Wine Announcement

The Wine development release 1.1.40 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
  - Support for Wow64 registry redirection.
  - Increased coverage of MSI standard actions.
  - Various Wordpad improvements.
  - Many shell fixes for better IE support.
  - Improved support for typelibs.
  - Better GL card detection.
  - Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 1.1.40:

   1517  Advanced Archive Password Recovery -- endless loop
   4561  winecfg crash with ATI fglrx kernel driver on firegl based graphics cards
   8938  Regression in SCIM input
   9664  Missing icon during MS Office 2000 installation
  11466  Bookworm Deluxe crashes on startup
  11676  Urban Assault fails to load due to msvcrt.dll._ftol2
  13505  iTunes 7.6 crashes when previewing video
  14174  Warhammer 40K - upper line blank (text rendered incorrectly)
  14916  Dameware NTutilities crashes
  16090  Fritz 11 Crashes on exit with builtin shdocvw
  16543  PopCap: FATAL ERROR: Invalid command line parameter
  17707  wine crashes when trying to run Medieval II
  17919  Oblivion: The game scene is not visible
  17926  Wrong Return key handling in  file dialog
  18069  Oblivion frequently crashes
  18073  VarFormat formats decimals wrongly
  18097  Missing extrac32.exe tool causes some prerequisite installers to fail (msjavx86.exe)
  18098  urlmon.AsyncInstallDistributionUnit not implemented (needed MS Java VM)
  18551  Xenocode: NtMapViewOfSection() callers must take non-negative NTSTATUS into account (STATUS_IMAGE_NOT_AT_BASE)
  19110  Top of font is cut off in Medieval 2
  19155  Ankh2: main character, NPC and other things black without UseGLSL=disabled
  19253  broken parameterization of error messages using %1
  19360  Medieval 2: Total War loading screens turn black when progress bar moves
  19438  Formula Broomstick crashes on startup in d3dxof
  19784  cmd doesn't handle "else" properly; breaks firefox build
  19807  Nokia ovi suite fails to install
  19913  2weistein: UseGLSL=disabled dark character with Shader Model 2.0
  20109  httprecon 7.3 gets wrong data in case of a invalid http response
  20138  Tropico 3 doesn't start
  20198  Help icon crashes Internet Explorer 7
  20248  iTunes 9 crashes on load
  20339  IE6. Proxy settings do not work
  20457  Elevated demo crashes in system.drv16 on startup
  21129  cmd /? should give a help message, not '/?'
  21276  python's test_uuid test fails
  21324  Streets of SimCity demo installer takes slightly longer to initialize
  21480  dash is not recognized as a valid column name
  21515  VENDOR_WINE vs VENDOR_ATI with xf86-video-ati
  21549  Windows PowerShell 1.x installer dies on unimplemented function USERENV.dll.138
  21567  Slingbox 2.0.4 crashes
  21614  Part of spotify window missing when opened
  21615  Steam: Windows are confined to a certain area when using virtual desktop
  21631  Lego Star Wars I crashes at start after displaying the nvidia logo
  21638  Motocross Madness 2 (mcm2): crashes after aborting a race
  21673  Office 2007 Enterprise installation fails
  21756  StarCraft 2 Beta Installer crashes with a page fault
  21762  Company Of Heroes crashes after a few minutes of Play
  21764  Sun JRE (jre-6u16-windows-i586-s) installation failure
  21777  CreateMutexExA(): use heap for A to W conversion to work around transbase db engine app bug (affects multiple apps, TecDoc CATALOG ...)
  21780  Some icons are shifted down and to the right in Nero CD-DVD Speed
  21820  3d architecte from microapplication assert on startup
  21825  winetricks dcom98 installation fails
  21846  TREPCAD 4.4.1 Demo: install aborts
  21853  Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard freezes when opening training window
  21854  Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard does not paste text from DictationBox
  21857  RealBasic's TextArea.text returns exactly half of the inputed text
  21882  make depend actually required on OpenBSD's make
  21887  Tomb raider 3 demo crashes when run
  21893  ie7 setup fails to install with Cryptographic Service error
  21898  uTorrent 2.0 redraws the listview torrent progress indicator incorrectly
  21906  setupapi copyfiles action target must default to LDID_WIN (win9x) or LDID_SYS (NT) when neither DestinationDirs nor DefaultDestDir is given
  21911  Provide "C:\\windows\\Help" folder (MS Java runtime installer)


Changes since 1.1.39:

Adam Petaccia (2):
      mshtml: Implement HTMLScriptElement_put_type.
      mshtml: Test IHTMLScriptElement_put_type.

