Wine Announcement

The Wine development release 1.1.38 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
  - Better support for memory allocations debugging.
  - Improved MIDI support.
  - A wide range of Direct3D fixes.
  - OLEDB fixes (should fix Clipart in Office).
  - Improved debugger support on x86-64.
  - Many MSI fixes.
  - Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 1.1.38:

   6447  VAZ Modular module window close causes error message box
   8398  Starfleet Command 3: fails to load
  10011  A conflict between global and user's %PATH% environment variables
  11596  Lost Planet:Extreme Condition DX9 Demo: black screen in-game
  12965  Weird border in MSN Messenger when hiding tittle bar
  13956  Warcraft III does not start
  14252  Windows Live Messenger 8.1 just show a blue box. GdipImageGetFrameCount, GdipImageGetFrameDimensionsList  and GdipImageSelectActiveFrame unimplemented
  14875  VS 2008 Express Editions (SP1) installer fails with directory resolution error
  14888  winefile is slow with drawing columns
  15795  Dead Space crashes with unhandled exception
  17269  WNetGetUser missing in Win16
  17521  qmgr/qmgr tests fail with +relay enabled
  17577  Lost Planet's shader compile failure
  17621  PhoenixRC crashes with page fault in 32-bit code
  17948  Slingplayer unhandled page fault
  17999  Shell32 test fails with the following
  18220  mWavEdit: midi sysex communication fails
  18501  Emperor 'Battle for Dune': can't build units and buildings
  18536  Slingplayer EU 1.5.1 installer exits silently part way through
  18540  Slingplayer EU 1.5.1 installer random unhandled page fault
  18764  Wine update breaks gecko's js3250.dll
  18990  Slingplayer 1.5 installer hangs
  19068  Slingplayer 1.5 installshield error 1628
  19105  From VB / VBScript / maybe others, the TimeSerial function dont answer like is awaited
  19300  MS Web Platform installer goes into endless loop
  19373  Plants vs Zombies is draw in the left button side of the screen when playing full-screen
  19588  Wine is setting incorrect permissions in some instances
  19625  Oblivion: shadows flicker
  19636  Vista SDK installer fails in "Microsoft VC Redist 2008" subinstaller
  20469  Dragon Age: Origins: Texture glitches (textures frequently switching from visible to black)
  20725  Adobe photoshop CS2 fails to install
  20763  make crosstest fails on Mac OS X
  20790  Diagnet needs msxml4
  21106  RPC clients that connect via ncacn_ip_tcp to a Windows RPC server are broken
  21145  cmd if /I unsupported
  21252  Anarchy Online is squashed horizontally with Xorg 7 and Xinerama
  21299  Thief: whole screen flicks in time of weapon blinking
  21306  16-bit application fails with "DDE requires ddeml.dll"
  21336  wine's valgrind annotations for large heap realloc yield false positives
  21350  SSF Sega Saturn Emulator displays "SetThreadAffinityMask() error" dialog box
  21355  Need heap overrun detection
  21382  %~dp0 does not expand to right value
  21399  iDailyDiary window-drawing problem
  21405  IE6 / IE7 crashes with "longjmp causes uninitialized stack frame"
  21418  Plants vs Zombies is draw on the top left corner when not in fullscreen
  21421  simple Delphi program: popup menu not shown after status bar right clicked.
  21442  Visual C++ 2010 beta 2 web installer aborts when starting download
  21486  ZEMAX help dialog does not work
  21490  Debug build of Chromium aborts on startup because GdiInitializeLanguagePack() is too stubby?
  21494  wine(64) regedit foo.reg fails
  21497  ElsterFormular 11.1.1: program window disappears, app keeps running in the background
  21501  Visual C++ 2010 beta 2 web installer can't replace corrupted downloads (sharing violation due to wintrust handle leak)
  21506  configure --disable-win16 breaks winedbg bt all
  21512  Windows PowerShell 1.x/2.x needs HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Environment registry key present
  21513  Option to not inherit the UNIX environment
  21542  SOFTPUB_LoadCatalogMessage should use catalog members instead of file ones for retrieving msg data
  21553  ntdll reporting freed block to valgrind twice?
  21592  ResTrax: Up-down common control doesn't process arrow keys the same as mouse clicks
  21595  Sacred 2 does not display any 3D graphics


Changes since 1.1.37:

