Wine Announcement

The Wine development release 2.2 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
  - Windows version set to Windows 7 for new prefixes.
  - More steps towards the Direct3D command stream.
  - Still more Shader Model 5 instructions.
  - Initial support for double-buffered theme painting.
  - Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 2.2 (total 35):

  13365  Missing text in IFC Markets Terminal Graphics
  14939  Black & White: DXTC to ARGB converter not implemented
  17495  Open dialog crashes if the desktop folder is at a Unicode path that cannot be represented in the current locale
  18477  Need For Speed Most Wanted crashes after accepting video settings changes
  19888  Venom Codename: Outbreak - initial menu screen is black (no menu items)
  25625  Implement PROPSHEET_InsertPage
  26603  iMesh 10 crashes at startup (needs wmvcore.dll.WMCreateReaderPriv)
  32414  Samsung TV SDK 3.5.2 Emulator crashes on startup (needs 'Shell Image Data Factory', CLSID '{66e4e4fb-f385-4dd0-8d74-a2efd1bc6178}')
  33318  3DMark2001 SE: upgrading to Wine 1.5.27 reduces performance score by 20%
  36213  valgrind shows some possible leaks under crypt32/tests/sip.c
  36247  VHD Attach v3.90 (.NET app) needs virtdisk.dll
  36341  valgrind shows some possible leaks under crypt32/tests/base64.c
  36365  valgrind shows a TON of leaks in ieframe/tests/webbrowser.c
  36395  valgrind shows a possible leak in inetcomm/tests/mimeole.c
  36557  valgrind shows some invalid writes in ieframe/tests/webbrowser.c
  36662  valgrind shows a few memory leaks in ws2_32/tests/sock.c
  37398  Urban Assault black screen when using software renderer and DDSCAPS_SYSTEMMEMORY
  37399  Urban Assault black screen when using software renderer (palette problem)
  38485  New Marvel Heroes 2015 Launcher crashes on unimplemented function dhcpcsvc.dll.DhcpRequestParams
  39048  MIDI Clock Messages are Corrupted Between Wine and ALSA
  39655  Enemy Front crashes almost immediately after launch
  39910  PDF XChange Editor annotations formatting not displayed after saving
  40952  improper escaping of quotes in command line
  41206  Artemis 2.4.0 crashed upon start
  41448  Civilization II Unhandled page fault on read access
  41648  AmiBroker 6.00 fails, when run, with raise_exception Unhandled exception
  41753  Steep (Ubisoft) needs iphlpapi.dll.GetUnicastIpAddressEntry
  41830  Updating group box text causes garbage
  41926  Zafehouse demo crashes with Call from 0x7b43c14c to unimplemented function ddraw.dll.GetSurfaceFromDC, aborting
  41971  Hitman Absolution crashes at startup at WineD3D on Windows
  42094  winamp needs unimplemented function ntoskrnl.exe.IoStopTimer
  42355  Artifacts in GTAIV appear and disappear when driving
  42361  DX Library: PlaySoundFile() doesn't play MP3 files with specific extra headers
  42365  Unimplemented function msvcr120.dll.fesetenv
  42367  KiriKiri Z based games: main screen doesn't update.


Changes since 2.1:

Akihiro Sagawa (5):
      d3d9/tests: Add LockRect tests with dynamic textures.
      d3d8/tests: Add LockRect tests with dynamic textures.
      wined3d: Upload textures if NO_DIRTY_UPDATE flag is set when locking dynamic textures.
      version: Ignore flag values in Ex functions.
      version/tests: Add tests for GetFileVersionInfoEx.

Alex Henrie (4):
      comdlg32: Use localized "Path does not exist" string.
      comdlg32: Don't crash if an IShellFolder could not be created.
      ddraw/tests: Validate the "surface" pointer is unmodified after CreateSurface() without cooperative level.
      ddraw: Validate the "surface" pointer before creating the surface in CreateSurface().

