Wine Announcement

The Wine development release 5.12 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
  - NTDLL converted to PE format.
  - Support for the WebSocket API.
  - Improved RawInput support.
  - Vulkan spec update.
  - Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 5.12 (total 48):

   4905  Video intros fail to play in Grand Theft Auto 3
  10825  Adobe Photoshop 7 "Save File" dialog contents shifted to left
  19439  Windows Media Player 9 displays a distorted user interface
  20230  Multiple system information tools and debuggers need GetThreadTimes() to return correct values for all threads (SIV System Information Viewer, Ollydbg 1.x/2.x, x64dbg)
  30023  Google Chrome/Earth installer (Google update version) complains "could not connect to the internet"
  30366  Wing commander 4 fails to play videos
  33134  Windows Media Player 9 can't play winecfg's test sound (idw_testsound.wav)
  35170  Adobe Shockwave Player 11.x plugin installer crashes on startup
  37630  Very fast audio & crackly (underruns) with PulseAudio 5, not with 4
  37721  Notepad2 shows blacked out toolbar strip after switching out of transparent mode
  37892  GOTHIC 2 GOLD: Vdfs32e.exe crashes at startup
  40643  Xanadu-next: Multicolored rainbow textures
  43034 (needed for Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void) crashes
  44017 fails launch with windows 7, but works normally when windows xp (Ubuntu 17.10)
  44865  Multiple applications using CEF (Autodesk Fusion 360, Between, League of Legends) crash when Windows version is set to 8 or higher due to missing DirectManipulation COM object (directmanipulation.dll, CLSID {54e211b6-3650-4f75-8334-fa359598e1c5})
  45191  winedbg: Internal crash at 0x7f1e5ee35587
  46289  Movies in emergency 3 are upside-down with native I420 codecs
  46726  Dirt Rally 2.0 does not use embedded CA cert
  46818  PS4 Remote Play 2.x (.NET 4.x app) crashes on Sign-In PlayStation network (mshtml:HTMLDocument_get_cookie should not fail for 'about:blank')
  46883  CompressonatorGUI 3.1 fails to install in Win10 mode: 'This application cannot be installed on systems earlier than Windows 2000 SP4.'
  48138  League of Legends 9.23: Crash after champ select
  48181  Donald duck couak attack crashes
  48668  rFactor2 - Physics thread slower on multiplayer mode
  48763  X2: The Threat crashes after opening
  48884  64-bit SierraChart v2068, 2072, 2074 crashes on exit
  48938  Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation crashes on start
  48959  S-Gear 2 installer does not recognize wine as Windows 10
  48997  Riot Vanguard (Riot Games) 'vgk.sys' crashes in driver entry (needs more reasonable CR0 register values in instruction emulation)
  49007  StarCitizen freezes on start
  49041  Path of Exile flickers with multithreaded renderer
  49098  Divinity: Original Sin 2 (GOG): Doesn't start since 5.7
  49153  Wine-Mono 5.0.0 breaks rendering of ReactOS' Wine .NET Framework 4.0 test app main menu
  49247  Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (2002) Slow Performance on wine-5.9
  49307  Melodyne 5: crashes when launched (due to vcruntime140_1)
  49350  Silverlight 5.1 installer no longer works
  49358  MiniTool MovieMaker setup crashes on unimplemented function ADVAPI32.dll.RegEnableReflectionKey
  49425  "wine" command changes the working directory when given a path to a .exe
  49427  Grim Dawn broken after upgrade to Wine 5.11
  49439  Printing and scanning software for Brother L2540DW fails to install (VBScript parser can't handle a "case else" statement with a comment and no statements to execute)
  49444  TheHunter: Call of the Wild crashes at start with Wine 5.11
  49445  Generation Zero: FNIX Rising crashes at start with Wine 5.11
  49458  Memu installer crashes: wine: Call from 0x7b00f0b7 to unimplemented function qdvd.dll.DllRegisterServer, aborting
  49460  where.exe is missing in wine (affects Waves Central )
  49462  uninitialized request bytes in server request launched from wine_ntoskrnl_main_loop
  49464  Age of Wonders: Planetfall crashes at start with Wine 5.11
  49488  uninitialized bytes in server call from ntdll/server_write_file
  49494  Branching on uninitialized variables in unix_to_win_locale.
  49503  Page fault on prefix creation on macOS