Alexandre Julliard (83):
      configure: Add specific creation macros for the various types of makefiles.
      makefiles: Disable 16-bit specific modules from make_makefiles.
      makefiles: Remove the obsolete rule for .spec.o files.
      makefiles: Move some of the cross-compile rules to the main rules file.
      winegcc: Add support for specifying a custom static library suffix.
      makefiles: Add rules for cross-compiling static libraries.
      Avoid using wine/port.h in static libraries.
      makefiles: Cross-compile all static libraries and import libs to .cross.a files to avoid conflicts.
      ntdll: Use the heap flags instead of debug channels to test for enabled debug features.
      ntdll: Fill the tail of heap blocks when HEAP_TAIL_CHECKING_ENABLED is set.
      ntdll: Use the same value as Windows for filling free heap blocks.
      ntdll: Fill existing tail and free blocks when the debug flags are changed after heap creation.
      ntdll: Verify the tail contents when validating an in-use block with tail checking enabled.
      ntdll: Verify free block contents when validating the heap.
      kernel32/tests: Add tests for heap tail and free block checking.
      ntdll: Move alloc notification closer to the allocation for large blocks.
      ntdll: Fill the tail of large blocks too for tail checking.
      ntdll: Fill the tail of existing large blocks when the debug flags change.
      ntdll: Verify the tail contents when validating a large block.
      kernel32/tests: Add tests for tail checking on large heap blocks.
      makefiles: Generate the static library rules from configure.
      makefiles: Generate the import library rules from configure.
      dbghelp: Don't require a 16-bit stack for StackWalk.
      ntdll: Simplify the checking of heap pointers when debugging is not enabled.
      ntdll: Add 8 more bytes to the block tail when tail checking is enabled.
      ntdll: Always enable tail checking when running under Valgrind.
      wineboot: Add a wrapper function for RegSetValueExW.
      wineboot: Set the USERNAME and USERPROFILE variables in the volatile environment.
      kernel32: Treat PWD as a special environment variable.
      kernel32: Load USERNAME and USERPROFILE from the volatile environment.
      kernel32: Make sure the volatile environment is always loaded.
      kernel32: Append the user PATH value to the system one.
      shell32: Put the temp directory inside the user profile directory.
      winetest: Refuse to run if the mount manager isn't running.
      dbghelp: Fix the Mac OS build.
      ntdll: Disable debug flags when running on Valgrind.
      ntdll: Support delayed freeing of heap blocks to catch use-after-free bugs.
      ntdll: Don't require heap sizes to be 64K aligned.
      ntdll: Fix the various heap debug checks for 64-bit.
      kernel32/tests: Fix some of the heap tests for 64-bit.
      cabinet/tests: Fix accesses to an invalid pointer.
      msacm32: Clear the type field when deleting a driver.
      comctl32: Actually grow the array in DPA_Grow.
      ntdll: Avoid reporting a freed block twice to Valgrind.
      kernel32/tests: Fix heap flag tests for the page alloc case.
      kernel: Only start the BIOS timer if there is an actual access to selector 0x40.
      kernel32: Avoid truncating the output buffer length in GetCurrentDirectoryA.
      kernel32/tests: Remove leftover Sleep() call.
      server: Make terminate_process more robust against recursive calls for the same process.
      user.exe: Make CreateIcon16 available as 32-bit export.
      shell: Explicitly convert icons to 16-bit instead of casting handles.
      user32/tests: Dispatch a message in case we can a WM_PAINT.
      user: Reimplement GetIconInfo16 using the 16-bit icon structure directly.
      user: Call the 16-bit CreateIconFromResourceEx from LoadIconHandler16.
      user: Add internal functions for cursor/icon 16<->32 conversion to replace the typecasting macros.
      server: Allow changing a thread affinity before it is initialized.
      server: Set the initial thread affinity from the process.
      atl: The object map entries for version 1 don't have the last two fields.
      winex11: Synchronize the shaped flag with the window region before determining the window size.
      user32: Fix the WM_CONTEXTMENU parameter for 64-bit.
      advapi32/tests: Fix the service inactive state check to match the documentation.
      makefiles: Simplify the installation of program binaries by not attempting to hardlink them.
      makefiles: Get rid of the (broken) aclocal installation rules.
      makefiles: Generate the config.status dependency as part of the makefile dependencies.
      makefiles: Create the wine symlink from configure.
      makefiles: Create the fonts symlinks from configure.
      configure: Create a symlink for generic.ppd.
      user32: Add a safety check in release_user_handle_ptr.
      user: Add icon handle mapping in the Get/SetClassWord/Long functions.
      winex11: Update the window shape offset when the window rect changes.
      dbghelp: Fix broken sw_read_mem() call in i386 stack backtrace.
      fonts: Remove the rules for font symlinks and go back to standard VPATH usage.
      user32/tests: Fix the menu capture test for NT4.
      comdlg32/tests: Remove some AbortProc checks that fail on various Windows versions.
      mstask/tests: Add some error codes for Win2k.
      psapi/tests: Handle an error that happens on Win2k.
      wininet/tests: Fix a test failure on Win2k.
      mlang/tests: Fix a test failure on Win2k.
      urlmon/tests: Comment out a test that crashes on Win2k.
      ddraw/tests: Fix a test that fails on Win2k.
      ntdll: Export RtlInterlockedCompareExchange64.
      kernel32: Export InterlockedCompareExchange64.
      configure: Avoid incorrectly cleaning up symlink targets when running in the source dir.