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (21):
      include: Add comsvcs.idl.
      uuid: Add comsvcs.h.
      comsvcs: Register typelib.
      dpnet/test: Share code between tests.
      dpnet/tests: Don't hardcode paths.
      dxgi: Silence a noisy fixme.
      include: Correct value passed to __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE.
      dpnet: Use registry lookup in EnumServiceProviders.
      dpnet: Implement IDirectPlay8Client EnumServiceProviders.
      dpnet: Add __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attributes to heap_xxx() functions.
      dpnet/tests: Add IDirectPlay8Client EnumHost tests.
      dpnet/tests: Initial IDirectPlay8ThreadPool tests.
      dpnet/tests: Add IDirectPlay8Peer EnumHost Tests.
      winnt.h: Implement RtlSecureZeroMemory.
      dpnet: Add basic validation in IDirectPlay8Client EnumHosts.
      dpnet: Add basic validation in IDirectPlay8Peer EnumHosts.
      dpnet: Implement IDirectPlay8Thread Initialize.
      dplayx/tests: Skip tests if dplayx is a stub dll or firewall is enabled.
      dpnet/tests: Add tests to show IDirectPlay8ThreadPool is a singleton object.
      dplayx/tests: DirectPlay IPX support was removed in Vista.
      dplayx: Don't print an error when no Lobby Providers are found.

Andrew Eikum (1):
      jsproxy: Use debugstr_a on URL.

Andrew Wesie (2):
      ntdll: Read entry point in LdrInitializeThunk.
      wined3d: Add cube array sampler support.

Andrey Gusev (1):
      xinput1_3: Avoid spamming FIXME for XInputGetKeystroke.

Andrey Semakin (2):
      winemine: Mine random placing fix.
      winemine: Added Shift+LClick hotkey to uncover multiple cells.

André Hentschel (2):
      iphlpapi: Add GetUnicastIpAddressEntry implementation.
      iphlpapi/tests: Add tests for GetUnicastIpAddressEntry.

Aurimas Fišeras (2):
      po: Update Lithuanian translation.
      po: Update Lithuanian translation.

Austin English (2):
      wine.inf: Set default Windows version to win7.
      advapi32: Add missing function header to TreeResetNamedSecurityInfoW().

Bruno Jesus (8):
      winealsa.drv: Fix handling of system real time MIDI messages.
      wlanapi: Semi-stub WlanEnumInterfaces.
      winemp3.acm: Ignore XING headers when parsing MP3 files.
      configure: Make FreeBSD recognize struct __res_state for iphlpapi.
      wlanapi: Add a stub for WlanScan.
      wlanapi: Add a stub for WlanRegisterNotification.
      wlanapi: Add a stub for WlanGetAvailableNetworkList.
      wlanapi: Add some usage information.

Can Taşan (1):
      po: Update Turkish translation.

Carlo Bramini (2):
      winmm: RegQueryValueExW wants the size in bytes, not the size in characters.
      winmm: Fix wrong return type for midiInOpen and midiOutOpen.

Carlos Garnacho (1):
      winex11: Use XIAllDevices to select for XI_RawMotion.

Charles Davis (1):
      iphlpapi: Add missing header to configure test.

Christian Inci (1):
      kernel32/tests: Add test for SetFileTime.

Daniel Lehman (3):
      kernel32/tests: Don't call function in assert().
      kernel32/tests: Don't call DeleteFile from assert().
      opengl32/tests: Fix leak in opengl test (valgrind).

Detlef Riekenberg (2):
      localspl: Clear LastError on success in AddMonitor.
      winspool/tests: Test LastError on success of AddMonitor.

Dmitry Timoshkov (3):
      user32: BUTTON_CalcLabelRect should use the button font.
      user32: Fix groupbox rectangle calculation in the button's WM_SETTEXT handler.
      kernel32: Replace Peb->BeingDebugged check by CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent().

Erich Hoover (1):
      dsound: Clear the temporary mixing buffer after allocation.

