Wine Announcement

The Wine development release 9.0-rc1 is now available.

This is the first release candidate for the upcoming Wine 9.0. It
marks the beginning of the yearly code freeze period. Please give this
release a good testing and report any issue that you find, to help us
make the final 9.0 as good as possible.

What's new in this release:
  - Bundled vkd3d upgraded to version 1.10.
  - Support for DH encryption keys with a recent GnuTLS.
  - Keyboard layouts support in the Wayland driver.
  - Various bug fixes.

The source is available at:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 9.0-rc1 (total 42):

 - #13340  DICOM Viewer (eFilm Workstation 2.x/3.x) aborts because IMultiLanguage2_GetCharsetInfo doesn't like "ISO8859-1"
 - #34537  Athena's Charm Table search 0.35b wants msvcm90.dll.?ThrowModuleLoadException@<CrtImplementationDetails>@@YAXP$AAVString@System@@P$AAVException@3@@Z
 - #47699  Multiple applications need support for ECDH key generation via bcrypt (For Honor, STEEP, Far Cry 5)
 - #48972  Bugs found by static analyzers
 - #49527  Printing with font Chilanka crashes Notepad and Word
 - #49543  Several games require bcrypt DH support
 - #53175  Roon fails to start
 - #54037  user32:msg - test_SendMessage_other_thread() sometimes gets a todo success (GitLab CI)
 - #54731  vbscript: stack_pop_bool doesn't support floats or ole color
 - #54999  Process Explorer from Sysinternals shows a blank window
 - #55045  NFS Most Wanted has missing graphics with WineD3D in WoW64 mode
 - #55052  vbscript: For loop where right bound is string coercion issue
 - #55054  WineServer crash. (complete_async_poll: Assertion `output->count == signaled_count' failed)
 - #55065  user32:monitor - check_preferred_mode() fails on the TestBot's debiant VM
 - #55075  Araxis Merge 2023.5877 needs api-ms-win-core-com-l2-1-1.dll
 - #55115  widl crashes with dlls/sti after adding wia_lh.idl
 - #55185  vbscript round does not handle numdecimalplaces argument
 - #55210  Hatching printed with wrong stripes direction in Framemaker 8
 - #55502  vbscript: Sub argument name clash with global const
 - #55536  Aldec Active-HDL student edition: crashes when trying to open a file on unimplemented function SHELL32.dll.SHSetTemporaryPropertyForItem
 - #55591  Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 has rendering glitches
 - #55671  Internet Download Manager needs unimplemented function shcore.dll.RegisterScaleChangeEvent
 - #55807  uiautomationcore:uiautomation - test_uia_com_event_handler_event_advisement() fails on Windows 10 1709
 - #55812  Air Jura crashes
 - #55843  Virtual Desktop spams "Failed to read display config."
 - #55851  SpeedCommander needs shell32.SHCreateItemWithParent()
 - #55852  can't print, even from notepad to pdf
 - #55867  Roon 2.0.23 crashes due to unimplemented function shcore.dll.CreateRandomAccessStreamOverStream
 - #55890  Eurobattle installer fails to run
 - #55892  .NET 8 Windows Forms crashes due to missing DPI functions in user32
 - #55899  Daily Chthonicle - performance regression
 - #55920  ModOrganizer crashes: Call to unimplemented function USER32.dll.SetDisplayAutoRotationPreferences
 - #55927  RestoreDC appears to fail with printers
 - #55931  VarMod(Empty, N) returns uninitialized result
 - #55935  wine-8.21 build fails in Ubuntu x86_64
 - #55950  An attempt to print from 'wine iexplore' leads to a crash
 - #55959  _mbsicoll generates exceptions, in Simplified Chinese language linux systems
 - #55963  Acid-V VST plugin crashes when removed from a track
 - #55966  Crimson Skies freeze in menu
 - #55968  MIDITrail 1.4.0 shows an error on start (DWMWA_EXTENDED_FRAME_BOUNDS isn't implemented)
 - #55969  vbscript fails to return TypeName for Nothing
 - #55973  Printing from iexplore results the images being printed as black rectangles


Changes since 8.21:

Aida Jonikienė (3):
      wined3d: Add extra debug info to shader_set_limits().
      comctl32: Only print TREEVIEW_HandleTimer() ERR once.
      dsdmo: Only print effect_inplace_Process() FIXME once.