Anders Jonsson (1):
      wordpad: Update Swedish translation.

Andrew Eikum (1):
      wininet: Handle PROXY_TYPE_PROXY | PROXY_TYPE_DIRECT per-connection flags.

Andrew Nguyen (10):
      shlwapi: Change a magic HRESULT value to the appropriate name.
      shlwapi/tests: Add tests for HashData.
      shlwapi: Only check for NULL pointers in HashData.
      pdh: Implement and test PdhGetDllVersion.
      mapi32/tests: Invoke MAPIInitialize before performing the FPropContainsProp tests.
      mapi32/tests: Centralize utility function pointer initialization.
      mapi32/tests: Fix prototype of FBinFromHex function pointer.
      mapi32/tests: Invoke MAPIInitialize before performing the HexFromBin tests.
      ws2_32: Fix parameter validation order in getpeername.
      msnet32: Add copyright author information.

André Hentschel (18):
      winegcc: Update comments.
      kernel32/tests: Fix header comments.
      kernel32/tests: Run fiber tests on more platforms.
      kernel32/tests: Test fiber Ex functions.
      kernel32/tests: Test IsThreadAFiber function.
      kernel32/tests: Test Fiber Local Storage functions.
      kernel32/tests: Test Fiber callback count.
      kernel32: Implement IsThreadAFiber function.
      oleaut32: Fix a crash in VB6.
      oleaut32/tests: Add a test for DosTime.
      oleaut32/tests: Add tests for backrolled time.
      wordpad: Fix German translation.
      msi: Fix crash with access to component.
      oleaut32: Rewrite RollUdate to be easier to change and to support more conversions.
      msi: Copy InstallerImpl_LastErrorRecord to use it for DatabaseImpl.
      oleaut32: Fix day rolling.
      oleaut32: Fix year 0.
      oleaut32/tests: Use testvalues from VarDateFromUdate also for regression testing of DosDateTimeToVariantTime.

Aurimas Fišeras (1):
      wordpad: Update Lithuanian translation.

Bernhard Übelacker (1):
      user32: Don't hide the window in SetParent when window and parent are equal.

Christian Costa (13):
      shell32: Improve some FIXMEs.
      d3drm: Add definitions for IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder2.
      d3drm: Add definitions for IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder3.
      d3drm: Add GUID definitions for all interfaces.
      d3drm: Add stubbed implementation of IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder.
      amstream: Register media stream filter.
      d3dxof: Add other debug channel for parsing.
      d3dxof: Do not expect a separator when there is no element.
      d3drm: Add some definitions for IDirect3DRMMeshBuilderImpl_Load.
      d3drm: Add some tests.
      d3drm: Implement partially IDirect3DRMMeshBuilderImpl_Load.
      d3drm/tests: Use better name for test function and make it static (spotted by Stefan Dosinger).
      d3drm: Improve IDirect3DRMMeshBuilderImpl_Load and corresponding test.

Dan Kegel (4):
      ntdll: Fix large block realloc annotation.
      cmd: %~dp0 should expand to the directory containing the batch file, not the current directory.
      cmd: Size buffer in create_full_path() correctly.
      reg.exe: Handle setting DWORD registry values.

Detlef Riekenberg (14):
      wine.inf: Add a 16bit fake dll for ddeml.dll.
      shlwapi/tests: ChrCmpI* is not present on Win95B (winetestbot).
      shlwapi/tests: HashData is not present on Win95B (winetestbot).
      shlwapi/tests: PathCreateFromUrl* is not present on Win95B (winetestbot).
      shlwapi/tests: UrlApplyScheme* is not present on Win95B (winetestbot).
      shlwapi/tests: UrlCanonicalize* is not present on Win95B (winetestbot).
      shlwapi/tests: UrlCombine* is not present on Win95B (winetestbot).
      shlwapi/tests: UrlCreateFromPath* is not present on Win95B (winetestbot).
      shlwapi/tests: UrlEscape* is not present on Win95B (winetestbot).
      shlwapi/tests: UrlGetPart* is not present on Win95B (winetestbot).
      shlwapi/tests: UrlHash* is not present on Win95B (winetestbot).
      shlwapi/tests: UrlIs* is not present on Win95B (winetestbot).
      shlwapi/tests: UrlUnescape* is not present on Win95B (winetestbot).
      mapi32/tests: Fix a typo in a comment.

