Wine Announcement

The Wine development release 5.19 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
  - Wine Mono engine updated to 5.1.1, with WPF text formatting support.
  - KERNEL32 library converted to PE.
  - DSS cryptographic provider.
  - Windowing support in the new console host.
  - A number of exception handling fixes.
  - Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 5.19 (total 27):

  15437  Multiple programs using madCodeHook crash (in-memory PE image of Wine builtins vs. ELF image on disk)
  29926  Multiple games need IDirectDrawStreamSample::Update() (Beach Life, The Sims Complete Collection, Risk II, Earth 2150, Need for Russia)
  31342  Multiple applications need msvcirt.dll.??0ofstream@@QAE@XZ (Trespasser, Max Payne 1, 3Dmark1999 MAX, 3Dmark2000, 3Dmark2001 SE, GraphCalc, Charon)
  39123  Fairy Fencer F depends on NtQuerySystemInformation(SYSTEM_INTERRUPT_INFORMATION) volatility for random number generation
  45090  (nearly) every test shows a leak in kernel32/{console,term}.c
  45331  Exile: Escape From the Pit crashes after splash screen
  45400  eden* (VN) some font characters display with the wrong glyph (capitals/spaces)
  45489  World of Warcraft needs GetRawInputBuffer
  46588  Cegid Business Line installer fails in custom script action installing "BLJNR.MSI" component.
  48529  Avencast: Rise of the Mage fails to launch
  49172  Always true condition `code > 0xffff` in vbscript/global.c
  49367  1971 Project Helios shows a black screen
  49470  Silent Hill 4 crashes when a person is suppose to scream.
  49549  winetricks -q dotnet45 leaves dozens of mscorsvw.exe processes
  49586  valgrind shows a leak in dlls/ntdll/env.c:set_wow64_environment()
  49659  Multiple games crash on launch (Mahjong Titans, Resident Evil HD Remaster, Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster)
  49857  NCLauncher2: Crypto error on a successful login
  49873  Warzone 2100 crashes on unimplemented function api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0.dll.strtold
  49894  Regression in "kernelbase: Use conhost to handle Unix consoles."
  49895  [Regression] Steam fails to load pages
  49899  Multiple games need IDirectDrawMediaStream::NewSegment() implementation (The Sims Complete Collection, Earth 2150, Beach Life, Risk II, Need for Russia)
  49906  Fallout New Vegas: broken gog installation
  49909  Win Toolkit v. (.NET 3.5 app) crashes with wine-mono
  49911  Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO 64-bit version crashes with builtin xactengine3_7
  49924  IP address control does not focus its fields on focus change
  49929  Game for Windows Live installer fails with 'winetricks -q gfw'
  49946  Themida-packed application crashing on multi-hop import forward


Changes since 5.18:

Akihiro Sagawa (3):
      kernelbase: Improve Get{, Dynamic}TimeZoneInformation() performance.
      kernelbase: Fix copy and paste error.
      configure: Fix a typo in comparison.

Alexandre Julliard (25):
      configure: Require 64-bit compare-and-swap support from gcc.
      ws2_32: Retrieve the FQDN only when necessary in getaddrinfo().
      wineboot: Set the computer name keys.
      kernel32: Remove the setting of the computer name keys.
      ntdll: Delay ntdll.dll loading until more initialization is done.
      ntdll: Use the standard code path to load ntdll.dll.
      ntdll: Use load_dll() to load kernel32 to support PE format.
      kernel32: Build with msvcrt.
      configure: Don't disable ntdll or kernel32 for Windows builds.
      bcrypt: Add a helper function to create an asymmetric key.
      bcrypt: Move the public key initialization to the generic code.
      bcrypt: Move setting a symmetric key vector to the generic code.
      bcrypt: Move the symmetric key initialization to the generic code.
      bcrypt: Add separate backend functions for destroying symmetric/asymmetric keys.
      bcrypt: Split the key structure into generic and backend-specific parts.
      bcrypt: Move the backend code to a new Unix library.
      bcrypt: Build with msvcrt.
      ntdll: Fix handle/module confusion in Unix module loading.
      gdi32: Move font codepage setup out of freetype.c.
      odbc32: Use the exported names for the implementation functions.
      odbc32: Move the Unix functions interface to a new Unix library.
      odbc32: Build with msvcrt.
      gdi32: Store the face filename as a DOS path.
      gdi32: Compare DOS filenames instead of Unix stat information for font files.
      gdi32: Store face data as a single binary value in the registry cache.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (6):
      xactengine3_7: Explicity copy the XACT_RUNTIME_PARAMETERS members.
      include: Add more SCARD defines.
      msado15: Implement _Connection Get/Put Provider.
      msado15: Implement _Connection get/put Mode.
      msado15: Implement _Connection get/put CursorLocation.
      msado15: Implement _Command get/putref ActiveConnection.