Akihiro Sagawa (1):
      dwmapi: Implement DwmGetWindowAttribute(DWMWA_EXTENDED_FRAME_BOUNDS).

Alex Henrie (16):
      comdlg32/tests: Use CRT allocation functions.
      d3dx9_36/tests: Use CRT allocation functions.
      cabarc: Use CRT allocation functions.
      uxtheme: Annotate UXINI_LoadINI with __WINE_DEALLOC.
      uxtheme: Use CRT allocation functions.
      d3drm: Suppress a use-after-free warning in d3drm_image_palettise (GCC).
      uxtheme/tests: Add some tests for OpenThemeFile.
      gdiplus: Use CRT allocation functions.
      d3dx9: Use CRT allocation functions.
      ole32/tests: Free what get_stgdef returns in test_OleCreateStaticFromData.
      ole32/tests: Use CRT allocation functions.
      mscoree: Use CRT allocation functions.
      mscoree: Annotate WtoA with __WINE_(DEALLOC|MALLOC).
      user32: Correct capitalization of SetDeskWallpaper.
      user.exe: Rename SetDeskWallPaper to SetDeskWallpaper.
      explorer: Add an "Exit desktop" button to the Start menu.

Alexandre Julliard (61):
      ntdll: Store the syscall table in the TEB on x86-64.
      ntdll: Store the syscall table in the TEB on ARM64.
      ntdll: Still use LdrGetProcedureAddress for CtrlRoutine.
      winealsa.drv: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN usage.
      winecoreaudio.drv: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN usage.
      wineoss.drv: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN usage.
      gphoto2.ds: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN usage.
      sane.ds: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN usage.
      dwrite: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN usage.
      mscoree: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN usage.
      opencl: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN usage.
      wined3d: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN usage.
      winegstreamer: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN usage.
      wineboot: Remove a noisy FIXME.
      wineandroid.drv: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN usage.
      winemac.drv: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN usage.
      winewayland.drv: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN usage.
      winex11.drv: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN usage.
      include: Remove DECLSPEC_HIDDEN definition.
      include: Make strict prototypes the default.
      ntdll: Call Wow64PrepareForException directly from KiUserExceptionDispatcher.
      ntdll: Allow unwind rules to override the default stack pointer assignment.
      ntdll/tests: Simplify the KiUserExceptionDispatcher tests a little.
      ntdll: Add a machine frame to the KiUserExceptionDispatcher stack on x86-64.
      ntdll: Add a machine frame to the KiUserApcDispatcher stack on x86-64.
      ntdll: Add a machine frame to the KiUserCallbackDispatcher stack on x86-64.
      ntdll: Fix stack layout and unwind information for KiUserExceptionDispatcher on ARM64.
      ntdll: Fix stack layout and unwind information for KiUserApcDispatcher on ARM64.
      ntdll: Fix stack layout and unwind information for KiUserCallbackDispatcher on ARM64.
      ntdll: Skip NtRaiseException() call on ARM64 when debugger is not present.
      ntdll: Fix stack layout for KiUserExceptionDispatcher on i386.
      ntdll: Fix stack layout for KiUserApcDispatcher on i386.
      ntdll: Fix stack layout for KiUserCallbackDispatcher on i386.
      ntdll/tests: Remove some noisy traces.
      ntdll/tests: Fix some compiler warnings on ARM.
      ntdll: Implement context and machine frame unwind operations on ARM.
      ntdll: Fix stack layout for KiUserExceptionDispatcher on ARM.
      ntdll: Fix stack layout for KiUserApcDispatcher on ARM.
      ntdll: Fix stack layout for KiUserCallbackDispatcher on ARM.
      ntdll: Skip NtRaiseException() call on ARM when debugger is not present.
      winedump: Add dumping of UWOP_EPILOG entries.
      winedump: Add a couple of ARM unwind codes.
      faudio: Import upstream release 23.12.
      configure: Require SEH support for PE builds.
      ntdll: Fix breakpoint exceptions on ARM.
      ntdll: Use .seh handler in RtlUserThreadStart on ARM.
      winedump: Also dump ARM64 exception information for ARM64EC binaries.
      ntdll: Add a helper to build a path and exec it.
      ntdll: Use posix_spawn() to start the server.
      ntdll: Export KeAddSystemServiceTable() instead of the KeServiceDescriptorTable variable.
      vkd3d: Import upstream release 1.10.
      winex11: Use UINT instead of BOOL to avoid warnings for one-bit variables.
      ntdll: Implement KiUserCallbackDispatcher for ARM64EC.
      ntdll: Implement KiUserApcDispatcher for ARM64EC.
      kernelbase: Implement DebugBreak() for ARM64EC.
      kernelbase: Implement SwitchToFiber on ARM64EC.
      msvcrt: Add a stub ARM64EC CPU backend.
      configure: Disable building programs for ARM64EC.
      windowscodecs: Don't free memory at process exit.
      winepulse.drv: Don't free memory at process exit.
      ntdll: Only free reserved memory for HIGH_ENTROPY_VA binaries.