Alasdair Sinclair (1):
      gdiplus: Create a full BITMAPINFO to prevent clobbering memory with palette data.

Alexandre Goujon (2):
      configure: Add dll name recognition for cygwin.
      configure: Define _WIN32 when compiling on Windows.

Alexandre Julliard (49):
      configure: Define AS_VAR_APPEND if necessary for older autoconf versions.
      makefiles: Make sure that dependencies are always updated when regenerating makefiles.
      makefiles: Use the standard C_SRCS variable as the list of test files.
      advapi32/tests: Fix a test failure on Wow64.
      kernel32/tests: Add a couple of last error codes for Win7.
      mlang/tests: Add another possible failure for Win2k.
      winex11: Make sure that the owner window exists when setting the transient for attribute.
      winex11: Windows that own popups should be managed.
      winex11: Switch owner window to managed when displaying one of its popups.
      krnl386.exe: Add an explicit name check to allow importing user.exe and gdi.exe even if not loaded already.
      makefiles: Always generate the subdirs makefiles from the main makefile.
      makefiles: Always build dependencies by default and get rid of the auto-depend rules.
      makefiles: Add some shell function helpers to generate the makefile rules.
      makefiles: Remove makedep only after everything else has been cleaned.
      shell32/tests: Don't use the return value of the ok macro.
      shell32/tests: Fix broken check of the ok() macro return value.
      user32/tests: Fix broken check of the ok() macro return value.
      comctl32/tests: Fix broken check of the ok() macro return value.
      kernel32/tests: Fix broken usage of the ok() macro return value.
      tests: The ok() macro shouldn't return a value.
      ntdll/tests: Add some test cases for Wow64 registry redirection.
      makefiles: Make sure that makedep is rebuilt before updating dependencies in tools.
      kernel32: Move shared heap creation to krnl386 and load it by default on Win9x versions.
      makefiles: Fix makedep dependency now that we explicitly to make depend when creating makefiles.
      kernel32: Moved creation of the DynData registry keys to wineboot.
      kernel32: Create the hardware registry keys one at a time, and bail out if the main key already exists.
      kernel32: Create the Control Panel\International key one element at a time.
      kernel32: Create the Nls\CodePage key one element at a time.
      advapi32: Create keys recursively if necessary.
      server: Add a separate function for internal registry key creation.
      server: Make the standard registry key creation non-recursive.
      ntdll/tests: Add tests showing that NtCreateKey is not recursive.
      winex11: Don't try to create the owner window if it belongs to a different thread.
      server: Initial support for Wow64 registry redirection.
      krnl386.exe: Don't try to free again an already freed global block.
      user32: Pass HWND_BOTTOM unmodified to the server in PeekMessage.
      server: Set the idle event when PeekMessage is called with -1 as window filter.
      ntdll: Return STATUS_IMAGE_NOT_AT_BASE when an image mapping has to be relocated.
      wine.inf: Create a few Wow64 symbolic links.
      advapi32/tests: Add a number of tests for Wow64 registry redirection.
      server: Add a helper function for the common functionality between open_key and create_key.
      server: Add support for Wow64 sharing of the HKLM\Software\Classes key.
      ntdll/tests: Add tests for HKLM\Software\Classes Wow64 sharing.
      wine.inf: Create empty keys for all entries that are shared in Wow64.
      wine.inf: Create symlinks for shared Wow64 keys under HKLM\Software.
      server: Fix a typo in the context tracing.
      ntdll: Always restore the context after an exception even if setting the debug registers fails.
      winetest: Refuse to run if we cannot create a window.
      ole32/tests: Avoid sizeof in traces.

Anders Jonsson (1):
      wordpad: Update Swedish translation.

Andrew Eikum (2):
      shdocvw: Fix typo in WARN.
      shlwapi: Ignore the hash of HTML URLs in UrlCombine.