Andrew Eikum (8):
      audioclient.idl: Declare IAudioClient2.
      mmdevapi: Stub implement IAudioClient2.
      mmdevapi: Implement IsOffloadCapable.
      mmdevapi: Implement SetClientProperties.
      audioclient.idl: Declare IAudioClient3.
      mmdevapi: Stub implement IAudioClient3.
      include: Add a few more stream categories.
      mmdevapi: Implement ActivateAudioInterfaceAsync.

Anton Baskanov (9):
      amstream: Implement IDirectDrawStreamSample::CompletionStatus.
      amstream: Implement IDirectDrawStreamSample::GetSampleTimes.
      amstream: Implement AMDirectDrawStream::BeginFlush and ::EndFlush.
      amstream: Implement AMDirectDrawStream::NewSegment.
      winegstreamer: Use RGB15/16 formats instead of BGR15/16.
      winegstreamer: Fix RGB565 conversion in amt_from_gst_video_info().
      winegstreamer: Add a second videoconvert to handle 15/16-bit RGB formats.
      winegstreamer: Expose 15/16-bit RGB formats.
      amstream: Reference the multimedia stream in ddraw stream sample.

Arkadiusz Hiler (1):
      gdi32: Limit GetGlyphOutlineW(uChar) to a WORD.

Aurimas Fišeras (2):
      po: Update Lithuanian translation.
      po: Update Lithuanian translation.

Biswapriyo Nath (6):
      include: Set D3D_COMPILER_VERSION to 47, if not defined.
      include: Add the D3D12_SHADER_VERSION_TYPE enumeration.
      include: Add MFPMPSESSION_CREATION_FLAGS enumeration in mfidl.idl.
      include: Fix CancelObjectCreation name in IMFSourceResolver interface.
      include: Add IMFMetadata interface in mfidl.idl.
      include: Add IMFMetadataProvider interface in mfidl.idl.

Chao Long (1):
      ole32: Check for NULL parameter in ReleaseStgMedium().

Christian Costa (1):
      d3dx9: Ignore vertices reordering for D3DXMESHOPT_ATTRSORT in OptimizeInPlace().

Daniel Lehman (5):
      vcruntime140_1: Terminate on noexcept function trying to propagate exception.
      tzres: Add North Korea Time Zone.
      msxml3/tests: Add some removeNamedItem tests.
      msxml3: Handle namespaces in removeNamedItem.
      tzres: Add Cuba Time Zone.

Derek Lesho (3):
      winegstreamer: Add a GstPad wrapping the media source's bytestream.
      winegstreamer: Use decodebin to initialize media streams.
      winegstreamer: Implement IMFMediaStream::GetStreamDescriptor.

Dmitry Timoshkov (2):
      wevtsvc: Add EventLog service stub.
      sxs: Fix off by 1 error when allocating memory.

Esme Povirk (2):
      mscoree: Update Wine Mono to 5.1.1.
      dism: Add version resource.

François Gouget (1):
      d3dcompiler_43/tests: Fix the spelling of a couple of ok() messages.

Gabriel Ivăncescu (1):
      qedit/nullrenderer: Wait in Receive() while paused.

Gerald Pfeifer (1):
      winevdm: Abstract references to /dosbox.

Gijs Vermeulen (1):
      ucrtbase: Add [_]strtold[_l].

Hans Leidekker (13):
      dssenh/tests: Get rid of workarounds for old Windows versions.
      bcrypt: Fix buffer size query in BCryptSignHash.
      bcrypt: Fix buffer size query in BCryptExportKey.
      bcrypt: Convert legacy DSA key parameters to and from little-endian format.
      bcrypt: Add support for exporting legacy DSA public keys.
      bcrypt: Add support for importing legacy DSA public keys.
      dssenh: Add stub implementations for a couple of functions.
      dssenh: Register the DSS provider.
      dssenh: Implement CPAcquireContext and CPReleaseContext.
      dssenh: Implement CPCreateHash and CPDestroyHash.
      dssenh: Implement CPHashData.
      dssenh: Implement CPGetHashParam.
      dssenh: Implement CPImportKey and CPDestroyKey.

