Wine Announcement

The Wine development release 6.7 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
  - NetApi32, WLDAP32, and Kerberos libraries converted to PE.
  - More Media Foundation work.
  - ES6 JavaScript mode.
  - Improved WOW64 file system redirection.
  - More Plug & Play driver support.
  - Keyboard raw input device.
  - Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 6.7 (total 44):

  12076  Multiple applications refuse to install unless '%SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\Etc\{services,host}' exist (Informix Database apps, Autodesk 3ds Max 9, SAP GUI)
  12457  Multiple apps crash with NotImplementedException at IWebBrowser2.get_LocationName() (SharpDevelop 2.2, Clarion Enterprise Edition 9.0.10376)
  17823  Multiple application license/DRM schemes require non-zero volume/fs serial for drive "c:" (Rhino 4.0 trial installer, HyperChem 8.0.x, Solid Framework .NET libraries)
  25265  Foobar2000 does not automatically update media library (folder watch does not work)
  28995  Avid VENUE software fails to start (unable to use named pipes with ">" character in the name)
  32548  CS:GO error message when launching csgo.exe.
  34398  Daedalic games don't display anything with winemac.drv (glu32 is tied to X11)
  38572  NHL09 Crashing when loading game after selecting all options in game menus
  40567  Foobar2000 1.x doesn't run or takes too long to open
  41468  Supreme Commander Forged Alliance needs CLSID '{343e68e6-8f82-4a8d-a2da-6e9a944b378c}' xactengine2_9.dll
  42775  Page fault in ole32.PropertyStorage_ReadFromStream() while running mwt.exe /regserver (part of PR1750-60-R5 installation)
  44691  EA Origin installer fails with "error 3:0" (security descriptor translated to 555 access on install directory)
  44755  reg.exe does not recognize '/reg:32' and '/reg:64' switches passed via the command line
  45615  Rekordbox 5.3.0 terminates with the message "Unexpected application error" when playing an audio file
  46309  Winamp with Classic Skin "jumps randomly" when moved
  48486  cmd WCMD_ReadAndParseLine contains non-null terminated strings, causing garbage output in trace logs
  49277  Always false condition in dispex.c
  49286  Melodyne 5 installs but crashes when launched (needs ws2_32.dll.GetHostNameW)
  49671  Supreme Commander demo needs CLSID {bc3e0fc6-2e0d-4c45-bc61-d9c328319bd8} xactengine2_4.dll
  50275  Copy paste bug in conhost/window.c
  50318  'HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\DataBasePath' registry entry has non-standard value
  50415  MPC-HC 1.7.13 crashes when playing video (needs the EVR filter to support IEVRFilterConfig)
  50628  Fairy Tale About Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya crashes on DDERR_SURFACE_LOST
  50733  MUSICUS!: ending videos play are extremely choppy
  50791  NtQueryObject( ..., ObjectBasicInformation, NULL, 0, &retLen) returns incorrect NTSTATUS error code and no buffer size (EditSection, Google sandbox-attacksurface-analysis-tools v1.1.x)
  50801  Wine Mono crashes on macOS
  50829  Process Hacker 2.38 crashes on unimplemented function dbghelp.dll.SymFromNameW
  50892  WINE 6.3: opentrack-wrapper-wine segfaults with message "Got unexpected trap 14 during process initialization".
  50894  Wine does not recognize C:\windows\sysnative\
  50898  Improve performance for RGB lookups into color tables conversion
  50899  WeChat crashes with Wine 6.5
  50925  Error fetching public key in GetRSAKeyFromCert - File not found
  50946  BioShock Remastered crashes after choosing difficulty
  50952  Legends of Runeterra crashes at launch
  50956  Cannot disable winemenubuilder.exe by DLL override
  50960  NETCoreCheck from .NET Deployment Tools crashes on unimplemented function api-ms-win-crt-stdio-l1-1-0.dll.__stdio_common_vfwprintf_p
  50967  sc.exe doesn't understand the start command and other parameters
  50978  Multiple applications fail to load due to unhandled "loadFrom" field in assembly <file> element (Adobe DNG Converter 13.2, MikroTik WinBox, SimSig, Windows System Control Center)
  50979  Regression: Wine doesn't run executables in unix path
  50996  GCC11 & wineg++ regression: missing /usr/include path
  51006  Running 32-bit wineboot to create a new 64-bit WINEPREFIX results in a wineboot fork bomb with Wine 6.6-149-g39263558a20
  51008  LDPlayer 4.0.x (Android Emulator) crashes on unimplemented function user32.dll.SetProcessDpiAwarenessInternal
  51018  Binaries compiled with an older winegcc won't run on >=v6.5
  51035  Alacritty v0.7.2 portable crashes: SetEnvironmentVariable  ("some_non-existant_var", NULL) should return TRUE


