign maxSize to This->cbBuffer in AVIFILE_ReadBlock().
      avifil32: Don't leak the buffer on HeapReAlloc() failure in AVIFILE_ReadBlock().
      avifil32: Always add the format change frame to the buffer in AVIFILE_AddFrame().
      avifil32: Properly check the required buffer size in AVIFILE_AddFrame().
      avifil32: Only modify the stream info after a succesful allocation in AVIFILE_AddFrame().
      avifil32: Don't leak the buffer on HeapReAlloc() failure in AVIFILE_AddFrame().
      avifil32: Don't leak the buffer on HeapReAlloc() failure in AVISaveOptionsFmtChoose().
      wined3d: Recognize the SM4 ige opcode.
      wined3d: Recognize the SM4 breakc opcode.
      wined3d: Recognize the SM4 emit opcode.
      wined3d: Recognize the SM4 iadd opcode.
      wined3d: Recognize the SM4 lt opcode.
      wined3d: Recognize the SM4 if opcode.
      wined3d: Recognize the SM4 break opcode.
      wined3d: Recognize the SM4 endif opcode.
      wined3d: Recognize the SM4 endloop opcode.
      wined3d: Recognize the SM4 cut opcode.

Ilya Shpigor (1):
      gdi32: Test for font creation with the OEM charset.

Jacek Caban (26):
      jscript: Make undefined a property of global object.
      mshtml: Don't use necko nsIHttpChannel in nsChannel implementation.
      wininet: Return error directly from INTERNET_AsyncCall.
      wininet: Don't use INTERNET_SetLastError in HttpSendRequestA.
      wininet: Return error directly from HTTP_Connect.
      wininet: Don't use INTERNET_SetLastError in InternetSetOptionW.
      mshtml: Use JScript for JavaScript in res: protocol documents.
      mshtml: Added JavaScript tests architecture and simple tests.
      urlmon: Report BINDSTATUS_CONNECTING to download callback.
      mshtml: Added better error handling to nscolor_to_str.
      mshtml: Store known colors as RGB.
      mshtml: Correctly parse color strings.
      mshtml: Use nscolor_to_str in IHTMLBodyElement::get_text implementation.
      mshtml: Added better default bgColor test and code clean up.
      wininet: Test also InternetCrackUrlW in test_crack_url.
      mshtml: Fixed nsIDOMNSHTMLElement declaration.
      mshtml: Use FindMimeFromData to find MIME if moniker doesn't report it.
      wininet: Fixed tests on older IEs.
      jscript: Added a test using script dispatch after closing engine.
      mshtml: Store ConnectionPointContainer pointer in ConnectionPoint.
      mshtml: Make sure that event listeners of connection point are set.
      mshtml: Don't try to wrap necko channel in nsChannel implementation.
      mshtml: Use nsIDocShell to load a page in set_moniker.
      mshtml: Store body event target in HTMLDocumentNode.
      urlmon: Fixed accept_mimes freeing.
      urlmon: Fixed accept_mimes leak in tests.

James Hawkins (7):
      user32: Don't try to free a handle with a value of 1, which is the dde handle value for asynchronous operations.
      advapi32: Fix a few memory leaks. Use the correct API to free SIDs (FreeSid).
      advpack: Free the file list on any error.
      cabinet: Fix several file list leaks in the extract tests.
      wintrust: Fix a memory leak until our implementation is fixed.
      browseui: Fix two memory leaks in the autocomplete tests.
      setupapi: Refactor freeing the INF file into free_inf_file. Use this new function to free any remnants of the parsing on error.

Jason Edmeades (1):
      comctl32/toolbar: Improve fixme message conditions.

Jeremy White (2):
      winspool: Test for failure using correct size.
      winspool: Correctly zero printer driver buffer on failure, with tests.

Joel Holdsworth (1):
      user32: Fixed icons to select correct image in high colour depth.

Josselin Bardet (1):
      msiexec: Support of /package option.

Juan Lang (1):
      crypt32: Don't get confused matching URLs with a colon in the userinfo portion (e.g. user:password@domain).

Kai Blin (1):
      secur32: Pretend the NTLM provider also does Negotiate.

Louis Lenders (1):
      mapistub: Add new stubbed dll mapistub.dll.

Loïc Hoguin (1):
      winemp3.acm: mpg123_getformat must be called on MPG123_NEW_FORMAT errors for libmpg123 < 1.8.0.