Dmitry Timoshkov (1):
      winmm: Add a bunch of new mmio tests which discover some bugs in mmio handling.

Dylan Smith (7):
      richedit: Prevent uninitialized value from being used.
      richedit: Initialize fields for windowless richedit controls.
      wordpad: Reset rc.bottom between calls to EM_FORMATRANGE.
      wordpad: Don't render the text when getting the number of pages.
      wordpad: Fixed spacing calculations for print preview.
      wordpad: Implement zooming in for print preview.
      richedit: Removed unused local variable yStart.

Eric Pouech (16):
      winmm: A couple of simple fixes for winmm compilation on 64bit platforms.
      winmm: In mmio manipulation, always ensure that we use a HFILE for mmio internal handlers (and not a HANDLE).
      winmm: For MCI parsing, use 64bit compatible variables.
      dbghelp: Removed some unused fields for public symbol description.
      dbghelp: For PE modules, when no debug info is present, also try to load symbols out of COFF symbol table.
      winedbg: Extend print_typed_basic to handle unicode strings.
      winedbg: For x86-64 CPU, fix $rip variable definition.
      winedbg: Add disassembly capacity to x86-64 backend.
      winedbg: Fix 32bit displacement sign extension.
      winedbg: Added some more instructions disassembly.
      winedbg: Implement float fetching for x86-64 debugger.
      winedbg: Implemented is_function_return method for x86-64 CPU.
      winedbg: Implemented is_break_insn for x86-64 CPUs.
      winedbg: Implemented is_step_over method for x86-64 CPU.
      winedbg: Implement is_func_call on x86_64 CPU.
      dbghelp: Remove a couple of unnneeded include files.

Erich Hoover (10):
      hhctrl.ocx: Find node attributes in a case-insensitive way.
      hhctrl.ocx: Add a ListView for the Index tab.
      hhctrl.ocx: Separate the HTML Help stream reader code from the Contents tab.
      hhctrl.ocx: Make the Index tab functional.
      hhctrl.ocx: Handle Index tab sub-topics.
      hhctrl.ocx: Fix a double-click bug in the Contents tab introduced by the Index tab code.
      hhctrl.ocx: Support jumping to a help topic with 'mapid'.
      hhctrl.ocx: Fix (re)allocating string blocks.
      hhctrl.ocx: Fix a NULL dereference mistake in the Contents tab.
      hhctrl.ocx: Remove a superfluous line that uses an uninitialized variable.

Freddie Tilley (1):
      ntdll: Detect more cpu features in get_cpuinfo.

Frédéric Delanoy (2):
      wordpad: Fix typo in keyboard shortcut.
      wordpad: Update French translation.

Hans Leidekker (26):
      pdh: Add a stub implementation of PdhSetDefaultRealTimeDataSource.
      include: Add some missing prototypes.
      winhttp: Adjust connect timeout to the value observed on Windows.
      winhttp: Store the context passed to WinHttpSendRequest.
      msi: Don't evaluate the condition table when there are overrides.
      msi: Add a test for MsiSetTargetPath.
      msi: Name and arguments in the service control table are formatted strings.
      msi: Improve some traces.
      msi: Don't create all directories in the CreateFolders action.
      msi: Don't fail if the service to start is already running.
      msi: Test duplicating files from a nonexistent component.
      msi: Add a stub implementation of the SetODBCFolders standard action.
      msi: Implement the ScheduleReboot standard action.
      msi: Move some helpers to the module where they are used.
      msi: Remove unused and redundant name field from STREAM structure.
      msi: Implement STREAMS_get_row.
      msi: Improve error handling in STREAMS_set_row and add_streams_to_table.
      msi: Encode the stream name before trying to open it.
      msi: Allow overwriting an existing stream in STREAMS_set_row.
      msi: Make room for the new row in STREAMS_insert_row.
      msi: Give the Name field from the _Streams table a valid type.
      msi: Fix an off-by-one error in STREAMS_find_matching_rows.
      msi: Add tests for the _Streams table implementation.
      msi: Implement the DeleteServices standard action.
      msi: Implement the RemoveFolders standard action.
      msi: Implement the SelfUnregModules standard action.