Changes since 5.11:

Alex Henrie (3):
      include: Correct definition of PRTL_AVL_ALLOCATE_ROUTINE.
      include: Add RTL_GENERIC_TABLE.
      ntoskrnl: Provide a more realistic value for register CR0.

Alexandre Julliard (50):
      ntdll: Use unix_to_nt_file_name() to convert Unix paths in RtlGetFullPathName_U().
      ntdll: Set the Unix current directory also in the exec process case.
      ntdll: Implement FSCTL_GET_OBJECT_ID to retrieve a file id.
      ntdll: Use FSCTL_GET_OBJECT_ID to compare file identities.
      ntdll: Make the client cpu constant global.
      ntdll: Add a common helper for building a modref.
      ntdll: Move the loading of .so dlls to the Unix library.
      ntdll: Move searching for builtin dlls to the Unix library.
      ntdll: Move the system information functions to the Unix library.
      urlmon/tests: Update's IP address.
      ntdll: Store home directory and username at init time in the Unix library.
      ntdll: Set the Wine paths environment variables from the Unix library.
      ntdll: Move the libunwind support to the Unix library.
      ntdll: Always set the thread context through NtSetContextThread().
      ntdll: Return the current time and timezone bias in NtQuerySystemInformation(SystemTimeOfDayInformation).
      ntdll: Move the timezone detection code to the Unix library.
      ntdll: Move RtlGetSystemTimePrecise() to the Unix library.
      ntdll: Move the math functions to the Unix library.
      ntdll: Use Windows APIs to handle the dll overrides variable.
      ntdll: Fix some stdcall/cdecl calling convention mismatches.
      ntdll: Move the console handle initialization to the Unix library.
      ntdll: Avoid some Unix dependencies.
      ntdll: Avoid a compiler warning when fetching the return address.
      ntdll: Reimplement the ctype functions to avoid depending on libc.
      ntdll: Reimplement the string functions to avoid depending on libc.
      include: Fix _memccpy, _memicmp and _memicmp_l prototypes.
      ntdll: Stop sharing the thread counter with the Unix library.
      ntdll: Update the __wine_ldt_copy pointer directly from the Unix library.
      ntdll: Move retrieving the startup info to the Unix library.
      ntdll: Remove support for being loaded directly from libwine.
      ntdll: Setup the main thread before initializing ntdll.
      ntdll: Fix a few more thread information access rights.
      ntdll: Move part of the PE image mapping code into virtual_map_section().
      ntdll: Support loading a PE-format ntdll.
      ntdll: Build with msvcrt.
      ntdll: Use the standard C library names for the printf functions.
      ntdll: Use the standard C library names for the string functions.
      ntdll: Use the standard C library names for the wide char functions.
      ntdll: Use the exported name directly for a few more functions.
      winebuild: Support a -mno-cygwin flag.
      winegcc: Pass -mno-cygwin and -munix flags directly to winebuild.
      makefiles: Use -munix when building a Unix library.
      winebuild: Don't use a dll entry point for Unix libraries.
      ntdll: Get rid of DllMain in the Unix library.
      ntdll: Avoid importing the codepage functions from the Unix library.
      ntdll: Fix uninitialized buffer in locale initialization.
      ntdll: Use pthread mutexes for uninterrupted sections in the Unix library.
      ntdll: Use malloc() to allocate the object attributes buffer.
      ntdll: Use malloc() to allocate async I/O data.
      ntdll: The loader is named wine64 only on platforms that support WoW64.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (10):
      directmanipulation: Implement IDirectManipulationCompositor stub interface.
      directmanipulation: Implement IDirectManipulationFrameInfoProvider stub interface.
      directmanipulation: Implement IDirectManipulationCompositor::SetUpdateManager.
      winhttp: Pass length in WINHTTP_CALLBACK_STATUS_CONNECTING_TO_SERVER callback.
      directmanipulation: Implement IDirectManipulationViewport2 stub interface.
      directmanipulation: Implement IDirectManipulationPrimaryContent stub interface.
      directmanipulation: Implement IDirectManipulationContent stub interface.
      directmanipulation: Fake success from IDirectManipulationViewport2::ActivateConfiguration.
      directmanipulation: Fake success from IDirectManipulationContent::SetContentRect.
      directmanipulation: Fake success from IDirectManipulationViewPort2::SetViewPortRect.