Changes since 6.6:

Alexandre Julliard (41):
      wine.inf: Also install start.exe in syswow64.
      ntdll: Take loadorder into account also for a main exe in .so format.
      ntdll: Cleanup the path with collapse_path() in unix_to_nt_file_name().
      ntdll: Initialize version and session id on the Unix side.
      ntdll: Reuse the Unix name buffer for get_dos_device().
      ntdll: Reject NT path names that are not in canonical form.
      winedbg: Use QueryFullProcessImageNameW to retrieve the main image name.
      winedbg: Use GetMappedFileNameW() as fallback when fetching module names.
      include: Update PROCESS_BASIC_INFORMATION definition.
      ntdll: Allow a second backslash after the drive letter.
      ntdll: Move nt_to_unix_file_name_attr() to avoid forward declarations.
      ntdll: Always pass object attributes to nt_to_unix_file_name().
      ws2_32: Install network database files.
      wine.inf: Fix the Tcpip database path.
      ntdll: Move create_startup_info() to env.c.
      ntdll: Reimplement file system redirection using NT pathname comparisons.
      ntdll: Get rid of the rebuild_nt_name() helper.
      ntdll/tests: Add some file system redirection tests.
      uninstaller: Restart 64-bit version from the system32 directory.
      wineboot: Restart 64-bit version from the system32 directory.
      winecfg: Restart 64-bit version from the system32 directory.
      winedbg: Restart 64-bit version from the system32 directory.
      wusa: Restart 64-bit version from the system32 directory.
      wine.inf: Don't install 64-bit only programs in syswow64.
      server: Pass the NT process flags to the new_process request.
      netapi32: Fix build when libnetapi is missing.
      ntdll: Support MaxVersionTested in the manifest compatibility element.
      ntdll: Parse the loadFrom attribute in manifest dll elements.
      ntdll: Use the loadFrom directory to load dlls from the activation context.
      ntdll: Don't bother setting the preloader range for fake dlls.
      ntdll: Load libwine before the main image.
      ntdll: Support a full path name in the loadFrom dll redirection entry.
      ntdll: Fix buffer allocation size in get_env_var().
      kernelbase: Fix buffer size passed to read_nt_symlink().
      ntdll: Remove no longer used defines from the makefile.
      configure: Stop building libwine on Android.
      server: Get rid of the remaining PowerPC support.
      server: Return a list of supported machines instead of a CPU bitmask.
      server: Return the process machine from the main exe instead of a CPU flag.
      ntdll: Implement NtQuerySystemInformationEx(SystemSupportedProcessorArchitectures).
      ntdll: Make sure that the virtual heap doesn't overlap the preloader range.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (1):
      xactengine: Use nameless unions.

Andrew Eikum (5): Stub DLL. Stub implement IMediaDeviceStatics.
      mmdevapi: Support device ID paths in ActivateAudioInterfaceAsync. Implement IMediaDeviceStatics::GetDefaultAudio{Capture,Render}Id. Stub DefaultAudio{Capture,Render}DeviceChanged events.

Andrew Sheldon (1):
      wined3d: Add GPU information for Radeon RX 6800(XT) / 6900 XT.

Andrey Gusev (5):
      make_specfiles: Add a few api-ms-win-core-* to kernel32 group.
      wldap32: Remove redundant 'break' statement.
      dmime: Fix misplaced parentheses.
      make_specfiles: Add api-ms-win-core-winrt-error-l1-1-* to combase group.
      iphlpapi: Fix misplaced parentheses.

Andrey Turkin (1):
      ieframe: Implement IWebBrowser2::get_LocationName().

