Get Involved

The Wine Project is largely a volunteer project and we welcome and value volunteers of all kinds. This page has links to pages describing how to get more involved with Wine.

A list of ways to contribute to Wine, with further links.
The developer pages provide a great deal of information about how to work with the Wine source code and how to contribute code to Wine.
Most user support happens on our forums, and most technical Wine discussion takes place on the wine-devel mailing list.
Our IRC chat rooms can be a good place for more informal conversations.
We hold a conference annually. Everyone is welcome, and coming to our conference is a great way to get involved.
Wine is a regular participant in the Google Summer of Code program. Students can be paid to help improve Wine!
CodeWeavers employs a range of staff to develop Wine. If you think working on Free Software full time would be rewarding, you might consider applying for a job with CodeWeavers.