Fabian Maurer (6):
      msvcr120: Add fesetenv stub.
      user32/tests: Add tests for windows when first shown with WS_VISIBLE or RedrawWindow.
      user32/tests: Add tests for windows when first shown with SetWindowPos.
      user32/tests: Add tests for windows when first shown if they have children.
      user32/tests: Add WM_NCPAINT tests for windows crossing screen or maximized.
      user32/tests: Add tests for disabled buttons receiving WM_LBUTTONUP.

François Gouget (31):
      winetest: Flush the report file to disk between each test.
      include: Add prototypes for IStream_{Reset,Size}().
      include: Add a couple of INTERNET_SCHEME_XXX constants.
      inetcomm/tests: A spelling fix in an ok() message.
      appwiz.cpl: Add __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attributes to heap_xxx() functions.
      ole32: Add a __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attribute to heap_alloc().
      scrrun: Add a __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attribute to heap_alloc().
      wmp: Add __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attributes to heap_xxx() functions.
      schedsvc: Simplify and standardize the heap_xxx() declarations.
      oleaut32: Standardize the heap_xxx() functions.
      mshtml/tests: A couple of spelling fixes in ok() messages.
      shdocvw: Add a __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attribute to heap_alloc().
      winetest: There is no special directory anymore.
      winetest: Explain why the source filename is printed.
      wininet/tests: A spelling fix in an ok() message.
      advpack: Add a __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attribute to heap_alloc().
      browseui: Add __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attributes to heap_xxx() functions.
      advapi32: Simplify and standardize the heap_xxx() declarations.
      wldap32: Keep the error constants ordered.
      wldap32: Add an error message and an explanation for the lack of error constants.
      dpnet/tests: A spelling fix in a variable name.
      wmvcore: Add a __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attribute to heap_alloc().
      atl: Add a __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attribute to heap_alloc().
      jsproxy: Add a __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attribute to heap_alloc().
      inseng: Add a __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attribute to heap_alloc().
      iccvid: Add a __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attribute to heap_alloc().
      explorerframe: Add a __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attribute to heap_alloc().
      gdi32/tests: Add inline, __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attributes to heap_xxx() functions.
      winetest: Allow sending the report to another server.
      winhttp: Add __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attributes to heap_xxx() functions.
      dwrite/tests: Add a __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attribute to heap_alloc().

Gerald Pfeifer (1):
      services/tests: Add #include <stdarg.h> to service.c.

Guillaume Charifi (1):
      wined3d: Add dual-source blend factors.

Hans Leidekker (4):
      webservices: Fix use of month as array index.
      webservices/tests: Add helpers to set various description structures.
      webservices/tests: Add more tests for WsReadEnvelopeStart.
      webservices/tests: Add an empty response message test.