Anton Baskanov (12):
      amstream/tests: Add more tests for IMediaStreamFilter::EndOfStream.
      quartz: Use a separate critical section for events.
      amstream: Implement MediaStreamFilter::EndOfStream.
      winegstreamer: Add missing RGB16 format to wg_video_format_from_gst.
      amstream/tests: Test that streams call IMediaStreamFilter::EndOfStream.
      amstream: Call IMediaStreamFilter::EndOfStream when streams receive EOS.
      amstream/tests: Test that streams call IMediaStreamFilter::Flush in IPin::BeginFlush.
      amstream: Call IMediaStreamFilter::Flush in IPin::BeginFlush.
      amstream/tests: Add tests for AMMultiMediaStream::GetEndOfStreamEventHandle.
      amstream: Implement AMMultiMediaStream::GetEndOfStreamEventHandle.
      amstream/tests: Add a test for event parameter of IDirectDrawStreamSample::Update.
      amstream: Support the event parameter in IDirectDrawStreamSample::Update.

Arkadiusz Hiler (2):
      setupapi: Demote ERR on opening driver key to a TRACE.
      kernel32: Update version to Win 10.

Aurimas Fišeras (1):
      po: Update Lithuanian translation.

Connor McAdams (7):
      mfplat: Add corresponding 'IYUV' type alongside 'I420'.
      mfplat: Add support for AudioFormat_Float in MFCreateWaveFormatExFromMFMediaType.
      mfplat: Add MFCreateWaveFormatExFromMFMediaType AudioFormat_Float test.
      mfplat: Free video_format pointer on final MediaType Release.
      mfplat: Implement GetAudioFormat method for IMFAudioMediaType interface.
      winex11.drv: Add mutable pixel format awareness.
      include: Don't pack XACT_RUNTIME_PARAMETERS structure.

Damjan Jovanovic (1):
      comctl32: Send DTN_DATETIMECHANGE when the checkbox changes too.

David Torok (1):
      ntdll: Add NtCreateThread stub.

Dmitry Timoshkov (7):
      crypt32: Implement CryptImportPublicKeyInfoEx2.
      crypt32: Add support for importing RSA public keys with BCrypt.
      crypt32/tests: Add a test to verify certificate signature.
      crypt32/tests: Link to CryptAcquireContext directly.
      crypt32/tests: Link to BCryptDestroyKey directly.
      crypt32/tests: Remove Win9x checks.
      msxml3: Don't unlink the XML declaration when saving document.

Esme Povirk (1):
      kernel32: Add stub for GetMaximumProcessorGroupCount.

Floris Renaud (1):
      po: Update Dutch translation.

François Gouget (6):
      winetest: Trace skipped dlls when in exclude (-n) mode.
      ws2_32/tests: Load GetHostNameW() dynamically.
      windows.globalization/tests: PRoActivateInstance() is unused. Remove it.
      windows.globalization/tests: Load GetUserDefaultGeoName() dynamically.
      windows.globalization/tests: Fix the GetUserDefaultGeoName() test on Win10 1709.
      mfplat/tests: Fix an event queue refcounting test on Vista.

Gabriel Ivăncescu (5):
      gdi32: Move the loop through each clipped rectangle to the primitive blend funcs.
      gdi32: Use a lazy-init lookup cache when converting RGB values to colour table indices.
      kernel32/tests: Test renaming a file/directory to a different casing of itself or existing target.
      kernel32/tests: Test hard linking a file to a different casing of itself.
      ntdll/tests: Test hard linking a file to a different casing of itself or existing target.

Georg Lehmann (2):
      winevulkan: Simplify thunk declaration.
      winevulkan: Fix queue creation with mixed queue flags.

Gijs Vermeulen (7):
      jscript: Remove unreachable statement in disp_call_value().
      rasapi32: Update spec file.
      cmd: Use terminated strings.
      ntdll: Return STATUS_INFO_LENGTH_MISMATCH when len is too small in NtQueryObject(ObjectBasicInformation).
      ntdll/tests: Refactor RtlSetEnvironmentVariable() tests.
      ntdll: Don't fail when trying to remove the value of a non-existant variable in RtlSetEnvironmentVariable().
      dbghelp: Implement SymFromNameW().

