Wine Announcement

The Wine stable release 8.0.2 is now available.

What's new in this release:
  - Various bug fixes

The source is available at:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 8.0.2 (total 27):

 - #11436  Pepakura viewer: err:wgl:X11DRV_wglShareLists Could not share display lists, context already created !
 - #35254  Freemake Video Converter 4.1 installer complains about running Freemake processes (builtin 'findstr' stub app always returns "match")
 - #49964  32-bit dxdiag doesn't support '/64bit' command line switch (launch 64-bit dxdiag)
 - #51178  The Bat! v9.3.4.12: Missing content in TTreeViews on Windows versions higher than 8
 - #52322  wineserver memory leak during HTTPs download (Genshin Impact Launcher, Qt5)
 - #53073  mfplat: unimplemented function while loading Devil May Cry 1
 - #53704  Bible Black ~La Noche de Walpurgis~ won't start
 - #53781  Multiple apps crash on unimplemented function CFGMGR32.dll.CM_MapCrToWin32Err (Matrix Awakens MegaCity Unreal Engine 5.1 demo, Hogwarts Legacy)
 - #53794  Sins of the Solar Empire Rebellion (Gog 1.975.1) crashes on unimplemented function concrt140.dll.?_CheckTaskCollection@_UnrealizedChore@details@Concurrency@@IAEXXZ
 - #53826  Attempting to install / update fails with Qt error
 - #53983  Chromium broken sandbox, needs NtQueryInformationProcess with ProcessHandleTable
 - #54110  CubicSDR crashes on unimplemented function msvcp140.dll.?_Rethrow_future_exception@std@@YAXVexception_ptr@1@@Z
 - #54618  VARA FM crashes on unimplemented function pdh.dll.PdhVbGetDoubleCounterValue
 - #54640  Treecomp listviews and possibly other widgets are not drawn
 - #54675  Chocolatey OpenSSH installer fails
 - #54687  LibreVR Revive fails to run (CertGetNameStringW with dwType=CERT_NAME_ATTR_TYPE and pvTypePara missing additional fallbacks)
 - #54702  ldp.exe crashes when attempting to add, delete, modify, or compare an entry without a name
 - #54724  LDAP bind over SSL to a server and port that do not support SSL hangs forever
 - #54728  Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo takes +- 9 minutes to complete extracting 'Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 DEMO.msi' (disabling 'Light' theme works around)
 - #54733  Notepad3 crashes on unimplemented function SHLWAPI.dll.StrFormatByteSizeEx
 - #54799  wininet:internet - test_InternetGetConnectedStateExA() fails in the Japanese and Chinese locales in Wine
 - #54808  Access violation in ntdll when running Adolix Split and Merge PDF with .NET Framework installed
 - #54819  DnsQuery_A() mishandles CNAME DNS records
 - #54882  Conemu fails to start (cannot attach to process)
 - #54939  Dotted files are shown - but "don't show dotted" files is active
 - #54960  winhttp:winhttp - test_websocket() fails on Windows and Wine
 - #55008  wininet:http - test_secure_connection() fails on Windows and Wine


Changes since 8.0.1:

Alex Henrie (12):
      comctl32/treeview: Ignore the lParam to WM_PRINTCLIENT and add tests.
      wldap32: Handle null DN or null message in ldap_add* and add tests.
      wldap32: Handle null DN or null message in ldap_modify* and add tests.
      wldap32: Handle null DN or null attr in ldap_compare* and add tests.
      wldap32/tests: Use the same context in test_ldap_(add|modify_compare).
      wldap32: Handle null DN or null message in ldap_delete* and add tests.
      winex11: Simplify confusing condition and error messages in wglShareLists.
      opengl32/tests: Make the wglShareLists tests comprehensive.
      winex11: Allow replacing either context in wglShareLists.
      kernel32/tests: Check that lpSectionBase != NULL before dereferencing.
      ntdll: Increment offset by len in build_clr_surrogate_section.
      winemenubuilder: Skip desktop integration for certain associations.

Alexandre Julliard (3):
      kernelbase: Move to a higher address on 64-bit.
      ntdll: Fix typo in the check for hidden files.
      wininet/tests: Update expected WineHQ certificate.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (1):
      activeds: Free memory on error paths (coverity).

Bernhard Übelacker (1):
      ntoskrnl: Do not leak memory by setting input buffer to NULL.

Biswapriyo Nath (2):
      include: Fix c++ compiler error with msxml2.idl.
      include: Fix IDirectXVideoDecoderService declaration in dxva2api.idl.

