Wine Announcement

The Wine development release 7.0-rc2 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
  - Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.

The source is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 7.0-rc2 (total 34):

  29934  Weird Worlds: Launcher no longer launches the game
  37255  Proteus 8 Access violation in module 'VGDVC.DLL'
  48631  Multiple games display text as squares (Death to Spies: Moment of Truth, Shadow Warrior, Resident Evil 4 HD)
  50526  ConEmu wineconsole Ctrl+m has different behavior
  50714  YooSee CMS client crashes after login since Wine 5.12 (ntdll built as PE)
  50906  Her Story: crashes when seeking in video
  51282  Samurai Shodown Reboot 2019: low gpu usage around 5-10% and low fps around 9-20fps
  51296  Multiple applications (Cogmind, Photoshop, ...) render mouse cursor as black square
  51380  The segment register tests fail in the wow32 ntdll:exception build
  51409  Trails to Azure crashes when reaching main menu after video playback
  51479  winedevice.exe crashes on prefix shutdown
  51500  ntdll:exception test_wow64_context() randomly fails on Windows
  51521  Installer of Tencent meeting crashes when using enter key in the license agreement screen.
  51539  "server: Get the process entry point from the exe image info" breaks running if exe is loaded at a non-default address
  51589  Buttons have no icons when using the Light Blue theme
  51745  Xbox Controller no longer recognised
  51766  ^C in gdb mode makes debugger quit
  51790  MSI is no longer able to detect correct architecture for a custom action DLL
  51910  Keyboard Input Partially Broken
  51930  Final Fantasy XIV audio broken in wine-6.20
  52008  Broken symlink to 'My Documents' causes app to crash
  52020  Multiple games crash after intros (Borderlands GOTY Enhanced, Dark Souls: Remastered, Steel Division: Normandy 44)
  52038  Sonic Adventure DX (2004) crashes after intro cutscene
  52041  DAVAR4 crashes when moving mouse over document window scrollbars
  52082  Ace Ventura (CD-ROM) crashes on start
  52112  Final Fantasy XIV failing to boot
  52140  configure fails to detect libldap 2.5+
  52161  ntdll:om fails when run without elevated privileges
  52165  mfplat:mfplat has failures in test_sample_allocator_d3d12() on Windows 10 1709
  52166  mfplat:mfplat has a failure in test_d3d12_surface_buffer() on Windows 10 1709
  52187  wine-mono's WPF tests hang (broken handling of IDWriteTextAnalysisSource callbacks in analyzer)
  52195  comctl32:propsheet fails in the Hebrew locale
  52206  Logos 9 Bible Software (.NET 4.7 app) external links don't open web browser
  52207  HICON leak in CopyImage causes TheBat! to crash after a while


Changes since 7.0-rc1:

Alex Henrie (3):
      comctl32/tests: Permit larger propsheet buffers.
      kernel32/tests: Split up checks in flush_proc function.
      advapi32/tests: Accept more broken values in another RegEnumValue name overflow test.

Alexandre Julliard (16):
      ntdll/tests: Mark a failing test as todo.
      krnl386.exe: Page-align the GlobalAlloc() size when the selector limit is in pages.
      winebrowser: Try xdg-open before /usr/bin/open.
      ntdll: Fix the RtlCreateTimer() argument order.
      ntdll/tests: Fix some exception test failures on Windows.
      ntdll/tests: Fix some directory test failures on Windows.
      ntdll/tests: Fix some wow64 test failures on Windows.
      ntdll/tests: Mark a failing test as todo.
      kernel32/tests: Fix some test failures on Windows.
      kernel32/tests: Remove an unreliable test.
      kernelbase/tests: Fix some test failures on Windows.
      schedsvc/tests: Fix a test failure on recent Windows versions.
      advapi32/tests: Skip event log tests on Windows when access is not allowed.
      crypt32/tests: Mark a failing test as todo.
      wininet/tests: Mark a failing test as todo.
      d3d11/tests: Mark a couple of failing tests as todo.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (1):
      dbghelp: Fix use after free.

