Wine Announcement

The Wine maintenance release 5.0.1 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
  - Fix compilation with gcc 10
  - Add some timezones
  - Various bug fixes

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 5.0.1 (total 37):

  36059  Multiple Steam games fail to install DirectX runtime prerequisite, resulting in repeated install attempt on startup ('xinput1_3.dll' locked by client)
  42038  Cannot scroll documents being compared in winmerge (Followup to bug 20695)
  42585  Final Fantasy V Corrupt Fonts
  45049  Multiple programs need d2d1 CreateRoundedRectangleGeometry (playchessV7, Paint.Net 4.*)
  45481  Spintires: MudRunner crashes at launch
  46005  Multiple games and applications fail due to missing interface proxy information in registry (oleautomation/dual interfaces referenced in coclass section inside of library block)
  46735  Multiple applications need Direct3DShaderValidatorCreate9() implementation (The Sims 2 demo, Armed Assault)
  47288  Gaea 1.0.19 (.NET 4.7 WPF app) diagnostic tool 'Watson.exe' crashes due to 'kernel32.SetConsoleScreenBufferInfoEx' stub
  47668  Logos 8 (.NET/WPF 4.7.2 application) fails to download resources (needs ReOpenFile implementation)
  48018  QuickTime 7.0.x installer fails, 'rundll32.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\QuickTime\QTSystem\QTJava.dll,QTPostInstallProc"' crashes due to invalid cdecl dll entry
  48338  DIB images with bpp <= 8 get wrong palette when converted to GpBitmap
  48371  Home Designer Suite reports "Error #272000009 A serious error occurred (SEH)."
  48386  Some CPU features are not reported for Intel CPU (Detroit: Become Human is affected)
  48387  User shared data area should have NumberOfPhysicalPages field filled in (used by Detroit: Become Human)
  48480  dlls/krnl386.exe16 - thunk.c argument logic incorrect for CallProcEx32W16
  48484  winecfg doesn't allow disabling Desktop Integration for Downloads
  48491  _searchenv & co do not understand quoted directories
  48510  Lotus Organizer 97 crashes when selecting a Backup folder using 'Browse' button
  48549  Arma Cold War Assault: Cursor stuck at low fps since Wine 5.0-rc6
  48557  Multiple installers crash (Hot Wired, Croc installer) : Setup is unable to initialize  the language dialogbox: Error 106
  48561  Cadence Allegro Professional 16.6 crashes at startup
  48569  Infinite drag & drop loop crashes WinSCP
  48571  Firefox 72.0.* crashes on every tab (unless dwrite is disabled)
  48577  DISPLAYCONFIG_VIDEO_OUTPUT_TECHNOLOGY and other enums are the wrong size
  48580  Discord connecting to voice needs unimplemented function qwave.dll.QOSAddSocketToFlow
  48594  AnyDesk crashes directly on startup (low WORD of instance handle must be ignored when looking up window classes)
  48635  Asuka 120% Return BURNING Fest: Crashes after character selection.
  48639  Shrew Soft VPN client needs setupapi.dll.SetupDiGetSelectedDriverA()
  48646  QQMusicAgent crashes when started after installation
  48648  Gothic II Night of the Raven:unhandled exception in Wine 5.2
  48664  kernel32:process - Intermittent test_Toolhelp() failure
  48669  iphlpapi.NotifyUnicastIpAddressChange() should call the callback initially if requested (required for Far Cry 5 online mode)
  48694  The Bat! (64bit) crashes right after start
  48706  Wineconsole freezes when restoring from minimized to maximized window
  48723  Torchlight - Loading times are excessively long
  48735  Wine builtin services.exe process_send_command: OVERLAPPED struct for control pipe has uninitialized Offset and OffsetHigh fields
  48846  msvcr90/tests/msvcr90.c: error: variadic functions must use the base AAPCS variant


Changes since 5.0:

Aaro Altonen (3):
      kernel32/tests: Add tests for SetConsoleScreenBufferInfoEx().
      kernelbase: Implement SetConsoleScreenBufferInfoEx().
      urlmon: Add URLOpenPullStreamW() stub.

Akihiro Sagawa (3):
      dsound/tests: Add a test whether the buffer is a valid global memory.
      dsound: Make GlobalHandle() for the sound buffer failed.
      po: Update Japanese translation.

Alexandre Julliard (2):
      rundll32: Add wrapper to call entry point on i386.
      ver: Use the 16-bit resource function in GetFileVersionInfo16().

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (3):
      d3dx9: Implement D3DXCreateKeyframedAnimationSet.
      dmstyle: IDirectMusicStyle8 GetDefaultBand return S_FALSE.
      qwave: Add QOSAddSocketToFlow stub.

Aurimas Fišeras (3):
      po: Update Lithuanian translation.
      po: Update Lithuanian translation.
      po: Update Lithuanian translation.

Brendan Shanks (4):
      include: Fix size of DISPLAYCONFIG_VIDEO_OUTPUT_TECHNOLOGY enum.
      include: Fix size of tomConstants enum.
      include: Fix size of RecordCreateOptionsEnum.
      wined3d: Add GPU information for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB.

Charles Davis (1):
      msvcrt: Correct return value of ___mb_cur_max_l_func().

Damjan Jovanovic (1):
      gdiplus: In CompositingModeSourceCopy, fully transparent pixels are drawn black.

Daniel Lehman (5):
      tzres: Add Haiti Time Zone.
      tzres: Add Aleutian Time Zone.
      loader: Add Chatham Islands Standard Time Zone.
      loader: Add Bougainville Standard Time Zone.
      loader: Add Marquesas Standard Time Zone.