Anton Baskanov (2):
      qasf/dmowrapper: Don't crash in ::Stop when DMO wrapper is not initialized.
      amstream: Return E_NOTIMPL from AMAudioStream::QueryInterface.

Biswapriyo Nath (1):
      ntdll/unix: Use Pc instead of Rip in signal_arm64.

Brendan Shanks (7):
      api-ms-win-core-namedpipe-ansi-l1-1-0: Add stub dll.
      winevulkan: Don't initialize the Vulkan driver in DllMain().
      include: Add d3dkmdt.h.
      user32: Implement GetDisplayConfigBufferSizes().
      user32/tests: Test additional flag values with GetDisplayConfigBufferSizes().
      user32: Implement QueryDisplayConfig().
      user32/tests: Add more QueryDisplayConfig() tests.

Changping Yu (2):
      kernel32/tests: Add test for thread enumeration order in toolhelp.
      kernel32: Adjust thread creation insertion order.

Derek Lesho (1):
      ntoskrnl: Set DriverStart and DriverSize fields in DRIVER_OBJECT.

Dmitry Kislyuk (1):
      vbscript: Parse empty CASE ELSE clause.

Dmitry Timoshkov (2):
      kernel32/tests: Fix compilation with PSDK.
      kernel32: Implement IsWow64Process2.

François Gouget (7):
      mshtml: Fix the spelling of a parameter name.
      mshtml: Add a trailing '\n' to a TRACE().
      mountmgr.sys: Make get_mountmgr_fs_type() static.
      ntdll: Fix wording of a comment.
      netio.sys: Remove WINAPI on static functions where not needed.
      netio.sys: Fix some minor case issues in comments.
      ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Fix some minor case issues in comments.

Gabriel Ivăncescu (11):
      msscript.ocx: Fix detaching the script host in put_Language.
      msscript.ocx: Fail if the module array failed to allocate.
      msscript.ocx: Release the host ref in put_Language.
      msscript.ocx: Move IScriptControl::AddObject implementation into a helper.
      msscript.ocx: Implement IScriptModuleCollection::Add.
      msscript.ocx: Implement IScriptModuleCollection::get_Item.
      msscript.ocx: Always detach the modules when changing the language.
      msscript.ocx: Implement IScriptModule::get_Name.
      msscript.ocx: Implement get_script_dispatch on top of modules.
      msscript.ocx: Move parse_script_text up.
      msscript.ocx: Implement parse_script_text on top of modules.

Gijs Vermeulen (14):
      amstream/tests: Add IDirectDrawMediaStream::SetDirectDraw() tests.
      amstream: Store parent as struct ddraw_stream in ddraw stream sample.
      amstream: Implement IDirectDrawStreamSample::GetMediaStream().
      amstream: Use IDirectDraw instead of IDirectDraw7 internally.
      amstream: Implement IDirectDrawMediaStream::SetDirectDraw().
      amstream: Create ddraw if no source object was specified in ddraw_IAMMediaStream_Initialize().
      ntdll: Don't use WCHAR in unix_to_win_locale().
      amstream: Decrement "sample_refs" only when the object is being released.
      amstream: Lock the entirety of IDirectDrawMediaStream::CreateSample().
      amstream/tests: Add more AMVideoStream::QueryAccept() tests.
      amstream: Return VFW_E_TYPE_NOT_ACCEPTED on error in AMVideoStream::QueryAccept().
      amstream: Validate the format type in check_media_type().
      amstream: Accept only MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB8 in check_media_type().
      amstream: Return E_POINTER on NULL stream in IMediaStreamFilter::GetMediaStream().