Henri Verbeet (9):
      include: Update the d3d12 headers from vkd3d.
      wined3d: Copy the correct "binding_base" size in shader_spirv_select().
      wined3d: Implement rasteriser discard for the Vulkan adapter.
      wined3d: Initialise the list of Vulkan device extensions during adapter initialisation.
      wined3d: Only store unique stream output descriptions.
      wined3d: Implement vertex shader stream output in the SPIR-V shader backend.
      wined3d: Implement stream output for the Vulkan adapter.
      wined3d: Implement stream output queries for the Vulkan adapter.
      include: Update d3d12sdklayers.idl from vkd3d.

Hirofumi Katayama (1):
      comctl32/ipaddress: Focus first field on WM_SETFOCUS.

Huw D. M. Davies (13):
      include: Fix TXTVIEW_INACTIVE to be -1.
      riched20: Simplify FindPixelPos().
      riched20: Simplify SplitByBacktracking().
      riched20: Move several of the wrapping functions to use ME_Run directly.
      riched20: Store a ME_Paragraph ptr in the wrap context.
      riched20: Pass a ME_Paragraph ptr to WrapTextParagraph().
      riched20: Pass a ME_Paragraph ptr to itemize_para().
      riched20: Pass a ME_Paragraph ptr to shape_para().
      riched20: Pass a ME_Paragraph ptr to the marking functions.
      riched20: Use ME_Paragraph ptrs to iterate in WrapMarkedParagraphs().
      riched20: Move the marked paragraph list to a rbtree.
      riched20: Don't create a display context in InvalidateParagraphRange().
      riched20: Use ME_Paragraph ptrs in a few of the table functions.

Jacek Caban (22):
      conhost: Call ensure_tty_input_thread in IOCTL_CONDRV_PEEK implementation.
      conhost: Clear out_size in IOCTL_CONDRV_READ_CONSOLE implementation.
      server: Don't propagate STATUS_PENDING in get_next_console_request request.
      server: Use set_active_screen_buffer for consoles attached to server.
      conhost: Scroll window to cursor position when needed.
      conhost: Don't create tty input thread if we don't have tty_input handle.
      kernel32/tests: Move pseudo console tests before FreeConsole.
      conhost: Use better default values in create_screen_buffer.
      kernel32/tests: Improve current console test mode.
      conhost: Initial support for creating console window.
      conhost: Pump window messages when we have a window.
      conhost: Import loading console config from wineconsole.
      conhost: Import font selection support from wineconsole.
      conhost: Import window state update from wineconsole.
      conhost: Update window config in ioctl handlers when needed.
      conhost: Support painting screen buffer.
      conhost: Rename version.rc to conhost.rc.
      conhost: Import menus from wineconsole.
      conhost: Import keyboard event handling from wineconsole.
      conhost: Import mouse event handling from wineconsole.
      conhost: Import config dialog from wineconsole.
      conhost: Import menu handling from wineconsole.

Julian Rüger (1):
      po: Update German translation.

Józef Kucia (1):
      include: Move the ID3D12Debug interface to d3d12sdklayers.idl.

Kevin Puetz (8):
      oleaut32/tests: Include [dual] interface in test_dump_typelib.
      oleaut32: FUNC_DISPATCH from dispinterface should have oVft == 0.
      oleaut32: Overwrite return type when rewriting FUNCDESC to FUNC_DISPATCH.
      oleaut32: Omit [lcid] parameter when rewriting FUNCDESC to FUNC_DISPATCH.
      oleaut32: Make GetNames omit same parameters as GetFuncDesc.
      oleaut32/tests: Add tests for rewriting FUNCDESC to FUNC_DISPATCH.
      include: Fix undefined char16_t in C11.
      vbscript: Implement redim preserve.

Liam Middlebrook (2):
      winevulkan: Add --xml argument to make_vulkan.
      winevulkan: Update to VK spec version 1.2.155.

Louis Lenders (2):
      ntdll: Bump Win 10 version to 17763.
      kernelbase: Return S_OK in WerSetFlags.