Alexandros Frantzis (12):
      winewayland.drv: Implement vkQueuePresentKHR.
      winewayland.drv: Detect and report vkQueuePresentKHR errors.
      winewayland.drv: Ensure Vulkan parent surface is mapped with proper size.
      winewayland.drv: Apply client subsurface position on creation.
      winewayland.drv: Implement vkGetDeviceGroupSurfacePresentModesKHR.
      winewayland.drv: Implement vkGetPhysicalDevicePresentRectanglesKHR.
      winewayland.drv: Handle window foreground state on keyboard focus.
      winewayland.drv: Remove duplicate handling of wp_viewporter global.
      winewayland.drv: Implement ClipCursor.
      winewayland.drv: Implement relative mouse motion.
      winewayland.drv: Lock the pointer if confined without cursor.
      winewayland.drv: Apply surface configuration during Vulkan presentation.

Alfred Agrell (11):
      quartz/tests: Improve VMR9 ChangeD3DDevice test.
      winegstreamer: Add codec_data to WMVs.
      winegstreamer: Fill in a few more pieces of WMV format handling.
      winegstreamer: Move file size to struct wm_reader.
      winegstreamer: Introduce mutex for wm_reader read_thread_shutdown.
      winegstreamer: Leave pts/duration unchanged if they're not set.
      winegstreamer: Implement compressed output support in WMSyncReader.
      wmvcore/tests: Add tests for compressed output.
      winegstreamer: Don't use VIDEOINFO for non-RGB data.
      winegstreamer: Fix a memory leak in stream_props_GetMediaType.
      winegstreamer: Delete duplicate WMT_ON check.

Anton Baskanov (7):
      winegstreamer: Wake all streaming threads after seeking.
      amstream/tests: Test IEnumPins with two streams.
      amstream: Use correct index in MediaStreamFilter's IEnumPins::Next().
      amstream/tests: Add quality control tests.
      amstream: Send quality control messages from AMDirectDrawStream::Receive.
      quartz/tests: Add quality control tests for CMpegVideoCodec.
      winegstreamer: Handle quality control messages in CMpegVideoCodec.

Aurimas Fišeras (2):
      po: Update Lithuanian translation.
      po: Update Lithuanian translation.

Bartosz Kosiorek (2):
      gdiplus/graphicspath: Avoid computation overflow and underflow by using hypotf.
      gdiplus/font: Avoid computation overflow and underflow by using hypotf.

Bernhard Übelacker (1):
      mlang: Allow encoding name "ISO8859-1".

Billy Laws (1):
      kernel32: Export RtlIsEcCode().

Biswapriyo Nath (1):
      include: Update d3d12sdklayers.idl from vkd3d.

Brendan McGrath (11):
      d2d1: Add test for multithreaded draw.
      d2d1: Add test for singlethreaded draw.
      d2d1: Acquire lock before attempt to draw to device context.
      user32/tests: Add tests for word breaks before punctuation.
      user32: Wrap at whitespace rather than soft break.
      comctl32/tests: Add test for setitemsize return value.
      comctl32: Fix TAB_SetItemSize.
      comctl32: Use selected font to determine default min tab width.
      comctl32/tests: Fix tabcontrol tests to work with different fonts.
      comctl32/tests: Check size initially and after changing padding only.
      comctl32/tests: Modify test_width to try different fonts.

Brendan Shanks (3):
      ntdll: Fix macOS build error with LLVM 17.
      winemac: Use RTL_CONSTANT_STRING.
      winecoreaudio: Use UID as device string.

Daniel Lehman (5):
      msxml3: Handle null prefix in get_item.
      msxml3: Handle default namespace in get_baseName.
      msxml3: Handle default namespace in get_nodeName.
      msxml3: Handle default namespace in get_prefix.
      msxml3: Handle default namespace in get_namespaceURI.