Hans Leidekker (41):
      ws2_32: Implement GetHostNameW.
      wldap32: Move support for add functions to a new Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for ber functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for bind functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for compare functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for control functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for delete functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for error functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for search functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for dn functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for extended functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for init functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for modify functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for modrdn functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for option functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for page functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for parse functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Move support for rename functions to the Unix library.
      wldap32: Don't depend on libldap for the value functions.
      wldap32: Get rid of wldap32.h.
      wldap32: Build with msvcrt.
      wldap32: Use CRT memory allocators.
      wldap32: Use wide character string literals.
      wldap32: Get rid of the WLDAP32_ prefix.
      wldap32: Fix parsing page controls.
      wldap32: Avoid a crash with tracing on.
      kerberos: Move support for SpAcquireCredentialsHandle/SpFreeCredentialsHandle to a new Unix library.
      kerberos: Move support for SpInitLsaModeContext/SpDeleteContext to the Unix library.
      kerberos: Move support for SpAcceptLsaModeContext to the Unix library.
      kerberos: Move support for SpMakeSignature to the Unix library.
      kerberos: Move support for SpVerifySignature to the Unix library.
      bcrypt: Decryption with asymmetric keys is supported.
      bcrypt: Pass output length as a separate parameter to key_asymmetric_decrypt.
      kerberos: Move support for SpQueryContextAttributes to the Unix library.
      kerberos: Move support for SpSealMessage to the Unix library.
      kerberos: Move support for SpUnsealMessage to the Unix library.
      kerberos: Move support for KerbQueryTicketCacheMessage to the Unix library.
      kerberos: Build with msvcrt.
      kerberos: Use wide character string literals.
      kerberos: Use CRT memory allocators.
      secur32/tests: Add a Kerberos ticket cache test.

Henri Verbeet (2):
      wined3d: Make some functions static.
      wined3d: Use wglSetPixelFormatWINE() in wined3d_context_gl_set_pixel_format() if we can.

Hugh McMaster (15):
      po: Remove duplicate line in Dutch translation.
      reg/tests: Reorder failing 'query' tests.
      reg/tests: Give 'query' tests some structure.
      reg/tests: Compare 'query'test output with expected output.
      reg/tests: Compare output of some 'query' recursion tests.
      reg/tests: Test output of keys with a trailing backslash.
      reg/tests: Refactor 'add' tests into registry types, keys and syntax checks.
      reg/tests: Only pass a newly created HKEY if it is used in later tests.
      reg/tests: Test key creation and initialization of the Default registry value.
      reg/tests: Only try querying an invalid key once.
      reg/tests: Use 'hkey' in 'query' tests for consistency with other reg.exe tests.
      reg/tests: Add tests for querying a key only containing subkeys.
      reg: Drop key output from the "Invalid system key" error message.
      reg: Fail if a system key has a trailing backslash but no subkey path.
      reg: Print the full key path without a trailing backslash.

Huw D. M. Davies (1):
      wldap32: Remove unnecessary test of sortkey.

Jacek Caban (38):
      jscript: Support passing EXPRVAL_JSVAL through JS stack.
      jscript: Ignore an attempt to set visible host object identifier's value in ES5 mode.
      jscript: Add function name to its scope chain in ES5 mode.
      winevulkan: Use standard CRT memory allocators.
      winevulkan: Use pthread_rwlock_t in VkInstance_T.
      winevulkan: Move registration functions to new loader.c file.
      winevulkan: Move ICD functions to loader.c.
      winevulkan: Remove native_vkGetInstanceProcAddrWINE.
      winevulkan: Move fill_luid_property and its callers to loader.c.
      winevulkan: Move wine_vk_init to loader.c.
      mshtml: Fix DISPID_IE8_ELEMENTMAX define.
      winevulkan: Introduce unix_funcs struct.
      winevulkan: Implement Vulkan entry points as wrappers around unix_funcs.
      winevulkan: Don't use heap.h.
      winevulkan: Move Vulkan calls to Unix lib.
      winevulkan: Don't use vulkan_private.h in loader_thunks.c.
      winevulkan: Don't use vulkan_private.h in loader.c.
      winevulkan: Build with msvcrt.
      winevulkan: Use wide string literals.
      jscript: Use enum to pass enumeration type to jsdisp_next_prop.
      jscript: Add Object.getOwnPropertyNames implementation.
      jscript: Pass container object and property name to stringify.
      jscript: Support replacer argument in JSON.stringify.
      mshtml/tests: Allow running external script tests.
      jscript: Introduce INVALID_LOCAL_REF.
      jscript: Don't expose named functions in expressions as a local variable in ES5 mode.
      mshtml: Return null from IHTMLStorage::getItem stub.
      mshtml: Introduce ES6 JavaScript mode and use it in IE11 compat mode.
      jscript: Add Set object stub implementation.
      mshtml: Add IDOMEvent::isTrusted implementation.
      mshtml: Introduce timer_type enum.
      mshtml: Factor out get_time_stamp helper.
      mshtml: Add window.requestAnimationFrame semi-stub implementation.
      winegcc: Use -idirafter for system include paths.
      mshtml: Use Gecko attributes for non-HTML elements IHTMLElement::title implementation.
      mshtml: Add IHTMLElement6::hasAttribute implementation.
      mshtml: Reimplement IHTMLElement3::disabled property on top of Gecko attributes.
      mshtml: Use Gecko attributes for getAttribute, setAttribute and removeAttribute implementation in IE8+ mode.