Brendan Shanks (7):
      include/msvcrt: Add __WINE_(DEALLOC|MALLOC) attributes to _strdup and _wcsdup.
      msvcrt: Fix crash when rethrowing after a non-C++ exception on x86_64.
      winemac: Fix memory leak in UpdateDisplayDevices.
      winemac: Refactor constrain_window_frame() to use separate origin and size arguments.
      winemac: Set the Cocoa window contentMaxSize to the size limits from constrain_window_frame().
      winemac: Don't constrain surface dimensions to the onscreen part of a window.
      winemac: Initialize retina_on to avoid incorrect cached display data in high-res/retina mode.

David Kahurani (1):
      shlwapi: Implement StrFormatByteSizeEx.

Eric Pouech (3):
      winedbg: Don't crash when no search path has been set.
      evr: Fix incorrect integral computation.
      winedump: Fix out of bounds access (spotted by GCC13).

François Gouget (2):
      wininet/tests: Dump the state string if it is not as expected.
      wininet: InternetGetConnectedStateExA() must always null-terminate the state string.

Gabriel Ivăncescu (8):
      mshtml: Fix nsevent leak in create_document_event.
      mshtml: Fix nsscript leak in bind_event_scripts.
      mshtml: Fix nsuri leak if create_channelbsc failed.
      mshtml: Fix nsparser leak if script_elem_from_nsscript failed.
      mshtml: Fix factory leak in init_nsio.
      mshtml: Fix nsIFile dir leak in init_xpcom.
      mshtml: Fix URI leak in NewURI on failure.
      mshtml: Store minimum compat mode required for events in the ctor table.

Hans Leidekker (3):
      ldap: Return an error when the server doesn't respond to the SSL handshake.
      ws2_32: Skip non-address records in dns_only_query().
      winhttp/tests: Fix a test failure.

Jactry Zeng (1):
      wordpad: Resize buttons of toolbar to make them align with height of the font list combox.

Jinoh Kang (2):
      kernel32/tests: Test for manifest file open share mode in CreateActCtxW.
      ntdll: Open application manifest files with FILE_SHARE_DELETE.

Louis Lenders (1):
      wine.inf: Add EditionID to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion.

Michael Stefaniuc (2):
      dmsynth: Don't crash when Open() gets a DMUS_PORTPARAMS7.
      threadpoolwinrt: Forward a Release() to a Release() method.

Mohamad Al-Jaf (4):
      pdh: Implement PdhVbGetDoubleCounterValue().
      pdh/tests: Add PdhVbGetDoubleCounterValue() tests.
      cfgmgr32: Implement CM_MapCrToWin32Err.
      cfgmgr32/tests: Add CM_MapCrToWin32Err tests.

Nikolay Sivov (1):
      mfplat: Implement MFCreatePathFromURL().

Olivier F. R. Dierick (1):
      dxdiag: Ignore option /64bit on the commandline.

Paul Gofman (2):
      ntdll: Add stub for NtQueryInformationProcess( ProcessHandleTable ).
      ntdll: Avoid integer overflow in block_get_subheap().

Piotr Caban (1):
      localspl: Don't pass original document name to cupsStartDocument.

Sven Baars (1):
      wine.inf: Put the Clients key in the right place.

Tim Clem (1):
      winemac.drv: Force a window in front of its peers if its level is decreased.

Torge Matthies (4):
      ntdll/tests: Add test for file attributes of files with names beginning with a dot.
      ntdll: Handle hidden file names inside get_file_info instead of after it.
      ntdll: Only infer hidden attribute from file name if xattr is not present.
      ntdll: Set xattr in NtCreateFile if inferred and requested attributes don't match.

Tyson Whitehead (2):
      crypt32: Add some CertGetNameStringW fallback cases.
      crypt32/tests: Test for CertGetNameStringW fallback cases.

Vijay Kiran Kamuju (2):
      msvcr100: Add _UnrealizedChore::_CheckTaskCollection stub.
      msvcp110: Add std::_Rethrow_future_exception implementation.

Zebediah Figura (1):
      ntdll: Make fd_set_file_info() static.

Zhiyi Zhang (4):
      light.msstyles: Use border fill background for progress parts.
      light.msstyles: Don't draw a border for progress fill parts.
      findstr: Add basic functionality.
      wined3d: Add GPU information for AMD Raphael.

Ziqing Hui (1):
      mfreadwrite: Fix an address of operator typo.