Maarten Lankhorst (6):
      mmdevapi: Add stubs for MMDevEnum with tests.
      mmdevapi: Constify IMMDeviceEnumeratorVtbl.
      mmdevapi: Add an empty IMMDeviceCollection implementation.
      mmdevapi: Add test showing collection doesn't keep ref on parent.
      Revert "dsound: Only initialize one guid for capture and renderer."
      mmdevapi: Fix reference leak in tests.

Marcin Baczyński (8):
      advapi32/tests: Remove superfluous void* cast.
      rasapi32/tests: Remove superfluous void* cast.
      msctf: Remove superfluous void* cast.
      winedump: Remove superfluous void* cast.
      libport: Remove superfluous void* cast.
      comctl32: Remove superfluous void* cast.
      winedbg: Remove superfluous void* cast.
      fnt2bdf: Remove superfluous void* casts.

Marcus Meissner (11):
      cryptnet: Remove an unnecessary variable (Coverity).
      msi: Removed unnecessary NULL check.
      dbghelp: Initialize ret (Coverity).
      user32: Initialize hICON to NULL (Coverity).
      krnl386.exe: Removed unused owner_exists variable (Coverity).
      kernel32: Check if buffer is NULL before derefencing it (Coverity).
      user32: Remove useless NULL check (Coverity).
      user32: EM_REPLACESEL - handle OOM error.
      winex11.drv: physDev cannot be NULL (Coverity).
      winex11: Remove more superflous NULL checks (Coverity).
      setupapi: Avoid NULL dereference in error path (Coverity).

Matteo Bruni (2):
      d3d9: Add D3DSHADER_COMPARISON definition.
      wpp: Clean state on error path.

Michael Stefaniuc (24):
      comctl32/tests: Don't cast NULL to an integer type.
      cryptui: Don't cast NULL to an integer type.
      user32/tests: Don't cast NULL to an integer type.
      windowscodecs: Don't cast NULL.
      riched20: Remove some explicit LPARAM/WPARAM casts.
      user32/tests: Remove some explicit LPARAM/WPARAM casts.
      winex11.drv: Remove some explicit LPARAM/WPARAM casts.
      user32: Remove some explicit LPARAM/WPARAM casts.
      comctl32/tests: Remove some superfluous casts around SendMessage().
      comctl32: Remove some explicit LPARAM/WPARAM casts.
      oledlg: Remove some explicit WPARAM casts.
      comdlg32: Remove some explicit LPARAM/WPARAM casts.
      winecfg: Remove some explicit WPARAM casts.
      wordpad: Remove some explicit LPARAM/WPARAM casts.
      comctl32: The return value of notify_with_scroll() is never used.
      shell32: Remove some superfluous LPARAM/WPARAM casts.
      winapi: Remove the special handling of GDI_AllocObject().
      shdocvw: Remove unneeded \ at the end of a line.
      configure: Require a new enough flex version.
      Revert "wrc: Use an EOF rule instead of lex_destroy for compatibility with prediluvian flex versions.".
      Revert "Revert "wpp: config.h and wine/port.h should be included first."".
      user.exe: Remove some superfluous WPARAM/LPARAM casts.
      winetest: Remove superfluous WPARAM casts.
      kernel32: Add missing stdarg.h includes.

Mike Kaplinskiy (1):
      user32: Fix color mask handling in CreateIconIndirect.

Nathan Gallaher (1):
      msi: Queue dynamically allocated strings in cond.y.

Nicolas Le Cam (1):
      kernel32/tests: Simplify dumpmem function.