Eric Pouech (16):
      dmime: Add Release() on some codepaths.
      msiexec: No longer use console/file output APIs.
      winecfg: Output with MESSAGE.
      uninstall: No longer use console/file output APIs.
      ntdll: Return NULL in RtlFindExportedRoutine for forwarded entries.
      kernel32/tests: Introduce a new infrastructure for testing CreateProcess().
      kernel32/tests: Enable CreateProcess() tests on 64bit compilation.
      kernel32/tests: Add more tests about CreateProcess.
      ntdll: Restrict cases for std handle inheritance in CreateProcess().
      kernelbase: Reset std handles gotten from GetStartupInfo().
      kernel32/tests: Identify untouched fields returned from GetStartupInfo.
      kernel32/tests: Add tests for GetStartupInfo(A|W).
      kernelbase: No longer cache GetStartupInfoW() results.
      kernelbase: GetStartupInfoW: set std handle only when USESTDHANDLES is set.
      ntdll: Don't inherit std console handles for non CUI child process.
      ntdll: Don't create Unix console for GUI apps.

Esme Povirk (2):
      user32/tests: Add a simpler test for SetParent's internal message.
      user32/tests: Remove test_SendMessage_other_thread(2).

Etaash Mathamsetty (1):
      cfgmgr32: Add CM_Register_Notification stub.

Fabian Maurer (19):
      user32: Add stub for GetThreadDpiHostingBehavior.
      user32: Fix spec entry for SetThreadDpiHostingBehavior.
      widl: Prevent infinite loop when structure contains array of itself.
      widl: In type_has_full_pointer recurse for pointer types as well.
      server: Initialize pe image struct padding to avoid Valgrind warning.
      coml2: Add dll and move code from ole32/memlockbytes.c.
      coml2: Move GetConvertStg from ole32.
      coml2: Move ReadClassStm from ole32.
      coml2: Move ReadClassStg from ole32.
      coml2: Move WriteClassStm from ole32.
      coml2: Move WriteClassStg from ole32.
      server: Check socket flags after all sockets got processed.
      apisetschema: Add api-ms-win-core-com-l2-1-1.
      coml2: Move StgIsStorageILockBytes from ole32.
      coml2: Move StgIsStorageFile from ole32.
      coml2: Move FmtIdToPropStgName from ole32.
      coml2: Move PropStgNameToFmtId from ole32.
      coml2: Move StgCreatePropSetStg from ole32.
      net: Accept yes/no switches.

Gabriel Ivăncescu (21):
      mshtml/tests: Improve the iframe navigation test.
      mshtml: Remove the inner window ref from the doc only when it is actually unlinked.
      mshtml: Don't rely on the outer_window in document.mimeType.
      mshtml: Don't attempt to send storage events after outer window is detached.
      mshtml: Don't check for NULL outer_window from within HTMLWindow* methods.
      mshtml/tests: Fix XHR leak in test_window_refs.
      mshtml: Use inner window's outer_window in IHTMLDocument2::readyState.
      mshtml: Return failure in IHTMLDocument2::frames for detached documents.
      mshtml: Return failure in IHTMLDocument2::domain for detached documents.
      mshtml: Return failure in IHTMLDocument2::cookie for detached documents.
      mshtml: Return failure in IHTMLDocument2::open() for detached documents.
      mshtml: Return failure in IHTMLDocument2::documentElement for detached documents.
      mshtml: Return failure when setting IHTMLDocument2::location for detached documents.
      mshtml: Skip navigation handling on anchor/area elements for detached documents.
      mshtml: Use inner window's outer_window when checking if it's interactive for edit mode.
      mshtml: Get rid of outer_window member in HTMLDocumentNode.
      mshtml: Expose the other IHTMLEventObj* interfaces.
      mshtml: Don't expose "restricted" members.
      mshtml: Send proper legacy storage event with actual url.
      mshtml: Implement `url` prop for StorageEvent objs.
      mshtml/tests: Fix VariantClear on uninitialized variable.

Georg Lehmann (1):
      winevulkan: Update to VK spec version 1.3.272.

Hans Leidekker (7):
      bcrypt: Implement BCryptSecretAgreement() and BCryptDestroySecret().
      bcrypt: Implement BCryptDeriveKey().
      bcrypt: Add support for generating DH keys.
      bcrypt: Add support for exporting DH keys.
      bcrypt: Add support for importing DH keys.
      bcrypt: Add support for duplicating DH keys.
      bcrypt/tests: Add DH tests.