Martin Storsjo (6):
      winebuild: Add unwind info to arm64 syscall stubs.
      msvcrt: Hook up __C_specific_handler for arm64.
      ntdll: Unwind to the LR register if no unwind info is available.
      ntdll: Restore the original Lr value when unwinding through raise_func_trampoline on arm64.
      ntdll: Clear ExceptionFlags on arm64 after running an exception handler.
      ntdll: Fix nested exceptions on arm64.

Matteo Bruni (2):
      winex11: Fix monitor_id_fmtW variable name typo.
      winex11: Add DriverDate registry property to display adapters.

Michael Stefaniuc (80):
      dswave: Simplify the stub WAVE IPersistStream_Load().
      gdiplus: Remove superfluous cast to self.
      shell32: Remove superfluous cast to self.
      shlwapi: Remove superfluous cast to self.
      oleaut32: Remove superfluous casts.
      atl80/tests:Use wide-char string literals.
      browseui: Use wide-char string literals.
      d2d1/tests:Use wide-char string literals.
      comcat/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      comsvcs/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      d3dx10/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      d3dx11/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      d3dx9/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      dhcpcsvc/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      faultrep: Use wide-char string literals.
      dplayx: Use wide-char string literals.
      fltmgr.sys: Use wide-char string literals.
      fntcache: Use wide-char string literals.
      httpapi: Use wide-char string literals.
      http.sys: Use wide-char string literals.
      imaadp32.acm: Use wide-char string literals.
      infosoft/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      jsproxy: Use wide-char string literals.
      mciqtz32: Use wide-char string literals.
      msadp32.acm: Use wide-char string literals.
      msftedit: Use wide-char string literals.
      explorerframe: Use wide-char string literals.
      mciavi32: Use wide-char string literals.
      hlink: Use wide-char string literals.
      mcicda: Use wide-char string literals.
      mciseq: Use wide-char string literals.
      dxdiagn/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      mciwave: Use wide-char string literals.
      midimap: Use wide-char string literals.
      mlang: Use wide-char string literals.
      msacm32.drv: Use wide-char string literals.
      msdmo/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      msg711.acm: Use wide-char string literals.
      netcfgx/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      propsys: Use wide-char string literals.
      slc/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      virtdisk/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      wiaservc: Use wide-char string literals.
      xinput1_3: Use wide-char string literals.
      xolehlp: Use wide-char string literals.
      combase: Use wide-char string literals.
      combase/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      conhost: Correct whitespace placement in a TRACE().
      packager: Use wide-char string literals.
      attrib: Use wide-char string literals.
      cabarc: Use wide-char string literals.
      clock: Use wide-char string literals.
      control: Use wide-char string literals.
      dxdiag: Use wide-char string literals.
      extrac32: Use wide-char string literals.
      hostname: Use wide-char string literals.
      net: Use wide-char string literals.
      schtasks: Use wide-char string literals.
      vbscript/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      sc: Use wide-char string literals.
      taskkill: Use wide-char string literals.
      view: Use wide-char string literals.
      winemine: Use wide-char string literals.
      advpack: Don't use sizeof to calculate the length of a WCHAR string.
      advpack: Use wide-char string literals.
      atl: Use wide-char string literals.
      quartz: Use wide-char string literals.
      dinput8/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      dinput/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      joy.cpl: Use wide-char string literals.
      avifil32: Use wide-char string literals.
      msiexec: Use wide-char string literals.
      bcrypt/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      msvcp110/tests: Use wide-char string literals.
      progman: Use wide-char string literals.
      rundll32: Use wide-char string literals.
      regsvr32: Use wide-char string literals.
      eject: Use wide-char string literals.
      credui: Use wide-char string literals.
      dpvoice: Use wide-char string literals.

Myah Caron (1):
      ntoskrnl.exe: Stub MmProtectMdlSystemAddress.