Jan Sikorski (3):
      wined3d: Handle typeless resolve in the Vulkan blitter.
      wined3d: Handle typeless resolve in the FBO blitter.
      wined3d: Prevent buildup of retired buffer objects' memory.

Julian Rüger (1):
      po: Update German translation.

Liam Middlebrook (3):
      winevulkan: Ignore Zircon handle type.
      winevulkan: Explicitly define VK_NULL_HANDLE.
      winevulkan: Update to VK spec version 1.2.176.

Michael Stefaniuc (1):
      mfplat/tests: Test the correct variable.

Michele Dionisio (1):
      msvcrt: Add __stdio_common_vfprintf_p and __stdio_common_vfwprintf_p.

Nikolay Sivov (52):
      sc: Fix typos in CLI arguments parsing.
      include: Remove duplicated ComboEx item mask flags.
      comctl32/tests: Enable some ComboEx tests on version 6.
      comctl32/tests: Add some tests for ComboEx callback functionality.
      comctl32/tests: Remove unnecessary macro.
      mf/topology: Copy input topology attributes on Load().
      mf/tests: Add some SAR supported interfaces checks.
      mf/session: Handle shutdown state on GetService().
      mf/session: Forward MEReconnect* events to the application.
      mf/session: Forward more events to the application.
      mf/tests: Fix mediatype instance leak (Coverity).
      setupapi: Fix use after free in trace message (Coverity).
      mfreadwrite/reader: Add missing allocation check (Coverity).
      mfplay: Partially implement SetMediaItem().
      mfplay: Set media item pointer for state change events.
      mfplay: Rework session event handler.
      mfplay: Handle shutdown state in CreateMediaItemFromURL().
      mfplay: Handle shutdown state on GetMediaItem().
      mfplay: Fix a leak on error path in synchronous CreateMediaItemFromURL() (Coverity).
      mfplay: Implement MFP_EVENT_TYPE_MF event.
      d2d1: Remove unnecessary return statements.
      mfplat: Use RTWQ* type in BeginGetEvent().
      mfplat: Release queue subscriber on queue release.
      dwrite/tests: Add glyph origin tests for sideways mode.
      mfplay: Raise MFP_EVENT_TYPE_ERROR events on pipeline errors.
      mfplay: Implement CreateMediaItemFromObject().
      evr/presenter: Add IMFQualityAdviseLimits stub.
      evr/presenter: Set vertex processing flag for created d3d9 device.
      mf/evr: Reinitialize presenter on clock change.
      mf/evr: Return current clock for MR_VIDEO_RENDER_SERVICE requests.
      mf/evr: Set initial output window size for the presenter.
      evr/presenter: Set MF_MT_MINIMUM_DISPLAY_APERTURE when configuring mixer output.
      evr/presenter: Set sample size attributes when configuring mixer output.
      evr/presenter: Fix sample queue loop present condition.
      evr/presenter: Add missing allocation error path.
      mf/tests: Add some tests for EVR sink services.
      include: Add mfplay event macros.
      mfplay: Implement MFP_EVENT_TYPE_PLAYBACK_ENDED event.
      mfplay: Implement SetStreamSink().
      mfplay: Handle user sinks.
      mfplay: Create video output branches.
      mfplay: Implement HasVideo()/HasAudio().
      mfplay: Forward GetNativeVideoSize() to the session.
      mfplay: Implement source rectangle methods.
      mfplay: Implement aspect ratio control methods.
      mfplay: Implement border color control methods.
      mfplay: Implement GetNativeVideoSize().
      rtworkq: Use CRT allocation functions.
      include: Add DIRID_DRIVER_STORE.
      mfplat: Remove some unnecessary pointer casts.
      mfplat: Reduce duplication in MFCreateMFVideoFormatFromMFMediaType() for ratio attributes.
      evr/tests: Simplify d3d9 device creation helper.