Hans Leidekker (22):
      winhttp: Don't close child handles on release.
      winhttp: Get rid of some redundant assignments.
      winhttp: Make the task queue implementation more generic.
      winhttp: Set socket notification mask and callback from the parent request.
      winhttp: Send WINHTTP_CALLBACK_STATUS_HANDLE_CREATED notification in WinHttpWebSocketCompleteUpgrade.
      msxml3: Add support for 'int' in IXMLDOMElement_put_dataType.
      winhttp: Implement WinHttpWebSocketSend.
      winhttp: Implement WinHttpWebSocketReceive.
      winhttp: Implement WinHttpWebSocketShutdown.
      winhttp: Implement WinHttpWebSocketClose.
      winhttp: Implement WinHttpWebSocketQueryCloseStatus.
      winhttp/tests: Add asynchronous WebSocket tests.
      winhttp: Add support for WebSocket fragment buffers.
      winhttp/tests: Add more WebSocket tests.
      winhttp: Set socket state before sending notifications.
      winhttp: Status and reason are optional in the close response.
      winhttp: Add stubs for new proxy functions.
      winhttp: Reimplement the task queue using thread pool work objects.
      winhttp: Copy the reason buffer.
      winhttp: Add support for ping and pong messages.
      winhttp: Stop the send queue before sending the close message.
      iphlpapi: Return gateway address from GetAdaptersInfo if it's not set.

Huw D. M. Davies (6):
      user32: Use a default name for winstations created or opened with no name.
      user32/tests: Use skip() to skip tests when using a non-US keyboard.
      user32: Allow the app specific desktop to be "Default".
      user32: Don't call CreateDesktop() with an empty desktop name.
      server: Don't allow an empty desktop name.
      ntdll: Pass the start of the string to compose_string().

Jacek Caban (24):
      msscript.ocx: Move modules_count to the Script Host.
      msscript.ocx: Keep script host running as long as any script module is alive.
      mshtml: Use variant_to_nsstr in IHTMLIFrameElement2::put_height.
      mshtml: Use variant_to_nsstr in IHTMLIFrameElement2::put_width.
      kernel32/tests: Add more tests for opening console.
      server: Introduce ConDrv device.
      server: Support ConDrv/CurrentIn device.
      server: Support ConDrv/CurrentOut device.
      server: Support console global symlinks.
      ntdll: Support CONIN$ and CONOUT$ in RtlIsDosDeviceName_U.
      kernelbase: Use NtCreateFile for console handles in CreateFileW.
      kernel32: Reimplement OpenConsoleW on top of CreateFileW.
      server: Remove no longer needed support for opening current console in open_console request.
      mshtml: Return NULL in IHTMLDocument2::get_cookie if InternetGetCookieExW failes.
      mshtml: Add IHTMLRectCollection::item implementation.
      mshtml: Return success in :HTMLStyle3::scrollbar* setters.
      kernelbase: Invalidate console wait handle in FreeConsole.
      kernel32: Import FreeConsole from kernelbase.
      kernel32: Return standard input handle in GetConsoleInputWaitHandle.
      kernel32: Move AllocConsole to kernelbase.
      mshtml.idl: Add IHTMLNamespaceCollection declaration.
      mshtml: Add IHTMLDocument4::namespaces property implementation.
      mshtml.idl: Add missing MoveUnitBounded to IMarkupPointer2.
      mshtml: Add IMarkupServices::CreateMarkupPointer implementation.

Jeff Smith (2):
      gdiplus: Simplify modulo 8 math used for rendering origin.
      gdiplus/tests: Fix debug value in test_graphics_clear().