Haoyang Chen (2):
      rpcrt4: Support for explicit handle passing.
      rpcrt4/tests: Test explicit_handle.

Henri Verbeet (2):
      dxgi/tests: Release the swapchain after waiting for the window thread to finish in test_resize_target_wndproc().
      dxgi: Avoid redundantly setting the present info wait semaphore fields in d3d12_swapchain_queue_present().

Jacek Caban (11):
      configure: Fix action-if-no handling in WINE_TRY_PE_CFLAGS macro.
      configure: Use --no-default-config option on clang when available.
      winegcc: Support --no-default-config argument.
      configure: Don't use empty expression in clang check.
      gitlab: Add clang build.
      mshtml/tests: Add detached documents handling tests.
      mshtml: Return failure in IHTMLDocument2::get_URL for detached documents.
      mshtml: Return failure in IHTMLDocument2::put_URL for detached documents.
      win32u: Provide extra space in buffers used to dispatch string getter messages.
      user32: Remove unused argument for unpack_message.
      ntdll: Remove unused valgrind_make_readable function.

Jactry Zeng (3):
      ntdll: Use different variable names for Mac locales.
      ntdll: Initialize locale from Mac language identifiers with script name.
      ntdll: Try harder to fallback to neutral locales.

Jon Doron (1):
      win32u: Add registry data for GPU memory size.

Louis Lenders (3):
      shell32: Add stub for SHCreateItemWithParent.
      shell32: Add stub for SHSetTemporaryPropertyForItem.
      shcore: Add stub for CreateRandomAccessStreamOverStream.

Marc-Aurel Zent (1):
      server: Add cross-platform get_path_from_fd function.

Matteo Bruni (6):
      tools: Print the correct option in error messages.
      d3dx9: Check for successful sprite draw in DrawTextW().
      wined3d: Do a blocking wait for CS commands even when there are active queries.
      wined3d: Increase WINED3D_CS_QUERY_POLL_INTERVAL to 100.
      wined3d: Add a frametime debug channel.
      wined3d: Add a bunch of d3d_perf traces.

Myah Caron (1):
      user32: Add SetDisplayAutoRotationPreferences stub.

Nikolay Sivov (21):
      oleaut32: Fully initialize VarMod() return value for Empty % x case.
      oleaut32: Always reset return type for VarMod().
      d3dx9/tests: Fix a crash when d3d9 object can't be created.
      gdi32/emf: Add a helper to pad variable length record data.
      gdi32/emf: Use padding helper in GdiComment().
      gdi32/emf: Check for allocation failure in GdiComment().
      gdi32/emf: Add description field padding.
      gdi32/emf: Align and pad bitmap data in EMRSTRETCHDIBITS records.
      gdi32/emf: Align and pad bitmap data in EMRSETDIBITSTODEVICE records.
      gdi32/emf: Use public definition for EMREXTESCAPE record.
      wineps: Use public definition for EMREXTESCAPE record.
      gdi32/emf: Pad EMREXTESCAPE record data.
      vbscript: Implement TypeName(Nothing).
      vbscript: Coerce to VT_BOOL when evaluating jump conditions.
      oleaut32/tests: Remove some of the function availability checks.
      oleaut32/tests: Use wide string literals in some tests.
      oleaut32/tests: Use existing helpers to trace variant values.
      oleaut32/tests: Do not use VarCmp() to check results of other functions.
      include: Add missing enum to wdm.h.
      ntdll: Use public type for SystemSupportedProcessorArchitectures returned data.
      kernel32: Implement GetProcessInformation(ProcessMachineTypeInfo).

Paul Gofman (3):
      ntdll: Implement NtQueryInformationThread(ThreadIsTerminated).
      setupapi: Add stubs for SetupDiGetCustomDeviceProperty{A|W}().
      winhttp: Handle chunked requests.