Henri Verbeet (50):
      wined3d: Add support for EXT_gpu_shader4.
      wined3d: Use the GLSL round() function when available.
      wined3d: Use the correct GLSL functions for sampling Rect textures with explicit derivatives.
      wined3d: Store a pointer to the GL info in the shader context.
      wined3d: Add support for EXT_gpu_shader4 provided sampling functions with explicit derivatives.
      wined3d: Get rid of some unnecessary casts to specific shader types.
      wined3d: Add support for ARB_sync.
      wined3d: Add an ARB_sync implementation of event queries.
      wined3d: Add support for ARB_vertex_array_bgra.
      wined3d: Move some macros to directx.c.
      wined3d: Add a FIXME for missing ARB_depth_clamp support.
      d3d9: Add depth clamp tests.
      d3d8: Add depth clamp tests.
      ddraw: Add depth clamp tests.
      wined3d: Get rid of the depth range hack.
      wined3d: Just use the GL 1.1 texture format constants.
      wined3d: Trace the GLSL version string.
      wined3d: Ensure draw ordering across contexts.
      wined3d: Make sure all contexts are finished drawing before calling SwapBuffers().
      wined3d: Use correct texture stage limits in a couple of places.
      wined3d: Add a debug function for state names.
      wined3d: Add some basic state table validation.
      wined3d: Prune invalid states from the state table.
      wined3d: Get rid of an unnecessary GetContainer() call in surface_blt_to_drawable().
      wined3d: Dump the GLSL shader source on link failure.
      wined3d: Handle zero-length vectors for WINED3DSIH_NRM.
      wined3d: Handle a zero source value for WINED3DSIH_LOG.
      wined3d: Handle a zero source value for WINED3DSIH_RCP.
      wined3d: Handle a zero source value for WINED3DSIH_RSQ.
      wined3d: Use the absolute source value in shader_glsl_rsq().
      wined3d: Dump ARB program shaders on compile failure.
      wined3d: TRACE IWineD3DDeviceImpl_CreateSurface() parameters.
      wined3d: Update the swapchain's present parameters when changing the backbuffer.
      wined3d: Select the fragment pipeline during adapter initialization.
      wined3d: Select the shader backend during adapter initialization.
      wined3d: Select the blitter during adapter initialization.
      wined3d: Preload textures before applying states.
      wined3d: Update the stream info before applying states.
      wined3d: Do not depend on context_attach_surface_fbo() to load the surface in stretch_rect_fbo().
      wined3d: Explicitly load and modify the surface in color_fill_fbo().
      wined3d: Never acquire a context in IWineD3DSurfaceImpl_BindTexture().
      wined3d: Introduce surface_prepare_texture().
      wined3d: Do not preload surfaces when attaching them to an FBO.
      wined3d: Remove the unused device type parameter from the fragment pipe's get_caps() function.
      wined3d: Remove the unused device type parameter from the shader backend's get_caps() function.
      wined3d: Add the general combiner limit to wined3d_gl_info.
      wined3d: Set the texture stage limit based on the fragment pipe caps.
      wined3d: Get rid of the now redundant max_ffp_texture_stages device field.
      wined3d: Call SetDestWindowOverride() before acquiring a context.
      wined3d: Use the HDC from the acquired context to call SwapBuffer().

Huw Davies (30):
      oleaut32: Fix an ole font leak.
      oleaut32: Add tests to explore the lifetime of font handles.
      oleaut32: Fix font handle lifetimes.
      oleaut32: Realize the font in getter functions.
      oleaut32: If the font name property is changed, don't insist on the current charset when selecting a new font.
      msdaps: Add a stub marshaller object.
      msdaps: Add a stub server object.
      msdaps: Implement the marshalling object.
      msdaps: Add a stub row proxy object.
      msdaps: Add a stub rowset proxy object.
      msdaps: Add support for remoting IRow_GetColumns.
      msdaps: Make use of the row server in ICreateRow_CreateRow.
      gdi32: Zero pad the facename buffer so that we don't write uninitialized data to the metafile.
      msdaps: Add server side stubs for IRowChange and IRowset. Expose IRowChange on the client side.
      msdaps: Add support for remoting IRowset_AddRefRows.
      msdaps: Add support for remoting IRowset_GetNextRows.
      msdaps: Add support for remoting IRowset_ReleaseRows.
      msdaps: Add server side stubs for IRowsetLocate.
      msdaps: Add server side stubs for IRowsetInfo.
      msdaps: Add server side stubs for IAccessor.
      msdaps: Expose IRowsetLocate, IRowsetInfo and IAccessor on the client side.
      msdaps: Add support for remoting IAccessor_CreateAccessor.
      msdaps: Add support for remoting IAccessor_ReleaseAccessor.
      msdaps: Add support for remoting IAccessor_GetBindings.
      msdaps: Add support for remoting IRowsetInfo_GetProperties.
      msdaps: Add support for remoting IRowset_GetData.
      msdaps: Add support for remoting IRowsetLocate_GetRowsAt.
      msdaps: Make use of the row server in IBindResource_Bind.
      msdaps: Make use of the row server in ICommand_Execute.
      msdaps: Add support for remoting IRow_Open.