Andrey Gusev (3):
      hlink/tests: Fix a typo in a comment.
      wmc: Fix a typo in a comment.
      wined3d: Add WINED3DFMT_R11G11B10_FLOAT vertex format.

Bernhard Übelacker (1):
      inetmib1: Fix endianess issue with dwLocalAddr and dwLocalPort.

Chilung Chan (2):
      po: Update Traditional Chinese translation.
      xcopy: Add /k in Syntax message of STRING_HELP string.

Connor McAdams (1):
      ws2_32: Return WSAEINVAL from GetAddrInfoExOverlappedResult if overlapped is NULL.

Conor McCarthy (1):
      wined3d: Do not bind buffers in state_cb() if the shader is not set.

Dmitry Timoshkov (1):
      shell32: Add support for IDragSourceHelper2 interface.

Eric Pouech (7):
      start: Ignore Ctrl-C and let the child decides what to do with it.
      winedbg: In gdb proxy mode, ignore ctrl-c.
      dbghelp: Silence some FIXMEs.
      msvcrt: Fix double-free and memory leak in type_info destructor.
      ntdll: Use proper names for magic constants.
      winedump: Support dumping quad word values in enumerations.
      server/console: Ensure conhost has created the TTY input stream before waiting.

Esme Povirk (3):
      dwrite: Avoid calling memcpy with NULL source.
      dwrite: Fix possible use of uninitialized memory.
      dwrite: Account for position != 0 in fetch loops.

Hans Leidekker (1):
      configure: Check for libldap instead of libldap_r.

Henri Verbeet (1):
      wined3d: Release the allocator lock on error in wined3d_allocator_chunk_vk_map().

Hugh McMaster (1):
      conhost: Process Ctrl-M key input.

Huw D. M. Davies (2):
      riched20: Return the nearest char pos if the coords are outside the format rect.
      riched20: Defer releasing the host if inside a notify callback.

Jacek Caban (3):
      conhost: Remove unused extra_size argument from set_output_info.
      winebuild: Allow using clang for as command.
      ntdll: Don't use inline assembly in do_cpuid.

Jinoh Kang (1):
      ntdll/tests: Fix access denied error in unprivileged mode.

John Sullivan (1):
      user32: Call DestroyIcon() to delete icon handles in CopyImage().

Matteo Bruni (3):
      ddraw: Pass the sub resource count to ddraw_surface_reserve_memory().
      ddraw: Add a trace to ddraw_surface_update_frontbuffer().
      ddraw: Fix typo in a comment.

Nikolay Sivov (4):
      mfplat/tests: Use CRT allocation functions.
      mfplat/tests: Allocate test callbacks.
      mfplat/tests: Fix test crash on old Windows 10 systems.
      mfplat/tests: Handle ResetDevice() failure when used with D3D12 device.

Paul Gofman (3):
      ntdll: Add stub for NtSetDebugFilterState().
      mountmgr.sys: Avoid use after free in dhcp4_config_request().
      ntdll: Don't set socket IO status after queuing async.

Piotr Caban (3):
      concrt140/tests: Fix race in _Timer tests.
      msvcrt: Fix _strdate implementation in Hindi locale.
      msvcrt: Fix _strtime implementation in Hindi locale.

Roberto Pungartnik (2):
      po: Update Brazilian Portuguese translation.
      po: Update Spanish translation.

Rémi Bernon (5):
      user32: Update rawinput devices on WM_INPUT_DEVICE_CHANGE reception.
      user32: Throttle device list updates from GetRawInputDeviceList.
      winepulse.drv: Stop writing the same data again on underflow.
      winepulse.drv: Keep buffer size separate from allocated size.
      winepulse.drv: Write data to pulse in pulse_release_render_buffer.

Zebediah Figura (5):
      winegstreamer: Acquire all of the flushing locks in GST_Seeking_SetPositions().
      winegstreamer: Return E_UNEXPECTED when calling IWMReader::Stop() if no stream is open.
      qasf/tests: Test that the DMO wrapper (de)commits its source pins' allocators when changing state.
      user32: Do not use SetDIBits() in create_masked_bitmap().
      user32: Free the created icon handle when using LR_COPYFROMRESOURCE.

Alexandre Julliard
[email protected]