Henri Verbeet (35):
      wined3d: Trace the blit parameters in wined3d_select_blitter().
      wined3d: Allow decompression blits on system memory resources in arbfp_blit_supported().
      wined3d: Allow decompression blits on system memory resources in ffp_blit_supported().
      wined3d: Disallow upload conversion from compressed formats in surface_convert_format().
      d3d8/tests: Add a test for resource creation with D3DFMT_UNKNOWN.
      d3d9/tests: Add a test for resource creation with D3DFMT_UNKNOWN.
      d3d9: Clear the "surface" pointer on error in d3d9_device_CreateDepthStencilSurfaceEx().
      d3d8: Do not modify the "texture" pointer for D3DFMT_UNKNOWN in d3d8_device_CreateTexture().
      d3d8: Do not modify the "texture" pointer for D3DFMT_UNKNOWN in d3d8_device_CreateCubeTexture().
      d3d8: Do not modify the "texture" pointer for D3DFMT_UNKNOWN in d3d8_device_CreateVolumeTexture().
      d3d8: Do not modify the "surface" pointer for D3DFMT_UNKNOWN in d3d8_device_CreateRenderTarget().
      d3d8: Do not modify the "surface" pointer for D3DFMT_UNKNOWN in d3d8_device_CreateDepthStencilSurface().
      ddraw/tests: Rewrite GetDCTest().
      ddraw: Implement GetSurfaceFromDC().
      wined3d: Disable sRGB decode in swapchain_blit().
      wined3d: Use wined3d_texture_load_location() in device_clear_render_targets().
      wined3d: Merge common code between texture3d_load_location() and surface_load_location().
      d2d1: Properly invert join directions when needed.
      wined3d: Get rid of the unused "depth_blt_texture" field from struct wined3d_device.
      wined3d: Free the swapchain context array in swapchain_destroy_contexts().
      wined3d: Use wined3d_device_delete_opengl_contexts() in wined3d_device_uninit_3d().
      wined3d: Pass a texture and sub-resource index to context_acquire().
      wined3d: Use context_acquire() in create_primary_opengl_context().
      usp10: Explicitly check for zero-width control characters in ScriptShapeOpenType().
      usp10: Itemise ZWSP like ZWNJ and ZWJ.
      wined3d: Use create_primary_opengl_context() in wined3d_device_init_3d().
      wined3d: Send sampler GL initialisation through the command stream.
      wined3d: Send shader resource view GL initialisation through the command stream.
      wined3d: Send unordered access view GL initialisation through the command stream.
      wined3d: Send GL context destruction through the command stream.
      wined3d: Send primary GL context initialisation through the command stream.
      wined3d: Handle CS op emission from CS op handlers.
      wined3d: Handle system memory copies in wined3d_texture_load_location().
      wined3d: Introduce a helper function to lookup a wined3d_light_info structure.
      wined3d: Introduce a helper function to enable lights.

Hugh McMaster (3):
      regedit: Display a dialog message after successful/unsuccessful file import.
      regedit: Refresh listview after import.
      regedit: Sort treeview children on refresh.

Huw D. M. Davies (10):
      user32/tests: Restore the mouse cursor to its original position.
      wbemdisp: Implement ISWbemObjectSet::ItemIndex.
      gdi32: Don't copy biSizeImage in copy_color_info().
      gdi32: Use the image size returned by GetImage.
      gdi32: Update biSizeImage when uncompressing the RLE bitmap.
      gdi32: Initialize biSizeImage in the DDB's bitmapinfo.
      gdi32: Reset the image size when cropping the source bitmap.
      gdi32: Calculate the stride from the image size.
      gdi32: Calculate the stride from the image size.
      gdi32/tests: Test blitting from a D3DKMT bitmap to a regular bitmap.

Jacek Caban (34):
      inetcomm: Return S_FALSE if no data is returned in IInternetProtocol::Read.
      mshtml: Added MHTMLDocument object implementation.
      mshtml/tests: Added MHTML document tests.
      winerror.h: Moved DXGI HRESULT defines to winerror.h and add a few missing ones.
      user32: Allow creating windows using null driver for invisible winstations.
      services/tests: Test creating windows inside non-interactive service.
      maintainers: Update myself.
      server: Choose newer async object when searching from client pointer.
      ntdll: Don't set io->Information in server_read_file and server_write_file.
      mshtml/tests: Added body event setters tests.
      mshtml: Use inner window's event target for body element.
      mshtml: Return event target as EventTarget in NodeImplVtbl.get_event_target.
      mshtml: Return event target as EventTarget from DispatchEx vtbl.
      mshtml: Don't reallocate handler_vector_t when handlers are added.
      mshtml: Added new get_handler_vector helper for creating handle_vector_t.
      mshtml: Use get_handler_vector in remove_event_handler.
      mshtml: Use get_handler_vector in call_event_handlers.
      mshtml: Use get_handler_vector in get_event_handler.
      mshtml: Use get_handler_vector in detach_event.
      mshtml: Pass event target as EventTarget to release_event_target.
      mshtml: Release event target in XMLHttpRequest destructor.
      rbtree.h: Added WINE_RB_FOR_EACH_DESTRUCTOR and WINE_RB_FOR_EACH_ENTRY_DESTRUCTOR helpers for implementing tree destructors.
      mshtml: Store event handlers in rb tree.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLDocument5::onfocusin and onfocusout properties implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLElement4::onbeforeactivate property implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLCurrentStyle::get_direction implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLDocument7::onscroll property implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLDocument4::onselectionchange property implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLDocument7::onchange property implementation.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLDocument5::onmousewheel property implementation.
      mshtml: Reimplemented check_event_attr to iterate though declared attributes instead of all known events.
      mshtml: Added get_event_dispex_ref helper that avoids using attr_name.
      mshtml: Don't use attr_name in attr_to_eid.
      mshtml: Removed no longer used attr_name from event_info_t.