Andrew Nguyen (3):
      user32: Ensure that WM_INITDIALOG passes the first tabstop control handle to the dialog procedure.
      user32/tests: Fix a failure message trace.
      msi: Correctly set the process working directory in custom action type 34.

Andrey Turkin (5):
      kernel32: Use TEB-based buffer in CreateMutexExA.
      extrac32: Implement /C mode.
      extrac32: Enhance command-line parsing.
      shdocvw: Return success code in ITaskBarList::HrInit.
      userenv: Implement stubbed userenv.dll.138.

André Hentschel (7):
      oleaut32: Fix rounding.
      oleaut32: Reorder some code to make it easier to read and look like the block above.
      oleaut32/tests: Add some tests.
      oleaut32: Fix fractional calculation.
      oleaut32: Fix localized date parsing.
      oleaut32: Fix localized date and time parsing.
      oleaut32: Fix FormatString (valgrind).

Arjun Comar (1):
      cmd: Fix cmd to take /? as a help parameter.

Aurimas Fišeras (1):
      wordpad: Update Lithuanian translation.

Austin English (2):
      ntdll: Add initial support for OpenBSD to fill_cpu_info.
      urlmon: Add a stub for AsyncInstallDistributionUnit.

Charles Davis (1):
      include: Don't accidentally redefine a member in struct _IRP (LLVM/Clang).

Christian Costa (16):
      d3d8: Display FIXME only once in ValidatePixelShader and ValidateVertexShader.
      d3dx9_36: Add stub for D3DXGetShaderConstantTableEx. Implement D3DXGetShaderConstantTable.
      d3dx9_36: Fix AddRef and Release macros and add IID for ID3DXConstantTable.
      shell32: Allow copy operation to overwrite an existing write protected file + tests.
      d3dxof: Allow templates to be defined anywhere in objects file.
      d3dxof: Fix file types checks + tests.
      d3dxof: Remove wrong description.
      d3dxof: Use proper macro for AddRef.
      ddraw/tests: Fix typos.
      d3drm: Use proper macro for AddRef.
      d3dx9_36: Implement stubbed ID3DXConstantTable interface.
      d3dx9_36: Implement D3DXFindShaderComment (based on code from Luis Busquets) + tests.
      d3dx9_36: Find, store and enable retreival of CTAB comment data in shader (based on code from Luis Busquets).
      d3dx9_36: Remove useless HEAP_ZERO_MEMORY flag (spotted by Henri Verbeet).
      d3dxof: Turn some TRACEs into WARNs in case of parsing error.
      d3dx9_36: Avoid dereferencing null pointers in trace (spotted by Paul Vriens).

David Hedberg (6):
      msvcrt: Add trail bytes info for codepage 1361.
      msvcrt: Implement _ismbclegal.
      msvcrt: Implement _mbctombb.
      user32: Fix return value of EDIT_EM_Scroll.
      user32: Fix case where EM_SCROLL with page down results in trying to scroll up past the beginning.

Detlef Riekenberg (3):
      wordpad: Update German print preview translation.
      msvcr71: Forward more functions to msvcrt.dll.
      msvcrt20: Forward more functions to msvcrt.dll.

Dmitry Timoshkov (4):
      comctl32: Initialize item.mask before sending HDM_GETITEM message.
      gdi32: Dump GDI objects in the case of running out of GDI handles.
      user32: DeleteDC() should allow to delete a DC returned by GetDC().
      gdi32: Fix the DeleteDC test failures under Win9x.

Dylan Smith (19):
      richedit: Added some extra tests for EM_FORMATRANGE.
      wordpad: Added missing calls to DeleteDC and ReleaseDC.
      wordpad: Get preview page character boundaries with number of pages.
      wordpad: Use pages_shown variables to indicate pages shown.
      wordpad: Update bitmaps outside of WM_PAINT.
      wordpad: Cache text length.
      wordpad: Avoid unnecessary deletion of hdcSized.
      wordpad: Don't waste time getting the number of preview pages.
      wordpad: Avoid forward declarations in print.c.
      wordpad: Added zoom cursor for print preview.
      wordpad: Number of preview pages to show when unzoomed is persistent.
      wordpad: Show page numbers in statusbar for print preview.
      wineconsole: Handle mouse wheel scrolling for user backend.
      richedit: Documented paragraph border widths are in points not pixels.
      richedit: Make zooming affect all pictures.
      comctl32/tests: Add NULL terminator to unicode string constant.
      comctl32/listview: Scrolling affects subitem rect.
      comctl32/tests: Added scrolled listview test for LVM_GETSUBITEMRECT.
      gdi32: Provide a non-blank font face name for ANSI_FIXED_FONT.