Jefferson Carpenter (2):
      ntoskrnl.exe: Initialize context.handle and context.irp.
      ntoskrnl.exe: Set reserved to 0 in pnp WM_DEVICECHANGE broadcast.

Liam Middlebrook (1):
      winevulkan: Update to VK spec version 1.2.145.

Louis Lenders (1):
      where.exe: Add stub program.

Michael Müller (2):
      ntdll: Return thread times in NtQuerySystemInformation(SystemProcessInformation).
      ntdll: Return process times in NtQuerySystemInformation(SystemProcessInformation).

Nikolay Sivov (36):
      dxva2: Add device manager stub.
      dxva2: Implement handle management for device manager.
      dxva2: Add IDirectXVideoProcessorService stub.
      mfplat: Add IMFVideoMediaType semi-stub.
      mfplat: Implement MFCreateMFVideoFormatFromMFMediaType().
      mfplat: Implement GetVideoFormat().
      dxva2: Implement DXVA2CreateVideoService().
      evr: Implement MFT_MESSAGE_SET_D3D_MANAGER for default mixer.
      evr: Implement input type validation for the mixer.
      include: Make inline helpers compatible with NONAMELESSUNION.
      mfplat: Add MFConvertColorInfoToDXVA().
      include: Add some more EVR mixer interfaces.
      evr/tests: Add some tests for supported mixer interfaces.
      evr: Add IMFGetService stub for the mixer.
      evr: Add IMFVideoMixerBitmap stub.
      evr: Add IMFVideoPositionMapper stub.
      evr: Forward some known interface queries for MR_VIDEO_MIXER_SERVICE.
      dxva2: Add missing processor service method stubs.
      evr: Add IMFVideoProcessor stub.
      evr: Add input type validation through dxva.
      evr: Store background color property for the mixer.
      dxva2: Implement locking functionality in device manager.
      evr: Add a stub for default presenter.
      evr: Add IMFVideoDeviceID for the presenter.
      evr: Add IMFTopologyServiceLookupClient stub for the presenter.
      include: Add IMFVideoDisplayControl definition.
      evr: Add IMFVideoDisplayControl stub for the presenter.
      evr: Add IMFRateSupport stub for the presenter.
      evr: Implement presenter state tracking methods.
      evr: Partially implement InitServicePointers() for the presenter.
      evr: Add aggregation support for default mixer object.
      evr: Added MFCreateVideoMixerAndPresenter().
      mfplat/tests: Add some tests for d3d9 surface buffer.
      evr: Add a stub for sample allocator.
      evr/tests: Add some tests for sample allocator.
      mfplat: Add tracked sample stub.

Owen Rudge (2):
      winhttp/tests: Add tests for WINHTTP_OPTION_MAX_HTTP_AUTOMATIC_REDIRECTS.

Paul Gofman (18):
      ntdll: Increment num_busy_workers when queuing TP object.
      ntoskrnl/tests: Use the same sin port as ws2_32 tests.
      ntoskrnl/tests: Retry bind if address is in use in test_wsk_listen_socket().
      netio.sys: Check for callback address before reusing pending IO structure.
      netio.sys: Implement wsk_connect() function.
      ntoskrnl.exe: Add test for connection socket.
      shell32: Only consider copy operation multidest if the number of dst files is greater than one.
      ntdll: Also call fsync() for FD_TYPE_CHAR in NtFlushBuffersFile().
      netio.sys: Fill socket addresses when accepting connection.
      ntdll: Call TLS callbacks also for main exe on thread attach.
      ntdll: Call TLS callbacks for main exe on thread detach.
      winebuild: Correct hotpatching prologue in import thunks for x86_64.
      ntdll: Fix KiUserExceptionDispatcher ABI on x86_64.
      ntdll/tests: Add test for x86_64 KiUserExceptionDispatcher().
      configure: Increase Wine loader address.
      ntdll: Don't reset rsp to context->Rsp until exception data is copied.
      ntdll: Add PE frame handling to KiUserExceptionDispatcher() on x64.
      ws2_32: Consider socket with zero ifindex unbound.