Nikolay Sivov (38):
      comctl32/rebar: Use DPA to manage bands data.
      comctl32/rebar: Move parameter cast to winproc.
      comctl32/rebar: Collapse some parameter checks and winproc entries.
      comctl32/rebar: Don't read outside of bands array on dragging.
      kernel32/tests: Print line numbers in tests.
      kernel32/tests: Fix some find handle leaks.
      kernel32/tests: Fix LocalAlloc() allocated leaks.
      kernel32/tests: Init pointers in common way, add some win_skip() while skipping.
      kernel32: Fix SearchPath parameter validation with tests.
      comctl32/tests: Add ability to create any number of edit buddies.
      comctl32/tests: Some tests for buddy procedure subclassing.
      comctl32/tests: Use win_skip() while skipping subclass tests.
      comctl32/updown: Simplify buddy subclassing using SetWindowSubclass chain.
      kernel32: Fix a leak in ReplaceFileW.
      comctl32/updown: Don't update buddy text if it's the same.
      comctl32/updown: Don't change control z-order, this breaks auto buddy binding.
      comctl32/tests: Explicitly create rebar for each test, cleanup main function a bit.
      comctl32/rebar: Fix default just inserted band colors.
      comctl32/comboex: Use subclass chain for internally used controls.
      comctl32/comboex: Add test for internally sent Edit messages, remove corresponding comments.
      comctl32/comboex: Fix silly typo in CBEM_SETITEM handler (lParam wasn't set).
      comctl32/comboex: Don't invalidate all windows if Edit box isn't set up.
      comctl32/comboex: Get rid of useless helper.
      comctl32/comboex: Move debugging traces that require additional code into TRACE_ON() condition.
      comctl32/rebar: Avoid empty band range when changing layout.
      comctl32/tests: Skip test on <5.8x systems.
      comctl32/rebar: Check for null handles before invalidation.
      comctl32/updown: Fix formatting for hex mode.
      user32/tests: Add tests for invalid index in GetSysColorBrush().
      user32/sysparams: Return NULL from GetSysColorBrush() for invalid index.
      user32/uitools: Fix FillRect behaviour for invalid brush passed.
      comdlg32/tests: Free global blocks after PrintDlg() with PD_RETURNDEFAULT.
      comctl32/comboex: Fix a leak for text string stored for edit item.
      comctl32/listview: Fix memory leak on subrange deletion.
      oleaut32/tests: Fix some leaks in safearray tests.
      shell32/shelllink: Fix some string buffers leaks.
      user32/tests: Forward test proc to default dialog procedure instead of window's one.
      ntdll: Release buffer when it won't be referenced.

Paul Chitescu (2):
      quartz: Implement NullRenderer's IBaseFilter::FindPin.
      quartz: Only wait in IMediaEvent::WaitForCompletion if the filter is running.

Paul Vriens (13):
      msi/tests: Fix test failures on Win9x/WinMe.
      ole32/tests: Fix a test failure on several platforms.
      comctl32/tests: Fix a test failure on older comctl32.
      imagehlp/tests: Fix a test failure on Win95.
      hlink/tests: Fix a test failure on Win9x/WinMe.
      mmdevapi/tests: Fix a test failure on Vista+ with no soundcard present.
      kernel32: Add a stubbed GetConsoleProcessList().
      mshtml/tests: Fix a test failure on NT4.
      mshtml/tests: Fix timeouts on Win9x/WinMe by using more A-functions.
      wined3d: Fix use of memset (Coccinelle).
      shell32: Fix length parameter for ZeroMemory (Coccinelle).
      d3d9/tests: Fix size parameter for memcmp (Coccinelle).
      ntdll: Fix length parameter for NtQueryValueKey (Coccinelle).

Piotr Caban (2):
      mshtml: Query OleClientSite about services in ServiceProvider_QueryService.
      mshtml: Added IDispatch ConnectionPoint.

Reece Dunn (1):
      Don't generate FIXME warnings for DllCanUnloadNow.

Rob Shearman (16):
      ole32: Release the data object and free the cached enum data upon OleUninitialize.
      ole32: Fix stream reference leak in test_ReadClassStm.
      ole32: Handle SetClipboardData failing in OLE clipboard functions.
      shell32: Fix style in autocomplete tests to more match the typical style used in the rest of Wine.
      shell32: Fix memory leaks in autocomplete tests.
      shell32: Fix a potentially large memory leak in IQueryAssociations_fnGetString.
      winex11.drv: Empty clipboard cache on process unload to avoid false positives being reported for memory leaks.
      secur32: Fix memory leaks in tests.
      secur32: Simplify memory management by not allocating memory for the CredHandle and CtxtHandle pointers.
      secur32: Fix memory leaks in ntlm_InitializeSecurityContextW.
      secur32: Don't allocate context handle in wrapper InitializeSecurityContextA/W if it is the same as the handle passed into the function.
      ntdll: Fix typo in RTL_ReportRegistryValue which caused a counted string to be passed into QueryFunction which expects a nul-terminated string.
      shlwapi: Initialise id field of ConPt object in connection point tests.
      jscript: Make sure retv pointer is initialised in exec_source even if no value needs to be returned.
      jscript: Make sure to initialise the string output parameter in run_exec.
      jscript: Fix various memory and reference count leaks.