Nikolay Sivov (53):
      server: Inherit standard handles together with explicit handle list.
      combase: Remove dead assignment (Coverity).
      mfreadwrite/tests: Add return value test (Coverity).
      include: Add DWRITE_MAKE_FONT_AXIS_TAG macro.
      evr/mixer: Store input type attributes.
      evr/mixer: Add IMFQualityAdvise stub.
      evr/presenter: Add IMFGetService stub.
      evr/presenter: Create device manager for the presenter.
      evr/presenter: Create d3d device on presenter creation.
      evr/presenter: Expose IMFVideoDisplayControl as a service.
      evr/presenter: Keep video window handle.
      evr/presenter: Maintain video position rectangles.
      evr/presenter: Add missing method stubs.
      msxml3/tests: Use wide string literals in more tests.
      msxml3/tests: Fix tests failures with unreachable network resources.
      comctl32/tests: Remove some workarounds from ListView tests.
      rtworkq: Add remaining queue management stubs.
      evr/presenter: Validate mixer's device id.
      mf: Implement MFCreateVideoRenderer().
      evr/presenter: Better validate input rectangles in SetVideoPosition().
      evr/presenter: Check video window in SetVideoPosition().
      evr/presenter: Set VIDEO_ZOOM_RECT on SetVideoPosition().
      oleaut32: Do not forward IErrorInfo functions.
      msxml3/tests: Use wide string literals in tests.
      comctl32/tests: Remove skips from DPA tests.
      ucrtbase: Add wcstold()/_wcstold_l().
      msvcrt: Correct spec entries for _wcstod_l().
      evr/presenter: Return default flags for GetRenderingPrefs().
      evr/presenter: Check for null argument in GetVideoWindow().
      evr/presenter: Validate passed handle on SetVideoWindow().
      evr/mixer: Keep per-stream output rectangles.
      evr/mixer: Keep per-stream zorder configuration.
      evr/tests: Add some tests for presenter's GetNativeVideoSize().
      evr/presenter: Request original reference frame size when attaching the mixer.
      evr/presenter: Update cached native size on format negotiation.
      evr/presenter: Initialize aspect ratio mode.
      mfplat: Added MFBeginRegisterWorkQueueWithMMCSS().
      mf/evr: Partially implement InitializeRenderer().
      mf/evr: Provide device manager to the mixer.
      mf/evr: Add IMFGetService stub for the streams.
      mf/evr: Create sample allocator for each stream.
      evr/allocator: Implement SetCallback().
      evr/allocator: Implement GetFreeSampleCount().
      comctl32/ipaddress: Select field contents on IPM_SETFOCUS.
      comctl32/ipaddress: Fix IPM_SETFOCUS return value.
      comctl32/ipaddress: Fix IPM_CLEARADDRESS return value.
      comctl32/tests: Fix loop bounds.
      mf/evr: Implement GetMediaTypeCount().
      mf/evr: Implement GetMediaTypeByIndex().
      mf/evr: Set stream media type to the mixer.
      evr/mixer: Add support for MFT_SET_TYPE_TEST_ONLY for inputs.
      mf/evr: Implement IsMediaTypeSupported().
      nls: Build codepage data for CP708.

Owen Rudge (2):
      wsdapi: Use wide character string literals.
      wsdapi/tests: Use wide character string literals.

Paul Gofman (14):
      wined3d: Fix 3d texture layer count for bind tracking.
      wined3d: Use partial bind counts instead of partial bind flags.
      kernel32/tests: Fix fiber test errors on newer Win10.
      kernelbase: Move FlsAlloc() implementation to ntdll.RtlFlsAlloc().
      kernelbase: Move FlsFree() implementation to ntdll.RtlFlsFree().
      kernelbase: Move FlsSetValue() implementation to ntdll.RtlFlsSetValue().
      kernelbase: Move FlsGetValue() implementation to ntdll.RtlFlsGetValue().
      server: Check reply size when copying key full name.
      server: Remove leftover dump in key_get_full_name().
      ntdll: Introduce RtlProcessFlsData() and use it for FLS data destruction.
      ntdll: Reimplement FLS data management on top of up to date structures.
      kernel32/tests: Test FLS data storage structures.
      ntdll: Allocate TEB FLS data in LdrInitializeThunk().
      ntdll: Don't use PEB lock for FLS data.

Piotr Caban (7):
      imm32: Exit early in ImmTranslateMessage when there was no new input.
      winmm: Remove unneeded TIME_TimeToDie, the thread ends when list is empty.
      winmm: Avoid allocations in timeSetEvent.
      winmm: Destroy timer after calling callback.
      winmm: Add more timer tests.
      msvcrt: Terminate on noexcept function trying to propagate exception (i386).
      msvcrt: Terminate on noexcept function trying to propagate exception (x86_64).

Robert Wilhelm (3):
      vbscript: Global_Split free delimiter only if it was allocated.
      vbscript: Allow public and private declarations in global scope.
      vbscript: Fix return value of lookup_identifier().

Roberto Pungartnik (3):
      po: Brazilian Portuguese update.
      po: Update Spanish translation.
      po: Update Spanish translation.

