2.3. Installing Wine from source

Before installing Wine from source, make sure you uninstall any Wine binary packages you may have on your system. Installing from source requires use of the terminal window as well as a full copy of the Wine source code. Once having downloaded the source from Git or extracted it from an archive, navigate to it using the terminal and then follow the remaining steps.

2.3.1. Getting the Build Dependencies

Wine makes use of many open source libraries during its operation. While Wine is not strictly dependent on these libraries and will compile without most of them, much of Wine functionality is improved by having them available at compile time. In the past, many user problems were caused by people not having the necessary development libraries when they built Wine from source; because of this reason and others, we highly recommend installing via binary packages or by building source packages which can automatically satisfy their build dependencies.

If you wish to install build dependencies by hand, there are several ways to see if you're missing some useful development libraries. The most straightforward approach is to watch the output of configure before you compile Wine and see if anything important is missing; if it is, simply install what's missing and rerun configure before compiling. You can also check the file configure generates (include/config.h) and see what files configure is looking for but not finding.

2.3.2. Compiling Wine

Once you've installed the build dependencies you need, you're ready to compile the package. In the terminal window, after having navigated to the Wine source tree, run the following commands:

$ ./configure
$ make depend
$ make
# make install
The last command requires root privileges. Although you should never run Wine as root, you will need to install it this way.

2.3.3. Uninstalling Wine from Source

To uninstall Wine from source, once again navigate to the same source folder that you used to install Wine using the terminal. Then, run the following command:

# make uninstall
This command will require root privileges, and should remove all of the Wine files from your system. It will not, however, remove your Wine configuration and applications located in your user home directory, so you are free to install another version of Wine or delete that configuration by hand.