Piotr Caban (24):
      include: Add MSITRANSFORM_ERROR enum definition.
      msi: Introduce msi_record_stream_name helper.
      msi: Add stub support for MSITRANSFORM_ERROR_VIEWTRANSFORM flag in MsiApplyTransform.
      msi: Support UPDATE when MSITRANSFORM_ERROR_VIEWTRANSFORM flag is used.
      msi: Support CREATE when MSITRANSFORM_ERROR_VIEWTRANSFORM flag is used.
      msi: Support ALTER TABLE when MSITRANSFORM_ERROR_VIEWTRANSFORM flag is used.
      msi: Support INSERT INTO when MSITRANSFORM_ERROR_VIEWTRANSFORM flag is used.
      msi: Support DROP when MSITRANSFORM_ERROR_VIEWTRANSFORM flag is used.
      msi: Support DELETE when MSITRANSFORM_ERROR_VIEWTRANSFORM flag is used.
      msi: Add MsiDatabaseApplyTransformA MSITRANSFORM_ERROR_VIEWTRANSFORM test.
      msi: Support removing temporary columns in TABLE_remove_column.
      msi: Fix table ref count on create.
      msi: Remove ref_count from MSICOLUMNINFO.
      msi: Test freeing _TransformView table.
      msi: Add table existance tests for tables with temporary columns.
      msi: Fix adding temporary columns.
      msi: Remove column_info.temporary field.
      msi: Remove MSICOLUMNINFO.temporary field.
      msi: Fix use after free error in TransformView_set_row.
      msi: Remove no longer needed parameter from TABLE_remove_column.
      msi: Add support for appending data to _TransformView table.
      msi: Test adding new feature in patch.
      msi: Add disabled feature to show that it's not getting installed by patch.
      msi: Install feature when new component is added.

Rémi Bernon (21):
      ntdll: Refine NtSetInformationThread ThreadHideFromDebugger stubs.
      ntdll: Only raise EXCEPTION_INVALID_HANDLE if debugger is present.
      user32/tests: Add basic rawinput message tests.
      user32/tests: Add inter-thread rawinput message tests.
      user32/tests: Add inter-process rawinput message tests.
      user32/tests: Add RIM_EXINPUTSINK rawinput message tests.
      ntdll: Leave some space around DbgBreakPoint and DbgUserBreakPoint.
      user32/tests: Add inter-desktop rawinput message tests.
      server: Implement rawinput inter-process message dispatch.
      server: Split cursor position update to update_desktop_cursor_pos.
      server: Pass msg and wparam to update_input_key_state helper.
      server: Implement RegisterRawInputDevices RIDEV_NOLEGACY flag.
      server: Implement RegisterRawInputDevices RIDEV_INPUTSINK flag.
      ntdll/tests: Add more HideFromDebugger tests.
      ntdll: Correctly implement ThreadHideFromDebugger.
      user32/tests: Add GetRawInputBuffer tests.
      user32: Introduce rawinput_from_hardware_message helper.
      user32: Introduce rawinput_thread_data helper.
      user32: Implement GetRawInputBuffer.
      user32: Return failure when rawinput has been overwritten.
      kernel32: Catch process creation breakpoint exceptions.

Sebastian Lackner (1):
      ntdll: Implement NtQueryInformationThread(ThreadTimes) using procfs.

Shawn M. Chapla (7):
      gdiplus/tests: Add GDI/GDI+ graphics interop test.
      gdiplus: Preserve temp DC state for bitmap backed graphics objects.
      gdiplus/tests: Add metafile playback test for EMR_RESTOREDC.
      gdiplus: Play all EMF records using PlayEnhMetaFileRecord.
      gdiplus/tests: Add GDI/GDI+ HDC constructed graphics interop test.
      gdiplus: Set GDI world xform to the identity xform on acquisition.
      advapi32: Add RegRenameKey stub.