Jacob Lifshay (1):
      kernel32: Fix improper escaping of quotes in command line.

Jactry Zeng (1):
      qcap: Avoid call LeaveCriticalSection() repeatedly.

Jarkko Korpi (1):
      ntoskrnl: Add IoStopTimer stub.

Jetro Jormalainen (1):
      dinput: Give correct count of devices still to be enumerated.

Jonathan Doron (3):
      ntdll: Define more file information classes.
      include: Add definition for FILE_ID_INFORMATION.
      kernel32: Added implementation of FileIdInfo for GetFileInformationByHandleEx.

Józef Kucia (55):
      ddraw: Implement D3DOP_TEXTURELOAD.
      ddraw/tests: Add basic test for D3DOP_TEXTURELOAD.
      wined3d: Recognize SM5 imm_atomic_iadd opcode.
      wined3d: Implement applying state for compute pipeline.
      wined3d: Group compute states together.
      wined3d: Allow passing compute states to device_invalidate_state().
      wined3d: Use more suitable bind target for SRV/UAV buffers.
      d3d11/tests: Add test for interleaved Draw() and Dispatch() calls.
      wined3d: Implement SM5 store_uav_typed instruction.
      wined3d: Fix order of command stream functions.
      wined3d: Implement compute pipeline UAV binding.
      wined3d: Acquire unordered access resources for compute dispatches.
      d3d11: Implement d3d11_immediate_context_CSSetUnorderedAccessViews().
      wined3d: Track current vertex color clamp mode in glsl_context_data.
      wined3d: Generate code for compute shaders.
      wined3d: Implement dcl_thread_group instruction.
      d3d11: Implement d3d11_immediate_context_Dispatch().
      d3d11: Fix default shader resource views for cube textures.
      d3d11: Validate array size for cube textures.
      wined3d: Implement texture cube array views.
      d3d11/tests: Add test for resinfo instruction.
      d3d11: Do not keep mutex locked when D3D11_BUFFER_DESC validation fails.
      wined3d: Get rid of initPixelFormatsNoGL().
      wined3d: Simplify pixel format selection.
      d3d10core/tests: Port test_resinfo_instruction() from d3d11.
      wined3d: Fix bind count for shader resource views.
      d3d9: Do not decrease swapchain surface refcount when it is already 0.
      d3d9: Do not decrease swapchain refcount when it is already 0.
      d3d8: Do not decrease swapchain surface refcount when it is already 0.
      d3d10core/tests: Mark sRGB RTV clear test as broken on Nvidia drivers.
      d3d11/tests: Mark some tests as broken on Nvidia drivers.
      wined3d: Honor buffer ranges for shader resource views.
      d3d11/tests: Add tests for buffer ranges.
      wined3d: Handle declarations for raw UAVs.
      wined3d: Add support for buffer UAVs.
      wined3d: Implement raw buffer views.
      wined3d: Implement SM5 atomic_* instructions.
      d3d11/tests: Add test for atomic instructions.
      wined3d: Fix condition to determine if FIXME message should be printed.
      d3d10core/tests: Add tests for buffer ranges.
      d3d10core/tests: Fix SM4 not instruction test.
      d3d11/tests: Fix SM4 not instruction test.
      d3d11/tests: Add more tests for format reinterpreting SRVs.
      wined3d: Handle declarations for raw buffer shader resources.
      wined3d: Record sampler usage for WINED3DSIH_LD_RAW.
      wined3d: Implement SM5 store_raw instruction.
      wined3d: Implement SM5 imm_atomic_* instructions.
      d3d11/tests: Add test for SM5 imm_atomic_* instructions.
      wined3d: Recognize SM5 imm_atomic_imax opcode.
      wined3d: Recognize SM5 imm_atomic_imin opcode.
      d3d10core/tests: Add more tests for format reinterpreting SRVs.
      d3d10core/tests: Add optional "rect" parameter to check_texture_sub_resource_* functions.
      wined3d: Implement SM5 ld_raw instruction.
      d3d11/tests: Add test for unaligned raw buffer access.