Eric Pouech (2):
      ntdll: Fix wrong marking for valgrind on 64bit systems.
      ntdll: Notify valgrind for stack management while in exception.

Erich Hoover (2):
      ntdll: Allow 'all processors' flag used in Vista and newer.
      kernel32/tests: Add test for 'all processors' flag on Vista and newer.

Gerald Pfeifer (4):
      winmm/tests: Fix test condition in test_midiStream().
      comdlg32: Remove unused wParam parameters from PRINTDLG_WMInitDialog and PRINTDLG_WMInitDialogW.
      comdlg32: Shed unused parameters from CFn_WMInitDialog and CFn_WMDestroy.
      widl: Avoid two warnings.

Hans Leidekker (47):
      msi: Make msi_reset_folders static.
      msi: All stream names starting with 0x0005 are unencoded.
      msi/tests: Free exception information.
      msi: Allocate sufficient memory in ITERATE_InstallODBCDriver and ITERATE_InstallODBCTranslator.
      fusion: Add a stub implementation of CreateApplicationContext.
      kernel32/tests: Fix a thread handle leak.
      winhttp: Add support for resolve timeouts.
      wininet: Fix handling of a response without headers.
      msi: Implement the RemoveDuplicateFiles standard action.
      msi: Add tests for creating and removing duplicate files.
      wininet: Fix a memory leak.
      msi: Implement the RemoveRegistryValues standard action.
      msi: Add tests for removing registry values.
      msi: Remove empty directories as part of the RemoveFiles action.
      msi: The table for isolated components is called IsolatedComponent.
      msi: Improve a trace.
      msi: Only create environment strings when the component is set to be installed.
      msi: Look at the requested action when installing services, not the action taken.
      msi: Look at the requested action when stopping services, not the action taken.
      msi: Look at the requested action when deleting services, not the action taken.
      msi: Look at the requested action when moving files, not the action taken.
      msi: Look at the requested action when publishing assemblies, not the action taken.
      msi: Improve a trace.
      msi: Skip the FindRelatedProducts action when product is already installed.
      msi: Implement the RemoveIniValues standard action.
      msi: Add tests for removing values from .ini files.
      setupapi: Destination directory defaults to system directory.
      msi: Strip leading text style label from control text before lookup in binary table.
      msi: Implement the RemoveEnvironmentStrings standard action.
      msi: Add tests for removing environment strings.
      msi: Initialize a couple of variables.
      msi: Update the UI in the AllocateRegistrySpace action.
      msi: Update the UI in the AppSearch action.
      msi: Display directory identifier instead of the full path in the CreateFolders action.
      msi: Update the UI in the DeleteServices action.
      msi: Properly update the UI in the DuplicateFiles and RemoveDuplicateFiles actions.
      msi: Display the product code in the FindRelatedProducts action.
      msi: Update the UI in the InstallODBC action.
      msi: Update the UI in the RemoveODBC action.
      msi: Move the implementation of the MoveFiles action to files.c.
      msi: Update the UI in the MoveFiles action.
      msi: Update the UI in the MsiPublishAssemblies action.
      msi: Display the product code in the PublishProduct action.
      msi: Update the UI in the RegisterProduct action.
      msi: Update the UI in the RegisterUser action.
      msi: Also update the UI when removing files listed in the RemoveFiles table.
      winhttp: Implement WINHTTP_QUERY_STATUS_TEXT.