Vijay Kiran Kamuju (9):
      directmanipulation: Implement IDirectManipulationCompositor2 stub interface.
      include: Add missing device GUIDs and fsfilter GUIDs.
      qdvd: Register the DvdGraphBuilder coclass.
      include: Fix typo in DS3DALG_DEFAULT.
      include: Add xact3.h.
      include: Add IXACT3Cue definition.
      include: Add IXACT3Wave definition.
      include: Add IXACT3SoundBank definition.
      include: Add IXACT3WaveBank definition.

Zebediah Figura (44):
      quartz/vmr9: Merge VMR9_SendSampleData() into VMR9_DoRenderSample().
      quartz/vmr9: Align the source pitch to a multiple of 4.
      quartz/vmr9: The source pitch is the width of the Y plane for planar 4:2:0 formats.
      quartz/vmr9: Invert only RGB video.
      quartz/vmr9: Avoid leaking the surface array on connection failure.
      quartz/vmr9: Allow connecting with YUV formats.
      bcrypt/tests: Fix some failures on Windows 7.
      kernel32/tests: Add tests for profile struct functions.
      kernel32: Simplify GetPrivateProfileStringW().
      kernel32: Get rid of the last parameter to PROFILE_CopyEntry().
      kernel32: Open the INI file in PROFILE_GetSection.
      d3dcompiler: Prepend static initializers to the function body.
      d3dcompiler: Pass an instruction list to the load creation functions.
      d3dcompiler: Append the instruction to its list in new_return().
      d3dcompiler: Add the assignment node to the instruction list in make_assignment().
      d3dcompiler: Pass the instruction list to implicit_conversion().
      winegstreamer: Prefer YUV formats to RGB ones.
      winegstreamer: Avoid performing color matrix conversions in videoconvert.
      quartz/vmr9: Remove support for 8-bit RGB from the VMR7.
      quartz/vmr9: Remove support for 15-bit RGB from the VMR7.
      quartz/vmr9: Remove support for 16-bit RGB from the VMR7.
      quartz/vmr9: Return VFW_E_TYPE_NOT_ACCEPTED when connection fails.
      quartz/vmr9: Support YUV formats in the VMR7.
      quartz: Change the merit of the default video renderer to 0x800001.
      quartz: Don't register the VMR7.
      quartz/videorenderer: Set the destination rect to the whole client area when connecting.
      quartz/vmr9: Set the destination rect to the whole client area when connecting.
      quartz: Try to create the VMR7 in video_renderer_default_create().
      d3dcompiler: Create the expression in append_binop().
      d3dcompiler: Add the node to the instruction list in new_expr().
      d3dcompiler: Rename make_simple_assignment() to new_simple_assignment().
      d3dcompiler: Print the data type when dumping IR.
      kernel32: Call PROFILE_DeleteSection directly from WritePrivateProfile* functions.
      kernel32: Open the INI file in PROFILE_DeleteSection().
      qcap: Combine the internal header files.
      qcap: Use a function table for video capture driver operations.
      qcap: Pass a single AM_MEDIA_TYPE pointer to get_format().
      qcap: Use a condition variable to synchronize with the video capture thread.
      msvcrt: Print assertion failure messages to stderr.
      winegstreamer: Don't store DirectShow caps.
      include: Use the public VM_COUNTERS and VM_COUNTERS_EX structure definitions.
      ntdll: Fill the PrivateUsage field of VM_COUNTERS_EX.
      winegstreamer: Append a deinterlace element to the video post-processing chain.
      d3dcompiler: Track def-use chains for anonymous nodes.

Zhiyi Zhang (2):
      winex11.drv: Refactor query_work_area() to get intersected work area directly.
      winex11.drv: Use _GTK_WORKAREAS to get work areas if it is available.

Ziqing Hui (2):
      windowscodecs/tests: Format ok() message for tests/ddsformat.c.
      windowscodecs: Implement DdsFrameDecode_GetPixelFormat().

Alexandre Julliard
[email protected]