Paul Gofman (8):
      kernel32: Implement PackageIdFromFullName().
      ntdll: Remove wait timeout in get_thread_context().
      kernel32: Implement VirtualAllocFromApp().
      xmllite: Avoid out of bounds access in readerinput_get_utf8_convlen().
      ntdll: Release IO thread pool object from ioqueue_thread_proc().
      bcrypt: Synchronize symmetric key access for encrypt and decrypt.
      bcrypt/tests: Add test for key parallel usage.
      mmdevapi: Return success from SAORS_GetAvailableDynamicObjectCount().

Piotr Caban (6):
      winemac.drv: Don't filter non active displays out.
      winemac.drv: Take all online monitors into account when computing desktop rect.
      winemac.drv: Fix setting DISPLAY_DEVICE_ATTACHED_TO_DESKTOP flag on adapters.
      crypt32/tests: Fix tests on systems where google chain root is not trusted.
      crypt32/tests: Fix tests skipped on all test bot machines.
      crypt32: Handle CERT_CHAIN_POLICY_IGNORE_NOT_TIME_VALID_FLAG when verifying chain policy.

Rémi Bernon (19):
      mfplat: Read queue subscriber within the critical section.
      mfplat: Release queue subscriber on Shutdown.
      user32/tests: Add more SendInput tests.
      user32: Implement SendInput INPUT_HARDWARE check.
      user32: Add RAWINPUT parameter to __wine_send_input.
      hidclass.sys: Assign rawinput device handle in HID_LinkDevice.
      user32: Remove unnecessary device path memory allocation.
      user32: Use malloc/realloc/free instead of heap_* helpers.
      user32: Free rawinput devices preparsed data on reset.
      user32: Use wcslen instead of lstrlenW.
      user32: Remove unused heap_strdupW helper.
      ntdll/tests: Add committed / reserved thread stack sizes tests.
      ntdll: Clear the first ~1MB of stack in signal_start_thread.
      server: Track desktop users per thread instead of per process.
      ntdll: Make sure unix_name is zero terminated (valgrind).
      winebus.sys: Create stub Wine HID keyboard device.
      include: Add GUID_DEVINTERFACE_KEYBOARD to ntddkbd.h.
      hidclass.sys: Register GUID_DEVINTERFACE_KEYBOARD interface.
      user32: Enumerate keyboard rawinput devices.

Sven Baars (4):
      gdi32: Remove some unreachable code (Coverity).
      gdi32: Add a missing break (Coverity).
      gdi32: Fix a leak on error path (Coverity).
      gdi32: Fix some leaks on error paths.

Vijay Kiran Kamuju (2):
      include: Add xact.h.
      include: Add xact2wb.h.