Igor Paliychuk (20):
      credui: Add Ukrainian translation.
      crypt32: Add Ukrainian translations.
      hhctrl.ocx: Add Ukrainian translations.
      mpr: Add Ukrainian translations.
      msacm32: Add Ukrainian translations.
      mshtml: Add Ukrainian translations.
      msi: Add Ukrainian translations.
      msvfw32: Add Ukrainian translations.
      oleaut32: Add Ukrainian translations.
      reg.exe: Add Ukrainian translations.
      wldap32: Add Ukrainian translations.
      wordpad: Add Ukrainian translations.
      write.exe: Add Ukrainian translations.
      xcopy.exe: Add Ukrainian translations.
      cryptdlg: Add Ukrainian translations.
      msrle32: Add Ukrainian translations.
      msvidc32: Add Ukrainian translations.
      shdoclc: Add Ukrainian translations.
      winefile: Add Ukrainian translations.
      wordpad: Update Ukrainian translations.

Jacek Caban (25):
      shdocvw: Moved DocHost client site releasing to separated function and release more interfaces in SetClientSite.
      shdocvw: Moved WebBrowser client site realizing to separated function and release more interfaces in SetClientSite.
      jscript: Make RegExp contructor implementation more generic.
      jscript: Added String.replace implementation.
      jscript: Moved resetting lastIndex to do_regexp_match_next.
      jscript: Skip tests on old jscript.dll.
      mshtml: Call attached event handlers in reversed order.
      mshtml: Added support for pure IDispatch event handlers.
      mshtml: Added semi-stub IHTMLSelectElement::add implementation.
      mshtml: Improved IHTMLWindow::GetIDsOfNames implementation.
      mshtml: Code clean up.
      mshtml: Moved common element tids to macro.
      mshtml.idl: Added DispHTMLScriptElement declaration.
      mshtml.idl: Remove useless semicolons.
      mshtml: Added script element IDispatchEx support.
      mshtml.idl: Added DispHTMLTextAreaElement declaration.
      mshtml: Added textarea element IDispatchEx support.
      mshtml: Pass dispex info to HTMLElement_Init in HTMLElement_Create.
      mshtml: Use NS_StringContainerInit2 instead of NS_StringContainerInit.
      mshtml: Optimize nsAString handling.
      mshtml: Optimize nsAString handling in htmlelem*.c.
      mshtml: Optimize more nsAString handling.
      mshtml: Optimize and clean up HTMLFormElement_get_dispid implementation.
      mshtml: Optimize more nsAString handling.
      mshtml: Improved debugstr_variant implementation.

Jaime Rave (1):
      appwiz.cpl: Added Spanish translation.

Jason Edmeades (2):
      user32/tests: Combo should preselect all text on first WM_SETFOCUS.
      user32: Preselect all editbox text when combo gets focus.

Juan Lang (19):
      wintrust: Return error directly from SOFTPUB_LoadFileMessage.
      wintrust: Return error directly from SOFTPUB_LoadCatalogMessage.
      wintrust: Return error directly from SOFTPUB_OpenFile.
      wintrust: Return error directly from SOFTPUB_GetFileSubject.
      wintrust: Return error directly from SOFTPUB_GetSIP.
      wintrust: Return error directly from SOFTPUB_GetMessageFromFile.
      wintrust: Return error directly from SOFTPUB_CreateStoreFromMessage.
      wintrust: Return error directly from SOFTPUB_DecodeInnerContent.
      wintrust: Return error directly from SOFTPUB_LoadCertMessage.
      wintrust: Close file handle on error loading a message from it.
      wintrust: Return error directly from WINTRUST_VerifySigner.
      wintrust: Return error directly from WINTRUST_SaveSigner.
      wintrust: Simplify error handling in SoftpubLoadSignature.
      wintrust: Return error directly from WINTRUST_CopyChain.
      wintrust: Fail creating a chain if a store couldn't be created.
      wintrust: Return error directly from WINTRUST_CreateChainForSigner.
      wintrust: Fix uninitialized return value (Coverity).
      wintrust: Fix copy-paste error.
      msi: Remove function name from fixme.

Justin Chevrier (1):
      user32: EnumDisplayDevicesW, populate DeviceID member.

Jörg Höhle (16):
      winmm: Fix MIDI resource leaks.
      midimap: Refuse to open when asked for yet unimplemented callbacks.
      winmm: The MIDI MAPPER is not available with MIDI IN.
      winmm: midiStreamPosition can select an alternative MMTIME format.
      midimap: Perform stricter error-checking.
      winmm: Perform stricter MIDI-related error checking.
      winmm: Have xyzGetDevCaps return MMSYSERR_BADDEVICEID, not INVALHANDLE.
      winecoreaudio: Fix a float cast in the computation of MIDI volume.
      winmm: Reset MIDIHDR flags prior to return from midiStreamOut.
      winmm/tests: Initial set of MIDI tests.
      winmm: The 64KB buffer limit on MIDIHDR buffers applies to streams only.
      midimap: Support midiOutGetVolume, returning FFFFFFFF.
      winecoreaudio: MOD_MIDIPORT has 0 voices and notes and FFFF ChannelMask.
      winealsa: Ignore failure to notify MIDI clients.
      wineoss: Ignore failure to notify MIDI clients.
      winecoreaudio: Ignore failure to notify MIDI clients.