Ken Thomases (1):
      winemac: Pass correct buffer length to RegQueryValueExW().

Kim Malmo (1):
      po: Update Norwegian translation.

Lauri Kenttä (12):
      cabinet: Make Extract overwrite existing files.
      cabinet: Make Extract fail on read-only files.
      msvcrt: Check pmode in _wsopen_dispatch.
      msvcrt: Fix _creat and _wcreat.
      msvcrt/tests: Add tests for _creat.
      po: Update Finnish translation.
      crypt32: Test CryptStringToBinary with weird Base64.
      crypt32: Base64 header requires a space.
      crypt32: Fix Base64 issues in CryptStringToBinary.
      crypt32: CryptStringToBinary accepts any header.
      crypt32: Fix wrong Base64 trailer WCHAR constants.
      crypt32: Remove unused parameter and dead code.

Louis Lenders (1):
      virtdisk: Add stub dll.

Matteo Bruni (4):
      wined3d: Don't query aux buffers count on core profile.
      ddraw/tests: Fix IDirect3DDevice typo.
      d3dx10: Make use of data_size when tracing data string.
      d3dx11: Make use of data_size when tracing data string.

Michael Müller (4):
      server: Give all access rights when opening an object with MAXIMUM_ALLOWED.
      ntdll: Implement RtlAddMandatoryAce.
      advapi32: Implement AddMandatoryAce.
      advapi32/tests: Add tests for AddMandatoryAce.

Michael Stefaniuc (7):
      ddraw/tests: Fix double assigment to the same lvalue (coccinellery).
      dplayx: Fix multiple assigments to the same lvalue (coccinellery).
      kernel32: Remove always true if conditions (coccinellery).
      strmbase: Remove an always true if condition (coccinellery).
      shell32/tests: Use the correct field for SW_SHOWNORMAL (coccinellery).
      hid/tests: Remove duplicated for condition (coccinellery).
      crypt32/tests: Use IsEqualGUID() to compare GUIDs.