Henri Verbeet (13):
      wined3d: Properly report shader comment sizes.
      wined3d: Escape shader comments.
      winex11.drv: Store if a bitmap is top-down in X_PHYSBITMAP.
      winex11.drv: Use the bitmap's "topdown" field in X11DRV_SetDIBits().
      winex11.drv: Use the bitmap's "topdown" field in X11DRV_AlphaBlend().
      winex11.drv: Use the bitmap's "topdown" field in X11DRV_DIB_DoCopyDIBSection().
      gdi32/tests: Fix a few format strings.
      gdi32: GetObject() should return the DIB's absolute height in dsBmih.biHeight.
      winex11.drv: GetObject() already returns a DIB's absolute height.
      uxtheme: GetObject() already returns a DIB's absolute height.
      user32: Also show dialogs right after a WM_TIMER message.
      wined3d: Split TEXT shader comments into separate lines.
      server: Allow the debugger to be debugged.

Huw Davies (8):
      rpcrt4: Add support for FC_FLOAT and FC_DOUBLE in complex structures.
      oleaut32: Correctly marshal NULL interface ptrs.
      include: Add IProvideRuntimeContext and a few annotations.
      dispex: Add a stub dispex.dll.
      tools: Register dispex.dll.
      oleaut32: Add a test for non-oleautomation error handling.
      shell32: Improve a TRACE and issue a FIXME if the interface is not implemented.
      shell32: Mask out the CSIDL_ flags.

Hwang YunSong (1):
      wordpad: Update Korean translation.

Jacek Caban (24):
      mshtml: Rename nsURI to nsWineURI.
      mshtml: Store nsWineURI object instead of interface in nsChannel.
      mshtml: Moved OnStartURIOpen implementation to nsio.c.
      mshtml: Use nsWineURL structure directly in load_nsuri.
      mshtml: Get rid of most nsIWineURI methods.
      mshtml: Get rid of nsIWineURI::[GS]etWindow.
      mshtml: Get rid of nsIWineURI::[GS]etNSContainer.
      mshtml: Get rid of nsIWineURI interface.
      atl: Don't add CLSID_ATLRegistrar replacement in do_register_dll_server.
      atl: Properly release registrar in do_register_dll_server.
      include: Added IHTMLPrivateWindow declaration.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLPrivateWindow stub implementation.
      mshtml: Moved asynchronous document binding to separated function.
      mshtml: Allow post data and headers to be passed to create_channelbsc.
      mshtml: nsio.c code clean up.
      mshtml: Set current moniker in start_binding.
      mshtml: Properly handle IHlinkFrame::Navigate result.
      mshtml: Load data from moniker in IPersistStreamInit::InitNew.
      mshtml: Moved SZ_HTML_CLIENTSITE_OBJECTPARAM handling to IPersistMoniker::Load.
      mshtml: Call OnViewChange in set_downloading_proc.
      mshtml: Correctly handle document with already loaded moniker in set_moniker.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLPrivateWindow::SuperNavigate implementation.
      mshtml: Added more navigation tests.
      mshtml: Call Exec(DOCHOST_DOCCANNAVIGATE) from IOleObject::SetClientSite.

Jeff Latimer (2):
      usp10: Fix trace to remove an incorrect assignment.
      usp10: Remove duplicate code.

Jeff Zaroyko (1):
      mmdevapi/tests: Fix a failing test for Vista/W2k8.

Joris Huizer (1):
      mshtml: create_channelbsc: Handle OOM case correctly.

Juan Lang (3):
      wintrust: Correct GenericChainCertificateTrust's handling of WINTRUST_CreateChainForSigner's return value.
      rpcrt4: Add tests for UuidCreateSequential.
      rpcrt4: Implement UuidCreateSequential using the machine's MAC address, when available.

Justin Chevrier (4):
      gdiplus/test: Add GdipGetNearestColor test.
      gdiplus: Basic implementation of GdipGetNearestColor with changes to test to reflect fixes.
      gdiplus/test: Add GdipSetImageAttributesRemapTable test and fix typo.
      gdiplus: Implement GdipSetImageAttributesRemapTable with updated test.