Piotr Caban (14):
      winedump: Fix EMR_EXTTEXTOUTW record dumping when ETO_PDY flag is specified.
      msvcrt: Fix string size passed to CompareString in _mbsnbcoll_l.
      wineps.drv: Return error when visible rectangle is empty in get_vis_rectangles.
      wineps.drv: Fix EMR_SAVEDC record playback.
      msvcrt: Initialize writable environment block in env_set.
      gdi32: Add ETO_PDY flag support in EMFDC_ExtTextOut.
      wineps.drv: Fix printing images from iexplore.
      wineps.drv: Add paper source selection support in printer properties.
      msvcrt: Accept <> characters in string literals in demangler.
      msvcrt: Add partial support for managed handle demangling.
      wineps: Don't write image content upside-down in PSDRV_WriteDIBPatternDict.
      wineps: Fix handling of patterns that are not 8x8 in PSDRV_WriteDIBPatternDict.
      wineps: Fix color handling in PSDRV_WriteDIBPatternDict.
      winedump: Sync demangling code with msvcrt.

Robert Wilhelm (4):
      oleaut32: Fix VarR8Round for negative numbers.
      vbscript: Sub argument has precedence over global const and local dim.
      vbscript: Handle numdecimalplaces argument in Round().
      vbscript: For for loop bounds coerce string to real.

Rémi Bernon (52):
      gitlab: Add windows tests to MR pipeline.
      gitlab: Only run the modifieds tests on Windows for an MR.
      win32u: Initialize sysparams before winstation.
      win32u: Remove unnecessary config_key lazy initializations.
      explorer: Remove unnecessary displayed icon array.
      explorer: Split systray add/remove from show/hide_icon.
      explorer: Create individual windows for the systray icons.
      explorer: Display the individual systray icon windows.
      explorer: Use the icon windows for their tooltips.
      explorer: Position the balloons relative to the icon windows.
      explorer: Handle balloon timer in the icons window proc.
      explorer: Use an explicit display constant for hidden icons.
      explorer: Support standalone systray window mode.
      explorer: Cache the balloon window position.
      wineboot: Compute and write the TSC frequency to registry ~Mhz.
      dinput/tests: Use exotic axes ordering for winmm tests.
      winevulkan: Use a local instance variable instead of phys_dev->instance.
      winevulkan: Search for debug report callback from the start of the chain.
      winevulkan: Drop the WINEVULKAN_QUIRK_IGNORE_EXPLICIT_LAYERS quirk.
      winevulkan: Fix python linter warnings.
      winewayland.drv: Handle and parse Xkb keymap events.
      winewayland.drv: Enumerate Xkb layouts and create matching HKL.
      win32u: Introduce KbdLayerDescriptor user driver entry.
      win32u: Avoid accessing NULL key name string pointer.
      win32u: Force US layout in ToUnicode when CTRL is pressed.
      win32u: Allow KBDTABLES conversion from CTRL + ALT to WCHAR.
      winewayland.drv: Translate Xkb keyboard layouts to KBDTABLES.
      winewayland.drv: Add scan2vk tables for azerty, qwertz and dvorak.
      win32u: Support SGCAPS attributes in KBDTABLES.
      winewayland.drv: Implement CAPLOK and SGCAPS in KBDTABLES.
      explorer: Always set the systray icon tooltip text.
      explorer: Hide the standalone systray window on close.
      win32u: Introduce a new NtUserSystemTrayCall message call.
      winemac: Use the new NotifyIcon user driver interface.
      win32u: Introduce new SystrayDock driver entry points.
      explorer: Use layered windows for the docked systray icons.
      winex11: Use the new SystrayDock driver interface.
      explorer: Remove now unnecessary wine_notify_icon support.
      winevulkan: Use "host" more consistently instead of "native".
      winex11: Use "host" instead of "native" in vulkan wrappers.
      winemac: Use "host" instead of "native" in vulkan wrappers.
      winewayland: Use "host" intead of "native" in vulkan wrappers.
      winevulkan: Omit defaults in make_vulkan FUNCTION_OVERRIDES.
      winevulkan: Remove unnecessary dispatch from make_vulkan.
      ntdll: Set main_(argc|argv|envp) as early as possible.
      winevulkan: Replace "loader_thunk" with dedicated dictionaries.
      winevulkan: Use a dictionary in make_vulkan for manual unix thunks.
      winevulkan: Use a dictionary for user driver entry points.
      winevulkan: Remove redundant make_vulkan needs_unwrapping method.
      winevulkan: Introduce a new convert_suffix make_vulkan helper.
      winevulkan: Use an enumeration for make_vulkan unwrapping kinds.
      winevulkan: Unwrap to driver or host depending on the function.