Roderick Colenbrander (1):
      winex11: Fix a null pointer crash when XRender isn't around.

Stefan Dösinger (13):
      wined3d: Free buffer conversion info when freeing the buffer.
      wined3d: Use unload instead of duplicating buffer remove code.
      wined3d: Remove the d3d7 do-not-convert code.
      wined3d: Rename conversion_count to something more appropriate.
      wined3d: Increment the buffer draw count if the buffer was clean.
      wined3d: Drop the VBO if too many full buffer conversions occur.
      wined3d: Revert the GL usage confusion.
      wined3d: Set WINED3D_BUFFER_CREATEBO in buffer_init().
      wined3d: Track separate dirty ranges in buffers.
      wined3d: Add GLintptr and GLsizeiptr.
      wined3d: Add GL_APPLE_flush_buffer_range.
      wined3d: Prepare for dynamic vertex buffers.
      wined3d: Implement subrange flushing with GL_APPLE_flush_buffer_range.

Stefan Leichter (4):
      ntoskrnl.exe: Add stub for KeInitializeSemaphore.
      ntoskrnl.exe: Add stub for KeReleaseSemaphore.
      ntoskrnl.exe: Add stub for KeSetPriorityThread.
      ntoskrnl.exe: Add stub for KeGetCurrentThread/PsGetCurrentThread.

Steven Edwards (1):
      winefile: Replace builtin execute dialog with standard RunFile dialog.

Tillmann Werner (1):
      winedump: Fix null pointer dereference in spec mode.

Vincent Povirk (36):
      gdiplus: Add traces for values of newly-created brushes.
      gdiplus: Add traces for values of newly-created linecaps.
      gdiplus: Add traces for values of newly-created font objects.
      gdiplus: Add trace for values of new graphics and image objects.
      gdiplus: Allocate a new ImageAttributes object in GdipCloneImageAttributes.
      gdiplus: Add a test for GdipSetImageAttributesColorMatrix.
      gdiplus: Implement GdipSetImageAttributesColorMatrix.
      ole32: Add some tests for IEnumSTATSTG.
      ole32: Make IEnumSTATSTG functions fail when the parent is invalid.
      ole32: Store the most recent item name in IEnumSTATSTG instead of a stack.
      ole32: Reread the stream entry after setting the size in StreamWriteAt.
      gdiplus: Add a trace for values of new ImageAttributes objects.
      gdiplus: Add traces for values of newly-created pens.
      gdiplus: Add a trace for values of new string format objects.
      gdiplus: Add some traces for the values of point arguments.
      gdiplus: Add traces to unimplemented functions in brush.c.
      ole32: Always allow changes to read-only transacted storages.
      gdiplus: Fix memory leak in GdipSetStringFormatMeasurableCharacterRanges.
      gdiplus: Add tests for multi-frame GIF images.
      gdiplus: Remove fixme from GdipImageGetFrameDimensionsCount.
      gdiplus: Implement GdipImageGetFrameDimensionsList.
      gdiplus: Test the ability to load WMF images.
      gdiplus: Add test for size of metafiles loaded from streams.
      gdiplus: Add test for GdipCreateMetafileFromWmf.
      gdiplus: Fix typo in GdipCreateMetafileFromWmf.
      gdiplus: Add test for image resolution functions.
      gdiplus: Implement GdipGetImage*Resolution.
      gdiplus: Implement GdipBitmapSetResolution.
      gdiplus: Fix a memory leak in GdipCreateMetafileFromWmf.
      ole32: Remove fixme for transacted mode.
      gdiplus: Add traces to unimplemented functions in customlinecap.c.
      gdiplus: Add traces to unimplemented functions in graphics.c.
      gdiplus: Add trace to unimplemented function in graphicspath.c.
      gdiplus: Add trace to GdipBitmapUnlockBits.
      gdiplus: Add traces to unimplemented functions in image.c.
      gdiplus: Reset the lock count when unlocking a bitmap in write mode.

Vladimir Pankratov (1):
      mapi32: Add Russian translation.

William Waghorn (1):
      wined3d: Added NVidia GT240 detection.

Alexandre Julliard