3.6. wineserver Command Line Options

wineserver usually gets started automatically by Wine whenever the first Wine process gets started. However, wineserver has some useful command line options that you can add if you start it up manually, e.g. via a user login script or so.

3.6.1. -d n

Sets the debug level for debug output in the terminal that wineserver got started in at level n. In other words: everything greater than 0 will enable wineserver specific debugging output.

3.6.2. -h

Display wineserver command line options help message.

3.6.3. -k [n]

Kill the current wineserver, optionally with signal n.

3.6.4. -p [n]

This parameter makes wineserver persistent, optionally for n seconds. It will prevent wineserver from shutting down immediately.

Usually, wineserver quits almost immediately after the last Wine process using this wineserver terminated. However, since wineserver loads a lot of things on startup (such as the whole Windows registry data), its startup might be so slow that it's very useful to keep it from exiting after the end of all Wine sessions, by making it persistent.

3.6.5. -w

This parameter makes a newly started wineserver wait until the currently active instance terminates.