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Wine 20030408 Released

April 9, 2003

Some reorganizations of the source tree, file change notifications, support for all variants of glibc 2.3, many documentation updates, and lots of bug fixes.
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Interview with Dimitrie Paun

April 8, 2003

Dimitrie Paun is interviewed by Brian Vincent in the second issue of interviews. Read the interview..

Wine Weekly Newsletter Issue 164

April 4, 2003

WWN Issue 164 was released today by Brian Vincent.

Interview with Ove Kåven

April 1, 2003

Brian Vincent has posted the first in his series of interviews. Read the interview with Ove Kåven.

Wine Weekly Newsletter Issue 163

March 28, 2003

WWN Issue 163 was released today by Brian Vincent.

WineHQ gets new look

March 24, 2003

WineHQ today after many rounds of testing, updated to its new look. Designed by Jeremy Newman, this new site has many new features.
  • New News System
  • Screenshot Gallery
  • Themeable interface
  • WWN Improvements
  • New side bar based navigation menu
  • and much more...

Wine 20030118 Released

March 18, 2003

Many Direct Sound improvements, File locking support, Progress on kernel/ntdll dll separation, and Lots of bug fixes.
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