Lei Zhang (1):
      userenv: Add a small test for DestroyEnvironmentBlock.

Luca Bennati (20):
      xcopy: Add Italian translation.
      wordpad: Add Italian translation.
      write: Add Italian translation.
      wined3d: Add newer ATI/AMD cards vendor recognition.
      credui: Add Italian translation.
      msi: Fix Italian translation.
      reg: Add Italian translation.
      msvfw32: Add Italian translation.
      mshtml: Add Italian translation.
      net: Add Italian translation.
      wineboot: Add Italian translation.
      winedbg: Add Italian translation.
      progman: Fix Italian translation.
      uninstaller: Fix Italian translation.
      view: Fix Italian translation.
      wineconsole: Fix Italian translation.
      winefile: Fix Italian translation.
      cmdlgtst: Fix Italian translation.
      browseui: Add Italian translation.
      winspool.drv: Fix Italian translation.

Maarten Lankhorst (16):
      kernel32: Work around safety check on siglongjmp.
      qcap: Add optional dependency on libv4l.
      includes: Add propkey header.
      includes: Fix typo in audiopolicy.idl.
      includes: Fix header conflicts against REFERENCE_TIME.
      includes: Add amaudio.h.
      mmdevapi: Add some basic property store tests.
      quartz: Add some tests for dsound renderer.
      devenum: Scan special device categories more often.
      powrprof: Add stubs for PowerGetActiveScheme and PowerReadDCValue.
      advapi32: Fix RegGetValue on REG_BINARY data.
      userenv: Implement DestroyEnvironmentBlock.
      includes: Fix typo in mmdeviceapi.idl.
      msvcrt: Forward _ftol2 to ntdll._ftol.
      avrt: Add stub for AvSetMmThreadPriority.
      dwmapi: Silence a noisy fixme.

Marcus Meissner (4):
      winhttp: On NULL request, skip the other tests (Coverity).
      msi: Call Custom function via wrapper.
      ws2_32: Check namelen before dereferencing it in TRACE (Coverity).
      msi: Handle some error returns (Coverity).

Matijn Woudt (4):
      winhttp/tests: Add tests for WinHttpSetTimeouts.
      winhttp/tests: Add timeout tests for WinHttp{Set, Query}Option.
      winhttp: Add timeout for session handles and implement for WinHttpSetTimeouts.

Matteo Bruni (1):
      wpp: Assure if_stack is clean before returning.

Michael Stefaniuc (17):
      kernel32: Use IS_INTRESOURCE instead of HIWORD to check a resource.
      comctl32: Use IS_INTRESOURCE instead of HIWORD to check a resource.
      hhctrl.ocx: Fix the mem handling in get_attr() (Smatch).
      comdlg32: Use IS_INTRESOURCE instead of HIWORD to check a resource.
      cryptnet: Don't use HIWORD() on a string pointer.
      crypt32: Avoid using HIWORD() on a string pointer.
      msi: Avoid using HIWORD() on string pointers.
      shlwapi: Use IS_INTRESOURCE not HIWORD to check a resource.
      atl: Use IS_INTRESOURCE not HIWORD to check a resource.
      oleaut32: The Ukrainian translation is in UTF8.
      dinput: Don't use HIWORD to check if a REFGUID is a DIPROP.
      user32: Avoid using HIWORD() on atoms/resources.
      msi: Don't print the function name twice in a WARN.
      riched20: Don't print the function name twice in ERR/WARN.
      shlwapi: Don't print the function name twice in an ERR.
      shell32: Don't print the function name twice in an ERR.
      user32: Don't print the function name twice in a FIXME.

Nikolay Sivov (18):
      xmllite: Implement a query through IXmlReaderInput for underlying stream interface,.
      xmllite: Initial support for just created reader state.
      xmllite/tests: Add test for XML declaration parsing.
      xmllite: Don't release reader input reference on failure, as newer versions do.
      xmllite: Reset state to XmlReadState_Initial on input reset, update tests to run on new versions.
      gdi32: Add GdiInitializeLanguagePack() stub.
      xmllite/tests: Fix a typo in macro.
      xmllite/tests: Fix node type names array, indices are sparse.
      msxml3: Implement IXMLDOMCDATASection::deleteData() with tests.
      msxml3: Implement IXMLDOMText::deleteData().
      itss: Fix typo in registry entry creation.
      msxml3: Fix a debug channel and comment copypaste.
      shell32: Fix a debug channel.
      Add stub msxml4.dll.
      Fix remaining copy&paste typos in self-registration functions comments.
      msxml4: Add self-registration for CLSID_DOMDocument40, accept it in classfactory.
      msxml3: Use existing helpers for heap allocations.
      comctl32/updown: Use set acceleration value while processing keyboard keypresses.