Dirk Niggemann (1):
      krnl386.exe: Make CallProcEx32W16 clear CPEX_DEST_CDECL flag before looping over arguments.

Dmitry Timoshkov (4):
      schedsvc/tests: Fix compilation with recent gcc/clang versions.
      gdiplus: Reimplement GdipCreateBitmapFromGdiDib by using GdipCreateBitmapFromHBITMAP.
      user32/tests: Add some tests for classes with non-zero low word instance.
      server: Ignore low word of a class instance when looking up for a window class.

François Gouget (1):
      kernel32/tests: Fix test_Toolhelp()'s nested process lookup.

Gerald Pfeifer (2):
      winedump: Add a default case to numeric_leaf().
      msi: Properly declare variables in msi/tests/utils.h as extern.

Gijs Vermeulen (1):
      kernelbase: Set req->mask in SetConsoleScreenBufferInfoEx.

Giovanni Mascellani (1):
      d2d1: Implement rounded rectangle drawing.

Hans Leidekker (1):
      wbemprox: Implement Win32_DesktopMonitor.Name.

Henri Verbeet (1):
      wined3d: Properly validate the stage index in wined3d_stateblock_set_texture_stage_state() (Coverity).

Jacek Caban (1):
      rpcrt4: Use MustFree for all non-base types in get_param_pointer_info.

Jefferson Carpenter (1):
      services: Initialize OVERLAPPED Offset and OffsetHigh.

Kevin Puetz (1):
      rpcrt4: Fix ITypeInfo leak in get_iface_info.

Lauri Kenttä (2):
      po: Update Finnish translation.
      po: Update Finnish translation.

Lukáš Horáček (1):
      wined3d: Add GTX 1660 SUPER as a card.

Matteo Bruni (1):
      maintainers: Drop Józef Kucia.

Michael Cronenworth (12):
      crypt32: Global variable compatibility update for gcc 10.
      dsound: Global variable compatibility update for gcc 10.
      mshtml: Global variable compatibility update for gcc 10.
      secur32: Global variable compatibility update for gcc 10.
      winebus: Global variable compatibility update for gcc 10.
      wbemprox: Global variable compatibility update for gcc 10.
      xinput: Global variable compatibility update for gcc 10.
      twain_32: Global variable compatibility update for gcc 10.
      msi: Global variable compatibility update for gcc 10.
      webservices: Global variable compatibility update for gcc 10.
      gphoto2.ds: Global variable compatibility update for gcc 10.
      sane.ds: Global variable compatibility update for gcc 10.

Michael Müller (1):
      setupapi: Implement SP_COPY_IN_USE_NEEDS_REBOOT.

Michael Stefaniuc (1):
      tools: Get the ANNOUNCE bug list from the stable-notes git notes.

Mingcong Bai (1):
      po: Update Simplified Chinese translation.

Nikolay Sivov (5):
      ucrtbase: Add _query_new_handler() and _query_new_mode().
      dwrite: Add partial implementation for IDWriteFontFaceReference1::CreateFontFace().
      user32: Improve window state handling in SetScrollInfo().
      ole32: Fix a leak when creating pointer moniker through activation.
      ole32: Fix a leak when creating antimoniker through activation.

Olivier F. R. Dierick (1):
      winecfg: Add Downloads and Templates to shell folders UI interface.

Paul Gofman (6):
      ntdll: Fill NumberOfPhysicalPages field in user shared data area.
      ntdll: Report rdtsc processor feature if supported.
      iphlpapi: Support InitialNotification flag in NotifyUnicastIpAddressChange().
      ntdll: Zero init reg_tzi in find_reg_tz_info().
      include: Add Vista+ PEB_LDR_DATA structure fields.
      wined3d: Support sRGB reads for WINED3DFMT_B5G6R5_UNORM.

Piotr Caban (11):
      msvcrt: Add support for quoted paths in _searchenv.
      msvcrt: Add support for quoted paths in _searchenv_s.
      msvcrt: Don't duplicate _searchenv_s code in _searchenv.
      msvcrt: Add support for quoted paths in _wsearchenv_s.
      msvcrt: Don't duplicate _wsearchenv_s code in _wsearchenv.
      msvcp90: Don't pass NULL as reference in runtime_error and logic_error constructors.
      msvcrt: Optimize _strnicmp_l implementation.
      msvcr90/tests: Fix swscanf tests compilation on arm.
      winemac: Fix leaks in macdrv_surface_destroy.
      gdiplus: Fix gdi handles leak in GdipMeasureCharacterRanges.
      gdiplus: Fix leak in SOFTWARE_GdipDrawDriverString.

Roman Pišl (3):
      shell32: Avoid crash on WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING in BrsFolderDlgProc.
      ole32: Avoid calling QueryContinueDrag recursively.
      wineconsole: Allow maximization.

Rémi Bernon (1):
      dinput: Increase device buffer size to 1024.

Sven Baars (1):
      wined3d: Avoid accessing freed memory in wined3d_view_gl_destroy() (Valgrind).

Vijay Kiran Kamuju (3):
      include: Add missing defines to icm.h.
      mscms: Add stub for WcsGetDefaultColorProfileSize.
      mscms: Add stub for WcsGetDefaultRenderingIntent.

Zebediah Figura (5):
      widl: Output a registry script for all interfaces written into the typelib.
      kernelbase: Implement ReOpenFile().
      d3d9: Return a stub interface from Direct3DShaderValidatorCreate9().
      setupapi: Implement SetupDiGetSelectedDriver().
      ddraw: Avoid leaking the primary stateblock.

Zhiyi Zhang (1):
      wined3d: Add GPU information for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER.

Michael Stefaniuc
[email protected]