Nikolay Sivov (48):
      urlmon: Remove 'stub' from implemented functions trace message.
      msctf: Return proper pointer to interface.
      oleaut32/tests: Correctly return interface pointer.
      shell32: Added a stub for IShellImageDataFactory.
      xmllite: Handle char references within text nodes.
      oleview: Use Treeview notifications to release created instances.
      oleview: Remove application specific version string.
      mmdevapi: Fix pointer type cast.
      user32/tests: Test to show that original font is not selected back after painting buttons.
      shell32: Added IShellImageData stub.
      shell32: Implement IShellImageData::Decode() when created from file path.
      shell32: Implement IShellImageData::GetSize().
      shell32: Implement IShellImageData::Draw().
      winex11: Pass correct buffer length to RegQueryValueExW().
      shell32: Pass correct buffer length to RegQueryValueExW().
      setupapi: Use sizeof() instead of numerical constants for buffer sizes.
      secur32: Pass correct buffer length to RegQueryValueExW().
      oleaut32: Return proper interface pointers.
      dxgi/tests: Switch to D3D10.1.
      dxgi/tests: Basic test for DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_FLAG_GDI_COMPATIBLE.
      uxtheme: Partial implementation of BeginBufferedPaint().
      uxtheme: Implement EndBufferedPaint().
      uxtheme: Implement GetBufferedPaintDC().
      uxtheme: Implement GetBufferedPaintTargetDC().
      uxtheme: Implement GetBufferedPaintTargetRect().
      uxtheme: Implement GetBufferedPaintBits().
      uxtheme/tests: A bit more tests for buffered painting API.
      dxgi: Added support for DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_FLAG_GDI_COMPATIBLE.
      riched20: Return proper interface pointers.
      kernel32/nls: Added Bangla (India) locale data.
      d2d1: Always create HWND target as gdi-compatible.
      po: Update Russian translation.
      advapi32: Fix trace format of InitiateSystemShutdownEx().
      hlink: Properly return interface pointers.
      itss: Properly return interface pointers.
      mapi32: Properly return interface pointer.
      infosoft: Properly return interface pointers.
      wordpad: Clean up IRichEditOleCallback implementation.
      d2d1: Create gdi-compatible texture for WIC target when asked for it.
      pstorec: Fix QueryInterface() of IPStore.
      comctl32/tests: Basic test for PGN_CALCSIZE.
      comctl32/pager: Don't block window size changes.
      d2d1: Added support for ID2D1GdiInteropRenderTarget interface.
      comctl32/propsheet: Add helpers to do string duplication.
      comctl32/propsheet: Implement PSM_SETHEADERTITLE.
      comctl32/propsheet: Implement PSM_SETHEADERSUBTITLE.
      regedit: Make it clear whether it is a key or a value that is about to be removed.
      d2d1/tests: Test to show that WIC bitmap is locked within BeginDraw()/EndDraw().

Peter Hater (1):
      comctl32/propsheet: Added PSM_INSERTPAGE implementation.

Piotr Caban (8):
      msvcrt: Add fesetenv implementation.
      ntdll: Add stub implementation of NtQueryInformationThread(ThreadIsIoPending).
      wine.inf: Add Dynamic DST/{First,Last}Entry registry keys.
      gdiplus: Make GpBitmap->bitmapbits access thread safe.
      gdiplus: GpBitmap can be only locked once, get rid of numlocks field.
      gdiplus: Reimplement GdipCreateHBITMAPFromBitmap so it can work on locked bitmaps.
      gdiplus: Add GdipCreateHBITMAPFromBitmap tests when bitmap bits are locked.
      msvcr120: Add _except1 implementation.

Rodrigo Rivas Costa (1):
      user32: Fix error handling in EndDeferWindowPos.

Sebastian Lackner (9):
      dinput: Allocate correct amount of memory in IDirectInput8AImpl_EnumDevicesBySemantics.
      wined3d: Add a missing call to context_release.
      ntdll/tests: Add tests for FileIdInformation class.
      ntdll: Implement FileIdInformation class in NtQueryInformationFile.
      user32/tests: Add test for EndDeferWindowPos with destroyed window.
      ntdll/tests: Add tests for FileIoCompletionNotificationInformation info class.
      mmdevapi: Use InitOnce to initialize audio drivers.
      wined3d: Remove duplicate assignment of NULL to map_ptr in wined3d_buffer_map.
      wined3d: Avoid unnecessary memory allocations in nested command stream calls.

Thierry Vermeylen (1):
      wnaspi32: Do not crash on SC_GETSET_TIMEOUTS.

Wei Xie (1):
      qcap: Add O_CLOEXEC flag to prevent child process from inheriting handles.

Zebediah Figura (2):
      storage.dll16: Simplify operations in IStream16::Seek.
      storage.dll16: Set OpenStorage/OpenStream output to NULL on failure.

Alexandre Julliard
[email protected]