Paul Chitescu (3):
      qcap: Test the correct variable when deciding how to grab V4L frame.
      uuid.h: Added standard qedit CLSID_SampleGrabber.
      qedit: Mostly stubbed out implementation of SampleGrabber filter.

Paul Vriens (10):
      shell32/tests: Fix FO_RENAME tests for old shell32.
      shell32/tests: Skip FO_COPY tests on old shell32.
      shell32/tests: Fix test failures on old shell32 for FO_MOVE.
      shell32/tests: Fix the old shell32 detection.
      wininet/tests: Fix test failures on Win98/WinMe by using more A-functions.
      d3d10core/tests: Fix a test failure when no adapters are present.
      dxgi/tests: Fix a test failure when no adapters are present.
      wininet/tests: Fix some memory leaks (Valgrind).
      msi/tests: Fix some test failures on Win9x up to W2K.
      gdiplus/tests: Fix a test failure.

Peter Rosin (6):
      ntdll: Add tests for RtlSetThreadErrorMode and RtlGetThreadErrorMode.
      ntdll: Add RtlSetThreadErrorMode and RtlGetThreadErrorMode.
      kernel32: Add tests for SetThreadErrorMode and GetThreadErrorMode.
      kernel32: Add SetThreadErrorMode and GetThreadErrorMode.
      ntdll: Document RtlSetThreadErrorMode and RtlGetThreadErrorMode.
      kernel32: Document SetThreadErrorMode and GetThreadErrorMode.

Piotr Caban (7):
      jscript: Fix array.reverse implementation.
      jscript: Fix jsdisp_propget_idx implementation.
      shlwapi: Added OS_VISTAORGREATER flag to IsOS (undocumented).
      shlwapi: Update SHRegGetValue definition.
      shlwapi: Invoke RegGetValue on SHRegGetValue call.
      shlwapi: Invoke ExpandEnvironmentStringsForUser on SHExpandEnvironmentStringsForUser call.
      userenv: Added GetAllUsersProfileDirectory[AW] stubs.

Rico Schüller (8):
      d3d10: Add anonymous shaders.
      d3d10: Parse shaders in parse_fx10_local_variable().
      d3d10: Implement ID3D10EffectPass::GetVertexShaderDesc().
      d3d10: Implement ID3D10EffectPass::GetGeometryShaderDesc().
      d3d10: Implement ID3D10EffectPass::GetPixelShaderDesc().
      d3d10: Implement ID3D10EffectType::IsValid().
      d3d10: Add D3D10_EOO_PARSED_OBJECT in parse_fx10_object().
      d3d10: Add D3D10_EOO_PARSED_OBJECT_INDEX in parse_fx10_object().

Stefan Dösinger (9):
      wined3d: Put the APPLE_flush_buffer_range code into the right branch.
      wined3d: Catch invalid buffer map parameters.
      ddraw: Test invalid buffer lock parameters.
      ddraw: Convert VB lock flags to wined3d flags.
      wined3d: Add GL_ARB_map_buffer_range.
      wined3d: Implement dynamic buffers with GL_ARB_map_buffer_range.
      d3d9: Test buffer lock flags.
      d3d9: Move the vertex buffer alignment test into buffer.c.
      d3d8: Test buffer lock flags.

Stefano Guidoni (1):
      winemp3: Fix incorrect stream handling.

Trey Hunner (1):
      cmd: Add support for 'if /i'.

Uwe Bonnes (2):
      msvcrt: Check for EOF before correcting CR/LF.
      msvcrt: read_i should pull in LF after CR only in unbuffered mode.

Vincent Povirk (10):
      gdiplus: Add traces to unimplemented functions in imageattributes.c.
      gdiplus: Always trace pixel formats in hex.
      gdiplus: Add traces to unimplemented functions in pen.c.
      ole32: IStorage_Revert has no effect for non-transacted storages.
      gdiplus: Prefer the builtin version.
      gdiplus: Implement GdipSetImageAttributesGamma.
      gdiplus: Test getting/setting pixels of indexed color bitmaps.
      gdiplus: Implement GetPixel for indexed color bitmaps.
      windowscodecs: Replace a call to a deprecated libpng function.
      windowscodecs: Define a custom png error handler.

Alexandre Julliard
[email protected]