Torge Matthies (3):
      winex11.drv: Set PFD_SUPPORT_COMPOSITION for hardware-accelerated pixel formats.
      winemac.drv: Set PFD_SUPPORT_COMPOSITION for hardware-accelerated pixel formats.
      wineandroid.drv: Set PFD_SUPPORT_COMPOSITION for hardware-accelerated pixel formats.

Vijay Kiran Kamuju (6):
      gdiplus: Add GdipDrawImageFX stub.
      dsdmo: Add Distortion effect stub.
      dsdmo: Add Gargle effect stub.
      msvcm80: Add stub for ThrowModuleLoadException(String) function.
      msvcm80: Add stub for ThrowModuleLoadException(String, Exception) function.
      msvcm80: Add stub for ThrowNestedLoadModuleException function.

Yuxuan Shui (1):
      dsound: Set position past the end of the buffer is invalid.

Zebediah Figura (33):
      ntdll: Check for some more IP socket options at compile time.
      ws2_32: Check for AI_ALL at compile time.
      ntdll: Print a warning when LdrGetProcedureAddress() fails.
      winmm: Reimplement joystick axis mapping.
      ntdll: Allow specifying per-process channels.
      winegstreamer: Allow videoconvert to parallelize in the parser.
      wined3d: Explicitly bind 0 for a NULL SRV.
      wined3d: Release the view's resource after destroying the view.
      wined3d: Introduce an API for creating an identity SRV on a texture.
      d3d9: Use wined3d_texture_acquire_identity_srv().
      wined3d: Set d3d 1-9 textures in the state as SRVs.
      wined3d: Remove an outdated comment.
      wined3d: Use context->stream_info.position_transformed instead of context->last_was_rhw in state handlers.
      wined3d: Check WINED3D_TEXTURE_POW2_MAT_IDENT instead of context->lastWasPow2Texture.
      wined3d: Retrieve the FFP projection control flag from the d3d info in get_texture_matrix().
      wined3d: Fix masking out the texcoord index in get_texture_matrix().
      d3d9/tests: Add another test for drawing from a mapped buffer.
      d3d9: Upload mapped dynamic vertex and index buffers before every draw.
      d3d10core/tests: Mark a test as no longer todo.
      d3d11core/tests: Mark a test as no longer todo.
      quartz: Return the rect from get_default_rect() through a pointer.
      quartz: Do not forward IVMRFilterConfig::SetRenderingMode() to IVMRFilterConfig9.
      quartz: Improve the IVMRFilterConfig::SetNumberOfStreams() stub.
      quartz: Do not forward IVMRWindowlessControl::SetVideoClippingWindow() to IVMRWindowlessControl9.
      quartz: Split the VMR into two separate filters.
      quartz: Specify the mode as a VMRMode.
      configure: Use -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 on i386.
      quartz: Stub CLSID_AllocPresenter.
      quartz: Stub IVMRSurfaceAllocator on the VMR7 presenter.
      quartz: Stub IVMRWindowlessControl on the VMR7 presenter.
      quartz: Implement sample allocation in the VMR7 presenter.
      wined3d: Use thread-ID alerts instead of events, if available, to wait for CS packets.
      wined3d: Sleep when waiting for the CS thread.

Zhiyi Zhang (16):
      dplayx: Fix a memory leak (Coverity).
      oledb32: Fix a memory leak (Coverity).
      ntdll: Fix an out-of-bounds write (Coverity).
      ntdll: Fix a memory leak (Coverity).
      wined3d: Fix a use after free (Coverity).
      ntdll: Fix an out-of-bounds read (Coverity).
      wbemprox: Fix a memory leak (Coverity).
      win32u: Find the correct DIB driver in windrv_CreateDC().
      mciwave: Use matching memory allocator (Coverity).
      tasklist: Fix a possible buffer overrun (Coverity).
      wininet: Fix a use-after-free (Coverity).
      shell32: Fix a memory leak (Coverity).
      ntdll: Fix a memory leak (Coverity).
      gdiplus: Fix a memory leak (Coverity).
      winegstreamer: Fix a memory leak (Coverity).
      winegstreamer: Fix wg_transform_get_status() result check (Coverity).

Ziqing Hui (4):
      winegstreamer: Avoid media sink command leaking.
      winestreamer: Implement {Begin,End}Finalize for media sink.
      winegstreamer: Implement wg_muxer_finalize.
      winegstreamer: Set streamheader field for h264 caps.