Rémi Bernon (7):
      wbemprox: Set variant type to VT_NULL if BSTR is NULL.
      wbemprox: Report 4095MiB video memory if it overflows.
      dxgi/tests: Check that the last adapter is always WARP.
      include: Split objidl.idl to objidlbase.idl.
      include: Add IAgileObject to objidlbase.idl.
      winex11.drv: Split clip cursor message in notify/request.
      winex11.drv: Forward clip_fullscreen_window to foreground thread.

Sven Baars (3):
      shell32: Fix a leak on error path (Coverity).
      ntdll: Fix a memory leak (Valgrind).
      vbscript: Avoid double frees on error path (Coverity).

Zebediah Figura (37):
      wined3d: Free cached depth/stencil states in wined3d_device_uninit_3d().
      wined3d: Move the depth write enable state to wined3d_depth_stencil_state.
      wined3d: Move the stencil enable state to wined3d_depth_stencil_state.
      wined3d: Move the stencil read mask to wined3d_depth_stencil_state.
      wined3d: Move the stencil write mask to wined3d_depth_stencil_state.
      ws2_32: Reimplement WSAEnumProtocols() using a flat array of WSA_PROTOCOLINFO structures.
      ws2_32: Look for supported socket parameters if any parameters to WSASocket() are zero.
      ws2_32: Add protocol information for TCP and UDP over IPv6.
      ws2_32: Reimplement ws_protocol_info() using the supported_protocols array.
      netprofm: Do not use the WS_ prefix.
      wined3d: Move the stencil function to wined3d_depth_stencil_state.
      wined3d: Move the stencil pass operation to wined3d_depth_stencil_state.
      wined3d: Move the stencil fail operation to wined3d_depth_stencil_state.
      wined3d: Move the stencil depth fail operation to wined3d_depth_stencil_state.
      wined3d: Move the depth function to wined3d_depth_stencil_state.
      wined3d: Introduce WINED3DFMT_FLAG_UNORDERED_ACCESS.
      wined3d: Check for UAV support in wined3d_check_device_format.
      d3d11: Report D3D11_FORMAT_SUPPORT_TYPED_UNORDERED_ACCESS_VIEW in CheckFormatSupport().
      d3d11/tests: Add a test for deferred context state management.
      msdmo: Also handle ERROR_SUCCESS with nonzero size from RegQueryValueExW().
      ws2_32: Pass Win32 socket types to the server.
      ws2_32: Set default socket options in the server.
      server: Return Win32 socket types from get_socket_info.
      server: Remove redundant calls to sock_reselect().
      d3d11/tests: Add a test for rendering with deferred contexts.
      wined3d: Correct off-by-one errors when comparing against ARRAY_SIZE.
      server: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_ACCEPT.
      ws2_32: Use IOCTL_AFD_ACCEPT.
      server: Remove the no longer used accept_socket request.
      server: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_ACCEPT_INTO.
      ws2_32: Use IOCTL_AFD_ACCEPT_INTO.
      server: Remove the no longer used accept_into_socket request.
      ws2_32/tests: Avoid using skip() or trace() for tests that should not fail.
      ws2_32/tests: Make the tests less verbose by default.
      ws2_32/tests: Link directly to more functions.
      ws2_32/tests: Avoid ok(0, ...) where the condition can be checked directly.
      qedit/tests: Add some basic tests for null renderer connection and streaming.

Zhiyi Zhang (8):
      winemac.drv: Fix monitor_id_fmtW variable name typo.
      dxgi/tests: Run test_get_containing_output() on d3d12 as well.
      dxgi/tests: Run test_window_association() on d3d12 as well.
      dxgi/tests: Run test_default_fullscreen_target_output() on d3d12 as well.
      dxgi: Support creating a fullscreen swapchain on d3d12.
      dxgi: Retrieve d3d12 swapchain fullscreen state from wined3d.
      dxgi: Support Alt+Enter for d3d12 swapchains.
      dxgi: Update swapchain containing output after Alt+Enter was used to exit fullscreen.

Ziqing Hui (4):
      d3dx10: Move D3DX10GetImageInfo*() to texture.c.
      d3dx10: Implement D3DX10GetImageInfoFromFileW().
      d3dx10/tests: Add tests for D3DX10GetImageInfoFromFileA().
      d3dx10: Implement D3DX10GetImageInfoFromFileA().

Alexandre Julliard
[email protected]