Jörg Höhle (11):
      user32: Sync vkey codes with winuser.h.
      wineoss: Do not access WAVEHDR past DriverCallback.
      winealsa: Do not access WAVEHDR past DriverCallback.
      midimap: Have GetDevCaps error out when no MIDI device is present.
      winmm: Do not access MIDIHDR past MOM_DONE DriverCallback.
      winmm: MIDIHDR.dwOffset is set with MEVT_F_CALLBACK only.
      winmm: Accept the ancient, smaller MIDIHDR.
      winmm/tests: MIDIHDR tests.
      winmm/tests: Fix transient notification error: messages may arrive late.
      winmm/tests: Fix up to 3 MCI test failures.
      winex11: Log keycode decimal <-> hex for keysym & MS vkey and scancode.

Ken Thomases (2):
      kernel32: Mac: If language is less specific variant of locale, keep locale.
      ntdll: Mac: Fix leak of send right for Mach thread port.

Kusanagi Kouichi (6):
      winex11.drv: Keep the state of XIM and IME consistent.
      winex11.drv: Check XDND version.
      winex11.drv: Generate IME messages as needed.
      winex11.drv: There seems to be nothing to be done for IMN_SETOPENSTATUS.
      winex11.drv: Add a new debug channel for XIM.
      wined3d: Fix a failure of card vendor detection.

Louis Lenders (2):
      wine.inf: Add windows\help directory.
      activeds: Add stub for ADsGetLastError.

Maarten Lankhorst (6):
      mmdevapi: Add tests for renderclient.
      mmdevapi: Add todo_wine in dependency test.
      include: Fix IsEqualPropertyKey definition.
      include: Add devpropdev.h.
      include: Add devpkey.h.
      mmdevapi: Implement a stub of MMDevice.

Marcus Meissner (1):
      windowscodecs: Handle old using distros (as SLE 10).

Michael Stefaniuc (1):
      oleaut32: Remove superfluous NULL check before HeapFree (Smatch).

Mikołaj Zalewski (1):
      include: Add a strcmpW-equivalent function usable in tests.

Nikolay Sivov (17):
      msxml3: Simplify IXMLDOMElement_get_tagName(), add null check.
      user32/tests: Test to show that caption added for WS_EX_LAYERED as well.
      user32: Intersect with passed dirty rectangle while blitting.
      user32: Use whole window rectangle for UpdateLayeredWindow.
      kernel32/lcformat: Get rid of back jumps on errors.
      shlwapi: Fix mask usage in SHSetWindowBits with tests.
      shlwapi: Implement SHFormatDateTimeA/SHFormatDateTimeW with tests.
      comctl32/toolbar: Fix possible null pointer dereference.
      shlwapi/tests: Some tests for PathGetDriveNumber.
      shell32/tests: Minor test file cleanup.
      shell32: Implement SHParseDisplayName with basic tests.
      shell32: Remove WINAPI where it's not needed.
      shell32: Use return value on failure updated in Vista+.
      shell32: Stub IFolderView implementation for IShellView instance.
      shell32: Cast to class data pointer IShellView2 vtable as it's a first member.
      shell32: Move SelectItem implementation to IFolderView and use it for IShellView::SelectItem.
      shell32: Stub IShellView2::SelectAndPositionItem() over IFolderView::SelectAndPositionItems().

Paul Andrew Panon (6):
      wined3d: Rename GL_VENDOR to HW_VENDOR.
      wined3d: Add a real GL vendor detection.
      wined3d: Adjust the quirks to use the new GL_VENDOR codes.
      wined3d: Add a card detection table and refactor wined3d_guess_card.
      wined3d: Add Mesa ATI card detection code.
      wined3d: Update to add Mesa ATI card detection code.

Paul Chitescu (3):
      quartz: Do not assert() the existence of a media format of an input pin.
      qedit: A full format is required when connecting either pin of the SampleGrabber.
      quartz: Silence the FIXME that AsyncReader does not implement IBasicAudio.

Paul Vriens (6):
      cmd: Fix a memory leak (Valgrind).
      ntdll/tests: Fix a crash on some Vista boxes.
      shell32/tests: Prevent crash on W2K and below.
      gdi32/tests: Fix a test failure on Win9x/WinMe.
      shlwapi/tests: Skip some tests on Win9x/WinMe.
      shlwapi/tests: Fix some test failures on Win9x/WinMe.