Zebediah Figura (82):
      ntoskrnl/tests: Add some tests for WM_DEVICECHANGE.
      ntoskrnl/tests: Test child device enumeration.
      wineusb.sys: Report RawDeviceOK in IRP_MN_QUERY_CAPABILITIES.
      ntoskrnl: Start the device even without a function driver if it reports RawDeviceOK.
      ntoskrnl: Do not send power IRPs on device start and removal.
      ntoskrnl/tests: Handle IRP_MJ_POWER requests.
      netapi32: Use ntdll functions for CP_UNIXCP codepage conversions.
      netapi32: Move libnetapi support to a new Unix library.
      netapi32: Move change_password_smb() to the Unix library.
      netapi32: Build with msvcrt.
      wined3d: Map resources through wined3d_device_context_ops.
      wined3d: Introduce wined3d_device_context_map().
      d3d11: Use wined3d_device_context_map().
      wined3d: Introduce wined3d_device_context_unmap().
      d3d11: Use wined3d_device_context_unmap().
      kernel32/tests: Add a test for special characters in pipe names.
      wined3d: Issue queries through wined3d_device_context_ops.
      wined3d: Introduce wined3d_device_context_issue_query().
      d3d11: Use wined3d_device_context_issue_query().
      wined3d: Flush through wined3d_device_context_ops.
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_flush().
      ntoskrnl: Remove the device from the root device list in IRP_MN_REMOVE_DEVICE.
      ntoskrnl: Forbid unloading a driver with running root PnP devices.
      hidclass.sys: Zero-initialize the HID_DEVICE_ATTRIBUTES structure.
      ntoskrnl/tests: Add some tests for HID devices.
      winebus.sys: Rename "report_cs" to "cs".
      winebus.sys: Move platform-specific device cleanup to a callback function.
      winebus.sys: Reject ioctls on a removed device.
      winebus.sys: Move device destruction to IRP_MN_REMOVE_DEVICE.
      hidclass.sys: Always wait for the lower driver in hid_device_thread().
      combase/tests: Link directly to combase.
      wined3d: Introduce wined3d_device_context_get_shader().
      d3d11: Use wined3d_device_context_get_shader().
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_get_constant_buffer().
      hidclass.sys: Pass a KEVENT to IoBuildDeviceIoControlRequest() in hid_device_thread().
      hidclass.sys: Merge main.c into pnp.c.
      hidclass.sys: Remove the unused device_name field.
      hidclass.sys: Use GUID_DEVINTERFACE_HID directly.
      hidclass.sys: Create separate parent FDO and child PDO objects.
      winebus.sys: Do not print a FIXME for IRP_MN_QUERY_DEVICE_RELATIONS in pdo_pnp_dispatch().
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_get_blend_state().
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_get_depth_stencil_state().
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_get_rasterizer_state().
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_get_viewports().
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_get_scissor_rects().
      wine.inf: Install the protocol database at etc\protocol.
      setupapi: Quiet a noisy warning.
      wined3d: Introduce wined3d_device_context_get_shader_resource_view().
      d3d11: Use wined3d_device_context_get_shader_resource_view().
      wined3d: Introduce wined3d_device_context_get_sampler().
      d3d11: Use wined3d_device_context_get_sampler().
      wined3d: Introduce wined3d_device_context_get_unordered_access_view().
      d3d11: Use wined3d_device_context_get_unordered_access_view().
      hidclass.sys: Pass a KEVENT to IoBuildSynchronousFsdRequest() in get_device_id().
      hidclass.sys: Stop creating a setupapi device.
      hidclass.sys: Set PhysicalDeviceObject to the bus PDO.
      winehid.sys: Pass PnP IRPs down to the next device.
      winebus.sys: Return success from IRP_MN_START_DEVICE on the child PDO.
      hidclass.sys: Defer creating a child device until IRP_MN_START_DEVICE.
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_get_rendertarget_view().
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_get_depth_stencil_view().
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_get_predication().
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_get_index_buffer().
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_get_vertex_declaration().
      xactengine2_0: New DLL.
      xactengine2_4: New DLL.
      xactengine2_7: New DLL.
      xactengine2_9: New DLL.
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_get_stream_source().
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_get_stream_output().
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_set_primitive_type().
      wined3d: Pass a wined3d_device_context to wined3d_device_get_primitive_type().
      evr: Stub IEVRFilterConfig.
      dbghelp: Link directly to __unDName.
      windows.gaming.input: Link directly to combase.
      windows.globalization: Link directly to combase. Link directly to combase. Link directly to combase.
      advapi32/tests: Add a test for setting the SD owner of a directory to a group.
      server: Map a SD group to Unix group modes if the SD owner is present anywhere in the current user's token.
      xactengine: Explicitly convert notification type constants.
      wined3d: Move the wined3d_device_context_get_depth_stencil_view() declaration to the correct place alphabetically.

Zhiyi Zhang (10):
      ntdll: Initialize nt_name before using it.
      winedump: Dump EMR_ALPHABLEND record.
      winedump: Dump EMR_STRETCHBLT record.
      gdi32/tests: Test GdiAlphaBlend() for enhanced metafiles.
      gdi32: Implement EMFDRV_AlphaBlend().
      gdi32/tests: Test text extents for enhanced metafiles.
      gdi32: Move common SetLayout() code to nulldrv_SetLayout().
      gdi32: Reselect font and pen when changing world transforms for enhanced metafiles.
      include: Add META_SETLAYOUT definition.
      winedump: Support dumping Windows Metafiles.

Łukasz Wojniłowicz (1):
      po: Update Polish translation.

Alexandre Julliard