2.4. Helper functions

Resource identifiers can be either strings or numbers. To make life a bit easier for outputting these beasts (and to help you avoid the need to build the message in memory), I introduced a new function called debugres.

The function is defined in wine/debug.h and has the following prototype:

LPSTR debugres(const void *id);

It takes a pointer to the resource id and returns a nicely formatted string of the identifier (which can be a string or a number, depending on the value of the high word). Numbers are formatted as such:


while strings as:


Simply use it in your code like this:

#include "wine/debug.h"


TRACE("resource is %s", debugres(myresource));

Many times strings need to be massaged before output: they may be NULL, contain control characters, or they may be too long. Similarly, Unicode strings need to be converted to ASCII for usage with the debugging API. For all this, you can use the debugstr_[aw]n? family of functions:

    FIXME("(%s): stub\n", debugstr_a(s));