Piotr Caban (22):
      oleaut32: Added partial ICreateTypeInfo2_LayOut implementation.
      oleaut32: Improved ICreateTypeInfo2_fnAddFuncDesc implementation.
      oleaut32: Added TypeInfo validation in ICreateTypeInfo_LayOut.
      oleaut32: Added MEMBERID_NIL handling to ICreateTypeInfo_LayOut.
      oleaut32: Added partial ICreateTypeInfo2_AddFuncDesc arguments with default values handling.
      oleaut32: Added more arguments with default values handling.
      oleaut32: Added VT_BSTR handling to ctl2_add_default_value.
      oleaut32: Improved ICreateTypeInfo2_SetFuncAndParamNames implementation.
      oleaut32/tests: Added VT_PTR tests in function arguments.
      oleaut32: Improved ICreateTypeInfo2_AddRefTypeInfo implementation.
      oleaut: Added ITypeInfo2_fnGetRefTypeInfo implementation.
      oleaut32: Improved implementation of ICreateTypeInfo2_fnAddImplType.
      oleaut32/tests: Added more typelib creation tests.
      oleaut32: Added implementation of ITypeInfo2_fnGetTypeAttr.
      oleaut32: Fix importfile searching in ctl2_alloc_importinfo.
      oleaut32: Improve TKIND_COCLASS handling while creating typelib.
      oleaut32/tests: Remove incorrect test.
      oleaut32: Added implementation of ITypeInfo2_GetImplTypeFlags.
      oleaut32: Added implementation of ITypeInfo2_GetRefTypeOfImplType.
      oleaut32: Added ITypeLib2_GetLibAttr implementation.
      oleaut32: Added ITypeLib2_GetDocumentation implementation.
      oleaut32: Update TypeInfo flags when object inherits IDispatch.

Reece Dunn (9):
      shlwapi/tests: Skip SHCreateStreamOnFileA/W configurations not supported on Win98 SE.
      ole32/tests: Improve the HGLOBAL stream tests for Seek.
      ole32: Fix the HGLOBAL stream Seek implementation.
      comctl32/mru: In EnumMRUListA, ensure that the string is NULL terminated and the correct size is returned.
      msxml3/tests: Improve the IObjectSecurity tests to cover msxml3 SP8+ behaviour.
      hlink/tests: Add more tests to show a difference in string and moniker hlinks.
      ole32: IMoniker_IsRunning returns E_INVALIDARG when bindctx is NULL.
      kernel32/tests: Add a test case for calling TlsFree on a freed index.
      crypt32: Fix CryptFreeTls when calling with a freed index.

Roderick Colenbrander (6):
      winex11: When a mask picture is active, the source offsets should be relative to mask_pict instead of src_pict.
      winex11: Also take into account source offsets when a mask is around.
      wined3d: Fix multisampling on cards without 32-bit RGB fbconfigs.
      opengl32: Update opengl extensions.
      wined3d: Rename yuv to complex in order to prepare for 8-bit palette fixups using the same code.
      wined3d: Move the 8-bit palette shader code over to the blit_shader backend.

Stefan Dösinger (3):
      wined3d: Create a wined3d internal event query interface.
      wined3d: Introduce wined3d_event_query_issue.
      wined3d: Add wined3d_event_query_create and destroy.

Stefan Leichter (1):
      ntdll/tests: Test NtCreateFile with an invalid filename.

Vincent Povirk (9):
      gdiplus: Add a test for GdipImageRotateFlip.
      comdlg32: Add a test showing the font dialog ignores printer dpi.
      comdlg32: Always use screen dpi in the font dialog, even with a printer dc.
      gdiplus: Free the attached HBITMAP when destroying Bitmap objects.
      gdiplus: Stub GdipGetImageItemData.
      gdiplus: Stub GdipGetRegionScansCount.
      ole32: Clear the sibling links when reinserting a renamed element.
      ole32: Add a test showing IStorage_CopyTo ignores open objects in the source.
      ole32: Add tests for CopyTo in recursive situations.

Vitaly Perov (2):
      mshtml: Silence IStdMarshalInfo in htmldoc_qi FIXME.
      notepad: Implement printing to file.

XueFeng Chang (1):
      server: Check create_event return value in console creation.

Yann Droneaud (1):
      aclocal.m4: Fix WINE_TRY_CFLAGS macro (LLVM/Clang).

Alexandre Julliard
[email protected]